Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wow...all I can say is God is so good! I am just in complete amazement of what is happening with Kate's Kart...Thank you so much to everyone who has put links on their blogs...spreading the word all over is so awesome. (If anyone wants the link to the video behind Kate's Kart from One true media...I"ll be glad to send that to you!...just let me know!)

I feel like I check my email/blog all the time....and there is always more exciting news. People are just so excited about makes Andy and I feel so makes Kate's short little life so worthwhile...she is doing so much!

Well...I'm exhausted and promised Andy I would get a good night's sleep! I will definitely keep you all posted as to what is happening...if I can remember it all!

Love to all...and again...THANK YOU for sharing in our journey! What a ride!

Tomorrow....a picture of the imfamous Kart!!



I added a link to my blog and put a post about it too. I hope it was OK to link to your sites. I'm so glad I can help out! I'm taking my kids this weekend so they can each pick out a book for "Kate's Kart" and they'll be off to Shannon in the mail Monday morning.

The Portas said...

Thank YOU for doing such an important thing! We're all so proud of you guys! I can't wait to contribute many many books to your girl's KART.

Will you please send me the code for embedding the video on our website? Thank you!


LeAnne said...

I just got done watching Kate's video. What a sweet and precious girl she was! And Kate's Kart is a great way to remember her, as well as helping those in the future. You touched so many peoples lives through your blog, now Kate's Kart will reach even more! The website looks great and I hope things continue to go well!

LeAnne S

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista, I tried to use the email address on Kate's Kart website but couldn't get it to work... I wanted to find out when the first training session (to learn "how to" to take the Kart around to the children at Lutheran) will be held. Also, I wondered if Lutheran would allow a 14 year old to accompany her mother (me!). She would be glad to go to the training sesion if necessary. Thanks! Amy G. (

Melissa said...

Your family is a testament to what faith in God and ultimate love of a child can do to impact the lives of so many! I'm so happy that this is happening for you and for all the little hearts that Kate's kart will touch! God bless you!

I also would love the link to the video to put on my blog.

Andrea said...

Hi Krista,
Could you please send me the link to the video for my blog too? My email is I'm hoping I can collect lots of books for Kate's Kart.