Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Boy's First Purchase

Last night...the 3 of us splurged and went to the Dollar Movie Theatre...but BONUS...on Tuesday night it was only 50 cents...woo hoo...but $8 for popcorn and 1 drink put a damper on our cheap night out! We took Seth to see Alvin and The Chipmunks. Friends...I have a feeling we are getting into a new obsession!

Monday Seth and I were at the mall and there were huge banners everywhere advertising the release of Alvin on DVD. Seth was mesmerized by them. So...Andy suggested the movie! He absolutely loved it. The first words out of his mouth once we left the theatre..."Let's go to the store and buy it!"

So...I think this is a good opportunity to teach our little guy that we can't just buy anything he wants...and I tell him maybe he could save up his "store" piggy bank money and buy it. he was on a mission! He got all his money from his bank...even remembered his Easter money that was still w/ all his candy...and even scavenged around for all of the loose coins in the house. He doesn't quite got the whole money thing down...but I tell him we'll go to the bank and see if he had enough to get it!

He was so cute...carrying his money in his new Tootsie Roll Bank. We took it to the bank...and what a surprise when the man came back with a 5 & and 10! All he kept saying was..."is that enough? is that enough?"

So...we head to Kroger to get stamps...and there it is for sale right by Customer Service. It's a little pricey (we NEVER buy new release DVDs...but then again..I'm not buying, right?) Well... with purchase, there is a coupon for $10 off next grocery I strike him a deal...and now he is a VERY proud owner of Alvin and the Chipmunks....which ended up on top of the fridge within minutes of coming home due to a major fit about wanting to watch it "RIGHT NOW!"

So...his first purchase with his very own money. He must have really wanted it...cause I had mentioned using his piggy bank money at other times to buy toys he wanted and he always decided he could wait....but not with dancing singing Chipmunks! Watch out Grandma...he can't wait to show it to you....ALL THE WAY TO TENNESSEE!

But...can I just say that there is nothing better than a little boy...cuddled on your lap at the movie theatre (cause he's too little to keep the seat down!) just giggling his little heart out! I think genuine kid giggles is the best medicine in the world! What a treat for me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Krista! I loved this blog! You described so perfectly the delight of a little boy -- all the way through to the DVD ending up on top of the fridge!!

The selection you and Andy made for the tagline is perfect in every way (it even rhymes!!). Great choice!!

Have a fun weekend!
Amy G.

The Portas said...

I just love genuine kid giggles, too. There's nothing better!

So we're onto a new obsession, huh Seth? Isn't Shrek going to feel a bit jealous?

Krista, you're such a good mama. It's good that you teach your little one the valuable lesson that you can't just go out and buy everything you want. Such a good example you are to the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

That movie definitely has some "boy" humor! What a good story! You will love re-reading all these things when Seth is older.

And I love the name for Kate's Kart! I'm so glad you picked one with "heart" in it! (Way to go, Gina :)) !