Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just the Beginning Seth and I head to Kohl's to get him a new pair of tennis shoes. We try on some pairs...and soon realize my 3 year old has outgrown the toddler section and has now moved into the boys section. Yeah...that might be exciting...except for that the same pair of shoes is $10 more! What's up with that? I'm guessing this is just going to be the trend when it comes to new clothes for him. And...the boys clothes just don't seem to be as "cute" as the toddler or baby section. Oh...he's growing too fast.

Which reminds me that little guy went into a public men's restroom all by don't panic...I was "Right" one was around and I made him check and see if any other men (okay...crazy old guys) were in there. It really got me thinking about this whole "letting" go thing and when is he old enough to really do things on his own? Obviously, as he gets older...I won't be able to take him into the women's rest room with what do I do when it's just us in public? I know...I'm sure I can milk it at least another year...but also..his interest in being independent is really growing! Eyeyiyi...what to do...what to do?

But...for just a story to warm your heart. He is really getting interested in the Bible and loves his nightly devotional and bible stories. Well...we got a new book/CD set that goes through the alphabet about characteristics of God...and then has a song that goes with it! It's very cool. Well...tonight we were listening to it...and he just kept going on and on about the C song...the word was Created..and the chorus had "in the beginning" in this cute little rhythm. He kept wanting to hear it again and again...and then started singing it...and wanted it put on his own radio so when he is in the car he can listen to it! Then...he goes on to tell me about the creation story and how in the beginning there was just a hole...and then God spoke and there was heaven.... It was awesome!

What a complete joy that little guy is...each and every day! We love you Seth!


Samantha said... still have a LOOOOOOOOOONG time before you have to stop bringing Seth in the women's restroom with you...Noah turned 5 in January, and he still comes in there with me...I don't care what anyone says...I am a big crazy over-protective mama :)

Doesn't it stink how they increase the price for so little more product? It makes me so happy that Noah and Leah are still so "tiny" so that I can buy them the smaller size still...we just had to buy Noah size 4t shorts b/c the 5's were falling off him...I guess Micah comes by the tiny business honestly!

Hope that you guys have a great Thursday!!!

Love ya!

Melissa said...

Hmm, I have an 8 year old and still make him come into the restroom with me. You're braver than me. I'm so glad that you are seeing him blossom into such an amazing young man.

The Portas said...

What a big boy! Seth is growing up! The creation story is definitely heartwarming. What a sweet soul he has.

Have a good weekend, you guys!

Kathy said...

Eli is turning 6 in June...and I STILL make him go in with me! And, as long as we live in Vegas...he will until he's 18!!!

I know what you're saying about the cost of clothes...GEEZ Louise! Shoes are the worst...thank goodness the boys live in flip flops most of the year here (and the creation of crocs!!!)
Happy Friday!!