Friday, April 11, 2008

Tennessee Spring Break to capture our wonderful trip in just a few words...I was hoping to do a daily blog so that you could get the full blow-by-blow...but since we were roughin''re stuck with one biggie! So...the top 10 no particular order!

1. WAKE UP CALL! So...Seth woke up at 2am...YES 2...on Saturday morning ready to go. He just layed in bed yelling every 10 minutes: "Is it time to go yet?" As exhausted as we couldn't help but laugh and smile about that one! At least we got an early start!

2. HIKING IN THE SMOKIES We enjoyed a nice leisurely hike through the woods to a beautiful waterfall....and then took the 20 mile drive up the winding roads and the 1/2 mile HIKE UPHILL to the highest overlook in the Smokies! It was beautiful....well worth the sore muscles the next day. And...we even ran in to the Millers...some friends from church on a trail in the freaky is that?

3. DOLLYWOOD! Probably the highlight of the trip. We all had a great time...especially Seth who is not afraid of any ride...well maybe the one that drops a little! He has little to no fear. It was great that Grandma was along to do the whirly-twirly neither mom or dad can stomach those! We highly recommend the park! And the best wasn't crowded and we could basically just walk on the rides.

4. DIXIE STAMPEDE! Another great night as we feasted on southern cooking (with just our fingers) and watched horses, wagons and longhorn cattle put on a show. It was quite impressive what they could do with horses...and racing pigs and ostriches! Plus...we were entertained by a rockabilly band before the show...with a 3 time national banjo playing champion! Jealous Doug?

5. OBER GATLINBURG! We also took the tram ride up a mountain to an "amusement" type park at the top. Seth particularly loved the alpine slide ride down the mountain. It was a spectacular view...and even took advantage of unlimited rides...and rode to the top again in the evening to see the lights. Breathtaking!

6. OUR CABIN! We had a quaint little cabin way up a winding twisting road. We all place to be driving in the winter. We relaxed in the hot tub every night...played pool, foosball and air hockey...and did our good deed of picking up the trash thrown over the balcony by prior tenants...any guesses whose idea that was?

7. PUTT PUTT! We took Seth on his first adventure miniature golfing. Once he figured out you can't keep picking up the ball...he got the hang of it quickly! In fact...he even got 2 hole in 1's. He loved it and kept asking to do it again and again. And wouldn't you know...there are putt-putt courses on every block...but at 10 bucks a person...we told him he could wait till we got home.

8. ICE CREAM! Is there anything better than icecream on vacation? I think not! Grandma treated us not once...not twice...but 3 times to ice cream. YUM YUM!

9. SPRINGTIME & FLOWERS! We couldn't have asked for better weather! It was absolutely beautiful the whole time we were there...highs in the 70's. In fact..I have a killer of a sunburn on my neck from Dollywood! The tulips were in full bloom...and the redbuds blossomed while we were there! Just beautiful!

10. TOGETHERNESS! It was so nice to just be together...and to watch Seth experience so many things for the first time! He is an excellent traveler...and did super most of the trip...considering the amount of walking we did! We loved having grandma along...especially Seth as she endured endless hours of dot-to-dots, Shrek and chipmunks during the carride.

But of course...we missed Kate. I kept thinking of how much she would have enjoyed watching the people...what would it have been like if she was along? But...we can't go there...we just have to enjoy the time we had...and we did! But...I did see a Christmas ornament at one of the shops: "We prayed for a daughter...God gave us an angel!" How true!

It was a much needed break...a get-away...a time together. for your viewing pleasure...a few pics from our trip! Seth wanted it as a enjoy. And..since we saw so much of Dolly...a little imitation Dolly music for your listening pleasure!


Melissa said...

Oh my. All your top 10's bring back such wonderful memories. Wondering if you did Hillbilly Golf as your Putt Putt experience? My favorite story is being 6 months pregnant and Gary deciding we needed to putt putt on the side of a mountain. He stood at the top and laughed as I waddled my way to the top.

We also love Dollywood and Dixie Stampede! I'm so glad you had such a good time a a family. Gotta love the mountains. They truly remind you of how close to God you can be!

Anonymous said...

I so glad that you had a wonderful vacation with your precious family!! We love Gatlinburg and reading your top ten brought back some great memories. Hiking in the Smokies is amazing and such a blessing to see God's beauty all around. Thanks for sharing!
Kim Tinker

The Portas said...

Your trip looks like so much fun! I think it's wonderful that you all get away together...and bring Grandma, too! Seth is just such a cutie. I loved reading about all the fun adventures and of course the pics were great.

Thanks so much for sharing!!! You guys are such an amazing family.


Deanna said...

So thankful to hear that you guys were able to get away! Great slideshow.... loved the big smiles! Miss you!