Saturday, March 15, 2008

Diversion Needed marked 2 months since Kate passed. In most ways it has been an extremely long 2 months...time has really seemed to drag. Hopefully, with spring on it's way (it better be!) some sunshine and days outside will help. We've had a good weekend...this morning with Seth and then this evening we met some good friends for an early dinner and then games and dessert. The strategy game (Puerto Rico) was completely impossible...and way above my head...but we still had fun and good conversation. Last night...we went to a fish fry fundraiser and then had 2 families over for dessert, homemade latte's ---thanks Mel--and some good conversation..even amidst 6 kids running around. This weekend we have had more social time with our friends then we have had in 2 years. It felt good...but still...we just miss Kate. Thanks Schuhs, Findleys, Nubers and Stantons for some great diversion this weekend.

Our cultured son is at the theatre tonight...Nana and Oompa took him and the cousins (well, just Elijah as Lucas was sick) to the Canterbury Middle School drama: Alice in Wonderland. It's an annual outing for them all...and includes a slumber party too! Lucky guy! (Is it just me...or does this boy have a social calendar fit for a celeb?)

We've been overwhelmed by the response to Kate's Kart. Thank you! I've been putting all the emails and info into a folder and will get back with all of you who have volunteered...or given me great ideas for contacts...once we get this whole legal aspect figured out. I hope to have some definite answers this week as to getting the non-profit organization set up. This aspect is really freaking me out...but I know it will all work out just fine! We are really excited about this project and anxious to get started...we just want to make sure and do it the right way. I will definitely be in contact with everyone who has said they would help...we really really appreciate you!


Kathy said...

Girl...I wish you'd call when you're not feeling so hot!

I wish that you could have heard my Joe sing today...he made the entire church cry. (You don't expect such a profound voice coming from the mouth of a bald man!)

Please DO remember to let me know when you've got the Kart up and running.

I am glad that you were surrounded by friends this weekend...I wish that I was there with you!
We love you Krista!

The Portas said...

I'm so excited about Kate's Kart. This is such a great thing for you guys to do. You'll get through all the legal stuff and then you'll be enjoying seeing what you're doing for many people!

I'm happy for your time with friends this weekend. That always helps, doesn't it?

Hugs to you and your precious family. xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Just got on the blog after several days not checking (sorry). We would love to donate books. Keep us informed.