Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back in the 50's

Tonight...I got a special treat as it was "Mother's Night" at Seth's Preschool. It was really a lot of fun..and just neat to spend some time with my little guy. The theme was "The 50's" I tried my best to get us all decked out. Then...there were a bunch of activities in the gym....
Yearbook Photos
Rock Around The Clock (Musical Chairs)
Snack at the Diner
Record Spin Art
Bowling at Leo Lanes
Car Hop Relay
Hula Hoops

The teachers and staff really did a great job...we both had a great night!
But the highlights...the picture he drew of the 2 of us...AND...his interview with his teacher about ME!

eye color: brown (hazel...but close enough)
Hair Color: grey (WHAT?)
Favorite Color: all of them (Okay...acceptable!)
Favorite Restaurant: McDonalds (Maybe in His mind!)
Favorite Food: Shell Pasta (Wow...quite impressive...Casa's Pasta is my favorite!)
Favorite Thing to Do With My Mom: play computer games (we do have fun!)
What My Mom Does at Work: she doesn't go to work anymore (Yeah for me!)

So besides the grey hair...which I guess is coming all too soon....I was quite impressed with my little guy! It's daddy's turn in April...that should be fun too!


Melissa said...

How exciting! I always love these days with Joshua because you get to see how they truly see you! It's so much fun to spend that specal time with them! Enjoy every minute. Before you know it, he'll be 8 and won't want to give you kisses anymore! ;o)

Samantha said...

What fun! That looked like tons of fun, and how cute were his answers. I am so happy that you got to enjoy such a fun evening with Seth.

I am also happy to see Kate's Kart coming along. I cannot wait to hear more on all your progress with that.

Lots of love,

The Portas said...

The pictures are ADORABLE! Seth looks like such a big boy! Did he get a big boy haircut?

His answers are precious (except the grey hair answer...hee heeee, silly boy)! I'm glad you guys had a good time.

What a good mama you are.

Nikki said...

hehehe, that is so cute! Love the questionnaire- adorable!