Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rainbows & Puzzles

So...the other day, Andy and Seth are driving to the Y to go swimming...and it's kinda rainy outside. They start talking about who makes the rain...and Andy told him that God does. The conversation continued as they talked about how God was in charge of all the weather...that's when Seth chimes in that Kate is probably helping God! Seth then says...that Kate is in charge of the rainbows...cause she always liked pretty stuff! cool is that coming from a 3 year old big brother...who really does miss his little sister.

And in case that isn't cute enough....the other day I picked Seth up from school and he started talking about how one of the girls (there are only 2) in his class had broken her arm...falling off of a pony! He continued to tell me everything she could and couldn't do! So... I ask...was it Ella or Madeline? His reply: "Mom...that is such a hard puzzle. They both have long hair with stuff in it!" Hmmm...they really look nothing alike at all...but I guess when you're 3 and could care less about girls...they're all the same!


Melissa said...

Too cute! We always knew that he loves his baby sister! He just proved it! I love some of the things that kids say, and they always take me by surprise!

Samantha said...

I love the Seth stories. That is so sweet that he loves his sister so much. What a beautiful thing for him to put with whenever any of you see a rainbow, it will be a hello from your sweet Kate.

Lots of love!

The Portas said...

Oh those stories are both so cute. The sweet things that come out of the mouths of little ones. Thanks so much for sharing cute stories like this!

The McConkey's said...

What a wonderful big brother!