Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This marks my 500th post...and even in less than a year. I had no idea that this "blogging" thing would turn out the way it did. About a year ago my friend Deanna said..."you should give it a try!" I am so glad I did...cause I have met some amazing people and read about some incredible journeys. It's a crazy "blogging" world out there. It's amazing how "connected" you can feel to complete strangers. But...amazingly enough...those strangers become your friends! And...it's just fun to see pics and stay in touch with all my old friends too! My husband says I'm addicted...well...yeah, maybe I am.

But...this blog has reached out more than I could have ever imagined. I really thought only Nana and Grandma would read it originally. Specifically with Kate...and our journey those last few month...this blog is what kept everyone "in the know!" So many people became so attached to "Baby Kate" and her journey. I am still amazed at the number of hits and the number of strangers who "come across" our story and encourage us...or just lift us up in prayer. Yeah...I wish I had "better" things to blog about...but still...even in the midst of sadness...this blog, specifically Kate's life...touched people and made a difference. And for that...I am truly grateful. Hopefully...others will see that the only hope is in Jesus Christ...and that He is so worth living for.

So...again I say thanks...thanks for sharing in our journey. Thanks for encouraging us along our path. Thanks for making us laugh! Thanks for assuring us that we are loved! Thanks for getting excited with me about new carpet...and the other "normal" everyday stuff.

Let's see where the next 500 posts take us. I know it will be okay...cause I have God on my side!



Melissa said...

500 posts have documented a lot of your life! I for one, appreciate the comments, stories and updates, especially when Kate was at U of M. Keep it up, you do a great job at it! At least yours gets read.

Deanna said...

I'm so thankful that you decided to join the blogging world! :)

Anonymous said...

You are an excellent blogger and I have enjoyed all of your posts.
Isaac's Grandma

Kathy said...

HAPPY 500th post!!!
WHOO HOO! Did you have a party??
(I'm calling Seth and telling him that you need to have a party!!)

I'm SO glad that you blog...and that you let us ALL into your lives. We LOVE you, we miss Kate...and we're excited to see to your family grow. You and Seth have given us plenty to "stay tuned" to....and we will!!!
So...tell Andy that we're all addicted...and we're NOT going to Bloggers Anonymous!!!
Sweet dreams!
Kiss Seth for us!
Tell Andy to hug you REAL tight for me...
Talk to you soon,

The Portas said...

Happy 500th! Thank YOU for sharing YOUR journey with us. It has positively affected my life. You all are amazing people and I'm so lucky to have gotten to know Kate through blogging and getting to know you!!

I'm so glad you're continuing to post updates. It's wonderful to hear what's going on with you guys....We all love you so much!!! xoxoxo

Mina said...

Wow, thank's for all that sharing! I've only followed your blog for a couple of months, but it feels like I've been on an awesome journey with you. Keep up the blogging!