Saturday, March 15, 2008

Breakfast With The Easter Bunny

This morning, my friend Gina and I took our kids to Jefferson Pointe Food Court for Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. It was cute...they had fruit, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and bagels for breakfast...and then an area to decorate eggs and color. The Easter Bunny himself was walking around shaking hands and making the kids smile. We then played a while in their indoor play area. The kids enjoyed it and had a great time. And the best was all FREE! Gotta love that!

Seth and the Easter Bunny shaking hands!

Seth, Jayden and Mya decorating their eggs

Showing off his masterpiece.

Time for a little playtime.

We did have a little incident getting there...Gina was following me down the highway. Seth decided to unbuckle himself and proceeds to yell..."stop the car, I"m unbuckled...while I am cruising at 70 mph down the interstate. So...I pull over and buckle him! For obvious reasons, Gina thinks I'm having car problems...turns around at the next exit to come help and calls Andy...whereupon he hops in his car to come rescue us! And of cell phone battery is DEAD and I haven't yet bought a car charger! Lesson learned this morning. Thanks Gina and Andy for taking care of me...I appreciate all your efforts to rescue me!


Vanessa said...

Looks like Seth had fun. I have to tell you I can Kate soo much in these pictures of Seth. You have such a cute little boy!

Oh and I can't believe his car incident. LOL...sorry but I had to laugh!

Melissa said...

Looks like a great time. Gotta love anything that provides a little free fun!

The Portas said...

The pics are so cute! And that's too funny about your car incident. Hee hee.