Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Contest Time!

Okay readers...I need your help. We need a "tag line" (I think that is what it's called) for Kate's Kart. You know something like:

Kate's Kart--encouraging kids one book at a time!

So...put on your creative hats...get those juices flowing and give me all your great ideas...cause I'm not thrilled with the one I came up with. Just put your ideas in the comment section. Contest ends April 1!

The winner...gets a couple dozen of my "world famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies"--okay they aren't world famous--but lots of people like them!--or any other kind of cookie...if you don't like oatmeal/choc.

Also...I am working on a photo montage about Kate's anybody who has a blog or website...can post it on their site and share the news!

Thanks so readers are awesome!


Judy Davis said...

Kate's Kart - books for the
hurting heart.

Melissa said...

Kate's Kart-books to heal your heart and soul.

OK, so I partially stole Judy's idea, but I want cookies! Especially world famous ones!

Anonymous said...

Hiya, KK!

Here are my Top 10 suggestions:

1.) Kate's Kart -- Healing Kids' Hearts

2.) Kate's Kart -- Helping Kids' Hearts

3.) Kate's Kart -- Mending Kids' Hearts

4.) Kate's Kart -- Support for Kids One Book at a Time

5.) Kate's Kart -- Books for Kids in Need

6.) Kate's Kart -- Wheeling and Healing through Books

7.) Kate's Kart Stroll -- Keeping Kids Whole

8.) Kate's Kart -- Be a Part!!

9.) Kate's Kart -- Be Part of the Cure!!

10.) Kate's Kart -- Children's Books for the Heart

Can you tell I'm salivating over the possibility of eating some of your homemade cookies?! :)

Best of luck choosing the lucky winner!!


Anonymous said...

Kates Kart-Please do not hit each other with the books

I work with 7th graders all day.


Kelly said...

Love the new blog! It looks great! I love your idea of Kate's Kart. I'm sure it gives a little more purpose to the day and something to focus on. I can't think of anything clever for the title, but wanted to stop by and say hi. Take care.

LeAnne said...

Here are a few of my suggestions so far:

Kate's Kart: Cures for the Heart
Kate's Kart: Sharing Her Heart
Kate's Kart: Sharing the Love
Kate's Kart: A Little Help For Your Heart
Kate's Kart: Sharing Her Heart, One Book at a Time

I'll keep thinking!
LeAnne Stahl

P.S. I love the new layout!!

Anonymous said...

Andy's tag line had me laughing out loud!!!

It's nice to know you can still have a good joke even when you're still in so much pain.

Loved the pictures of Seth's 50s party at school.


Anonymous said...

Kate's Kart - Sharing God's love from Kate's Heart

Jamie Smeltzer

The Portas said...

I like Andy's idea!! :)

Kate's Kart: You're part of her heart
Kate's Kart: Lending (or Sharing? or Reading?) Kate's heart
Kate's Kart: Words from the heart
Kate's Kart: From the heart
Kate's Kart: Healing with heart
Kate's Kart: You all hold a piece of her heart