Sunday, May 25, 2008

3-2-1 BLAST OFF!

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon! We got out Seth's rocket that he got from his cousins at Christmas...put it together and headed to the local school grounds to set it off! It was pretty exciting....that thing really shot up in the air.
a little nervous it would be "too loud"
rescuing the rocket after lift-off!
Otherwise...a beautiful day to go to church... play a little baseball in the on the back porch...take a long bike ride...and put together a new grill.
Unfortunately...not a good day for schoolwork. Andy assigned a 3-D map of Australia projects with his kids and he has some 160+ huge posters to grade. So...he left after dinner and went into work to spend the night grading. UGGHHG! Only 5 more days!!!


Melissa said...

At least those 160+ projects are at school and not in your house! ;o) God bless teachers and their dedication.