Thursday, April 17, 2008

And now for the boys!

I guess it would only be fair to give equal space to the boys too!

Seth has had a pretty fun week. I am babysitting a 5 year old girl for 10 days. I pick her up from kindergarten around 10:45 and then she gets picked up at 4:30. She and Seth have totally hit if off and they are having a great time together. It is so fun to just hear him laughing while he eats lunch...or riding in the car. It does make me sad for Seth...wishing he had a sibling...a playmate to help entertain I am so boring! He really is quite the social little guy.

But...we are just enjoying the beautiful weather and have spent several afternoons at the park.

He started a new session of swim lessons tonight...he is a FISH...and honestly, it's kinda fun to be the parents of the star that was definitely not the case last summer with soccer lessons.

As far as Andy...I can't believe I forgot to post that we was honored a couple weeks ago. One of the high school honor students chose him (Andy) as the most influential person in his academic career. How cool is that! He really is an awesome teacher who the kids just love. He is always telling me about highschoolers that pop back into the middle school and come visit! We're proud of you.

He is anxious to get working on the yard...he loves working outside and is pretty excited about having some time this summer to get our yard in tip-top shape. The mowers have been out this I'm sure he'll be mowing by early next week. It's hard to believe he only has like 32 days of school left. pictures...I'll have to post some soon!
Sending lots of love!


Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,
Have fun scrapbooking this weekend. That is awesome about Andy. Tell him congratulations for us. It is normal to remember the dates of death when you lose a loved one. My mom has been gone for 5 years and I still have a hard time on her D.O.D. and I just went and put new flowers on her grave for her birthday this past Monday. She would have been 63. I have a hard time on her birthdays and my mom and dad's anniversay too. It is getting easier but the hurt is still there. It is okay to miss Kate so much. She was so special. Have a good day.
Love ya

Melissa said...

What a wonderful tribute to Andy's skills as a teacher. I know that some of my favorite teachers touched my life like no one else.

Also am so glad that Seth has someone to play with and is enjoying his time.

The Portas said...

Way to go on being the star FISH, Seth! And Andy, what an honor you received! That must be an amazing feeling and you must be an amazing teacher.

Krista, you should be so proud of your awesome boys!!! Have fun babysitting these next few days. How fun for Seth to have someone to hang out with. :)

The Baileys said...

Congrats on Andy's award. I'm sure Kate's scrapbook will be a beautiful way for you all to remember her. Thanks for your comments for the Lews. They have really appreciated everyone's support.
Have a nice weekend,

Kathy said...

WHOO HOO Andy...good job!!!

I STILL haven't put my Eli in swim classes...SLACKER MOM...can I send him to you??
It's ok to miss Kate...we all miss her. But, what an idea to count the days that she's been healed and in Heaven...than focusing on the time that she's been away from you. I can't wait for Kate's Kart to be up and running...we're going to cover your entire house with won't even be able to see that snazzy new carpet!!!
Have fun this weekend!