Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Back!!

We're back...after a wonderful trip to Tennessee. I thought for sure that the whole world was equipped with internet service these days...but not in "them those hills of Tennessee." I can't believe I went 6 whole days without my computer! But...I did get 2 books read...and now I"m hooked on the Karen Kingsbury series and can't wait to get to the library to get the next one. So now...I have a whole bunch of catching up to do with my blogging friends and heart buddies...and a whole bunch of cute pictures and stories to share. Check in to all!


Melissa said...

So glad you're back. Hope you had tons of fun! I can understand the difficulty of going days without internet access but we were struggling without you here to blog! Can't wait to see pictures and hear the best stories!

Deanna said...

Ooh, welcome to the world of Karen Kingsbury (the Redemption series, I assume?!) I just finished book #3 of the Firstborn series- the next series in line- I can't believe that I've read 8 of her books in the past 3 months! HA! :)