Sunday, March 30, 2008

24 hours

Well...thank the Lord it must have only been a 24 hour thing with Seth. By lunch time...he was pretty much back to normal...running around the house...riding his bike outside...and eating decently. I feel very fortunate...cause it is just no fun with a sick kid. However...he has evidently learned that being sick bides him a little extra lee-way. The afternoon-evening...whenever he was doing something he shouldn't or that we asked him to (that he didn't want to do) he would roll out the crocodile tears and say..."But I just don't feel good!" He is just so darn cute....all I can do is give him big bear hugs and love on him.

I am amazed at the creative answers to our little contest. It's not too late...Andy and I will decide on the winner Monday night after Seth goes to you have until about 8:30 to get your answers in! The winner will be posted Tuesday morning. Thanks to everyone who has given such great ideas's going to be a hard choice.

Not much else to report...just another week at it. BTW....Andy and I rented Enchanted last night! Can I just say that it is an adorable movie! It was so creative (and clean!). You know it's a good movie when you watch all the DVD extras...which is fascinating when you learn all they really do to make a movie! If you haven't seen it yet...add it to your list...just a fun movie to watch on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn.

Hoping that April is full of God's wonderful blessings...for us all!


Melissa said...

So glad it was a quick illness for Seth! They learn very quickly hat they can use the "I don't feel good" card and get away with murder when they're sick! ;o) Can't wait to see you guys!

Lori said...

Hi Krista,
It's so funny how once my mind gets going, it doesn't stop! Every time I woke up last night, more ideas were going through my head for Kate's Kart! I'm afraid I've forgotten a couple of them (I should have gotten up and wrote them down!) but here's what I remember:

Kate's Kart - An Imagination Vacation

Kate's Kart - An Inspiration Station

Continued prayers!

Lori Scheele

The Portas said...

Yay, I'm glad Seth is feeling better! How funny that he milks it a bit. :)

I forgot about your contest! I've been pondering and then I forgot to come back to it. I'll do that now!

Anonymous said...

So glad Seth is feeling better. Missing all of you, see you sometime Thursday. Good luck with choosing for Kate's Kart. You have lots of good ideas. Love, Nana & Oompa

Kathy said...

I forgot about the contest too....
Kate's Kart--caring and sharing

I'll keep thinkging...
I am SO glad that Seth is feeling better. That kind of sick is NO fun! Funny little man with the tears...very clever he is...very clever! (keep your eyes on that one!)

I'll keep thinking and get back on later toady.
You sound good...are you??
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Krista, I wrote the following to Kathy Coulter and she sent me this response. I am sorry she hasn't sent anything today so I could pass it onto you before you and Andy make your decision. Maybe Kathy could come up with a jingle that her lower school choir could sing on a video asking for support.


Hi, Anita, our new Second-Floor Neighbor (!!)--

Thank you for the kind words, friend. Spring break has been lovely so
far-- mostly sleeping. Isn't that pathetic? My speaking voice is
mostly back, still waiting to be able to sing...and after my latest
go-'round with Jonathan, I'm relieved to say that I do indeed have a job
for next year, so all is well.

I have a couple of glimmers of ideas about the book cart. Funny-- I had
a dream about Krista and Kate last night. I'll get back to you as I get
them in better shape.

Enjoy the remaining week-- I mjade note of your deadline, and I'll be
back in touch in a day or so.


> Kathy, I hope you are enjoying spring break before you begin the crazy
> time ahead with the Lower School musical. I would like your creative
> input. You have the most creative mind I know for things like this. If
> you can come up with something creative please let Judy King, her daughter
> or me know. For the last year I have had a mission of following the
> journey with Judy, Krista, Andy, Seth and Kate as Kate struggled until she
> finally died. Krista is setting up a cart of new books to distribute to
> kids in the hospital. She is looking for a creative title for this. If you
> have any creative ideas please send them. I am hoping to be one of the
> people that get to man the cart.
> You are amazing and I am so lucky to know you and count you as a good
> friend!
> Anita
> Contest Time!
> Okay readers...I need your help. We need a "tag line" (I think that is
> what it's called) for Kate's Kart. You know something like:
> Kate's Kart--encouraging kids one book at a time!
> So...put on your creative hats...get those juices flowing and give me all
> your great ideas...cause I'm not thrilled with the one I came up with.
> Just put your ideas in the comment section. Contest ends April 1!
> The winner...gets a couple dozen of my "world famous oatmeal chocolate
> chip cookies"--okay they aren't world famous--but lots of people like
> them!--or any other kind of cookie...if you don't like oatmeal/choc.
> Also...I am working on a photo montage about Kate's anybody who
> has a blog or website...can post it on their site and share the news!
> Thanks so readers are awesome!

Samantha said...

I LOVE that movie. That was the first movie we saw as a family...during a tornado in Florida. Anyway, Leah got so freaked out by the ogre and the dragon and the witch...she would cry out "don't hurt the princess" I tried to have her leave the theater, but she refused...she just stood there terrified and sad until the happily ever after parts...I am glad you enjoyed it! It is one of my favorites!

Hugs to you all...yea Seth for getting better so quick!


Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,

Sorry I didn't put my name on the note -- I ran out of room and then out of time!! But I am glad I have another chance to let you know I am thinking of you...

Amy G.

Mina said...

Glad to know Seth is on the mend. These little kids are quick learners, aren't they? They seem to know just when to push their parents just a wee bit more! I loved Enchanted too, watched it with my kids last week. We rarely ever have movie night at home anymore, it's so hard to find clean movies that we can all enjoy!