Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun at the zoo...and Kart update

What a beautiful day here in northern Indiana. Days like this just make me stand in awe of God...only He could create such beautiful things.

My friend, Gina and I took the kids to the zoo today. It just opened this past weekend...and we had tons of fun. I just love zoo passes! The animals were in rare form...and we saw monkeys eating blueberries and kangaroos hopping over fences. Here are a few pics from the day.

Then...a quick trip to the grocery...Madyson (the girl I've been babysitting) and Seth were just too cute in the cart. They have really bonded and have become great friends. In fact...they held hands throughout most of the zoo.

Then...tonight we had my long lost friend, Laura her husband Dalan and 5 year old daughter, Sarah over for supper. Laura is designing our logo and doing our website! I'm getting excited people...Kate's Kart will be here before you know it. In fact...the "Kart" itself is sitting in my parents basement right now! The school they teach/work at graciously donated a hardly used practically brand new book cart! How cool is that?

So...keep checking's going to be an exciting week.


Kathy said...

Looks like Seth has a girlfriend!!!
And the zoo...oh, so jealous!!!
We can't wait for Kate's Kart to be up and running too...
Have a fun dinner!

LeeAnne said...

Oh that looks like fun! I can't wait to get out and do some things this summer. Maybe we can meet up with you guys sometime and go to the zoo there. I see that you didn't blog on Sunday. What did you do all day??? Sleep??

Anonymous said...

I just heard about Kate's Kart via e-mail for the "Little Give". What a good idea to start something like this! It's going to get some pretty big publicity with Majic involved! I'm still praying for you guys!
Deb Burch

Anonymous said...

God is good...and smart, too...he puts talented, organized people at the helm of 'Kate's Kart'. Thanks for keeping us in the loop...I just can't wait to see it in motion!:)
Donna D.

The Baileys said...

It was nice to run into you at the zoo! I would like to donate some books to Kate's Kart, so just let me know when.

The Portas said...

I LOVE the pic of the back side of the kids. So cute! I'm glad you had a nice time at the zoo...and nice weather, too?! I'm excited to hear more about the progress with Kate's Kart. She's smiling so big right now!! xoxoxo