Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hats off to Spring

It's spring! YEAH! We had a beautiful sunny day here in Indiana...I actually opened the back porch and front door and let some fresh air flow through the house. How invigorating. But of course...snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. I can't ever remember a Easter Egg Hunt in the snow.

I'm feeling much better and looking forward to a great weekend. Andy is doing some painting tomorrow (our upstairs hallway). We are getting our taxes done ( because we are expecting a refund!) nephew's 7th birthday party is Saturday. And...Good Friday for Sunday and getting ready for Easter--we're going to be busy...but busy is good. And...I think I'm feeling good enough to get back to the Y and get some exercise and Seth wants to go swimming.

Seth got his "big-boy" bike over a year ago for Christmas. He has had absolutely NO desire in riding it or learning to ride. We've even tried duct-taping his feet to the pedals in an attempt to get him to do it. We were so afraid he would never learn to ride a bike! Well...everything changed yesterday! He hopped on the bike and off he went....and he hasn't stopped since! It is so fun to see him enjoying it so much...and fortunately the weather has been conducive to taking rides. And he wants to go far...yesterday I'm sure we went well over a mile...and only had to come home once for a jeans change after a major crash in a puddle. I guess everything is in HIS time. Who knows at this rate...maybe the training wheels can come off later this summer...but I guess he'll have to be the one to make that decision


Anonymous said...

WOW! What fun we will have this summer riding bikes. Nana

Melissa said...

Glad Seth figured out the bike riding thing, think he could teach my 8 year old? ;o) Joshua still struggles with his bike.

Enjoy the spring weather (even if there is snow coming) while it lasts. Enjoy your weekend of Easter celebrations and time with family.

The Portas said...

The video is precious! He's a man on a mission! What a cutie pie. :)

We are getting dumped on today. It looks like it's December outside! Ughghghhhh, I thought it was spring!?

Have a very happy Easter, you guys! Seth, I hope you get lots of good bike riding in (assuming the snow stays off the ground).

Judy Davis said...

Krista, I actually saw
Seth riding his bicycle down the street in person when I was driving through Pine Valley last week. Of course Andy was with him and they were doing just fine! Wishing you a very Happy Easter!
Hugs, Judy Davis

Kathy said...

You won't need to go to the Y now that he's cruising on the'll be chasing him SO're burning more calories out with him than at the Y I BET!!!
Sorry you're getting more snow...but, how fun to hide eggs in the snow!!!
Maybe we'll let ours float in the pool...(then the kids can dive in to get them)..I'll send you a pic if that's what we decide to do! ( can guess what the weather's like!!!)
HEY...when is spring break for you guys...aren't the mountains calling your names!?!?!
This week was out kiddos break...and now it's almost over!!!YEAH!!!
Have a great Easter!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, did this bring back memories. Aaron never could seem to catch on to riding a bike. Then, he got a scooter, and seemed to get the balance thing figured out. After that, bike riding came quickly.

Same thing happened with swimming. Nothing seemed to work, until we visited friends in upstate New York who had a pool. They had him put on some goggles, and that made all the difference in the world.

Like you said, everything in HIS time.

Have a Blessed Easter.

Debbie Smith

Christie said...

That is awesome that Seth learned to ride his bike. I am so glad that you guys got to enjoy the nice spring weather the other day. I know that the nice weather will continue to keep your spirits up. I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter weekend. God Bless you all and miss you.

Vanessa said...

I love the video! He looks so happy on his bike. Now the hard part will be trying to get him to go inside!