Friday, April 25, 2008

Daddy's Turn....Father's Night!

The other was daddy's turn to join Seth at preschool for Father's Night! Their theme was the Olympics. The boys had a great time playing all sorts of games that revolved around a sports theme! A few pics from the night. (Andy told me he was the ONLY dad taking pictures....just to keep me happy...thanks Sweeetie!)

Eye Color: brown (
Hair Color: brown too ( YEAH Seth)
Favorite Color: blue (right on!)
Favorite Restaurant: Subway (again...Seth's favorite at the time...guess he thinks it's daddy's too)
Favorite Food: Everything (Right again)
My Favorite thing to do with my dad: lay down with him (they have a great time telling stories at night before bed)
What My Dad does at work: he teaches kid to make money for us (Yeah for daddy & Seth)

aren't they just so cute?


Kathy said...

That drawing is PRICELESS! What a sweetie..and good job Andy for taking pics!!! Good dad!
You are ONE lucky lady Krista!!
Hope you guys have a fun weekend!!!
Sending lots of love,

The Portas said...

The drawing of Dad and me just melted my heart! You have the cutest little man. Thanks so much for sharing. xoxoxo

Judy Davis said...

Krista, This remined me so much of Our Hope Lutheran School time out with parents. AND the drawing is so much like the younger boys draw at our school! Looks like fun. Love, Judy Davis

Melissa said...

Very cute! Love his picture. Glad they had a good time!