Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chef Seth

My little guy just loves to help in the's usually a tough toss up between watching Curious George while I cook...or helping me! Yesterday...he was all about helping me! He had been asking to make sprinkle that was our 1st task. He was quite excited when I actually let him hold the mixer (I was right there!) Then...we tackled making dinner! I was all excited about the new recipe I picked out...until I got to the directions and it said: let sit overnight! HMMM! least tonight's dinner is made (which works out well since we have swim lessons from 5-5:45.) We also tackled orange jello salad...and then worked on dinner itself! He was a great help...and he is finally getting old enough where he doesn't spill EVERYTHING out of the bowl when he mixes it up. We just got the Shrek Cookbook from the library and he wants to make EVERYTHING in it...guess we'll be busy this weekend. (Yes...they really did publish a Shrek cookbook...remember, I did say we had an Obsession on our hands.)

Yeah...I think this is why he loves to help cook....this...and licking the beaters!

Not much else to report...except lots and lots of snow. We all enjoyed our snow day home yesterday and the 3 of us went swimming at the Y. I am so impressed with Seth's improvement with just the past 3 weeks of regular swimming. He loves it! I heard more snow is in store for this weekend (maybe 6-10 inches! Ughghgh!). But we have nothing on the calendar so a weekend at home might not be so bad.

Oh...I did finally take down all the snowman and winter decorations...and put up the spring Easter ones! Just doesn't feel right when there is 6 inches of snow on the ground. Easter is just so early this year...and the snow just keeps coming! I actually saw an Easter Bunny made of snow today on the way to take Seth to school. I thought that was pretty clever.

Well....Seth is at school and it's the first time I have no errands to I am just catching up around the house: my goals: to catch up on all my phone calls and to have every piece of laundry done and put away. I know that will only last until the boys get home....but still what an awesome feeling! But...just had to check up on my blogging friends first! Have a great day!

This is how the little guy helps with laundry....not so sure the clothes are still clean after he steps all over them.


The Portas said...

Cute photos! What a big boy, helping in the kitchen. How funny that there's a Shrek cookbook?! I guess there's a Shrek everything, huh.

Good job on the swimming, Seth. That's great that he does that. And that you all go together as a family and do it!

Oh no, more snow? This winter is ridiculous. Have a fun time hibernating and staying cozy with each other.

Anne said...

I remember making a snow rabbit instead of a snow man when I was a kid. My brother and I made a basket and made snowballs and my mom let us use food coloring to make them into colorful Easter Eggs! That would be a fun thing to do if you have another snow day!

Kathy said...

He's such a fun!!!
You are sooo patient....It takes all my energy to let Eli help me in the kitchen. (when I do cook...which is rare in itself). MORE SNOW...holy cow!!! It's going to be in the 80s here over the weekend...I'll look for you a plane ticket (if planes can fly out in that snow!)
Here's wishing you warm weather soon...that always makes me happier. (even though we don't get out much....just looking out the window at the sunshine makes me smile!)
Glad Seth's keeping you busy and hopping!!!
(are you going to get him a bunny for easter??)

Anonymous said...

During our last snowfall, a group of neighborhood kids build a snowman, a snowlady... and a snowDOG!

It was sort of a "daschund" creation, with a long slender body, pointed nose, floppy ears, and skinny drooping tail. They even had a LEASH.

Very Clever -- I Loved it.

Prayers, Hugs, and Love, Susan
Mira's Mom
Southeastern Pennsylvania

Samantha said...

Love the pictures, as always! I cannot believe that there is a Shrek cookbook...we will have to go and check that baby out at our library. Noah and Leah LOVE to help cooking. I struggle with the whole keeping the kitchen clean, but letting them help and become independent...I am working on it.

Glad that you had fun is so crazy to me to even think of wearing a bathing suit in the cold, but then again. my middle school in Minnesota had an indoor pool that we had to take swimming in the I guess it is pretty normal up north...I like to hide my very pale body in the winter...well, I like to hide this entire body all the time :)

Have a great weekend.