Friday, May 23, 2008

Closing Ceremonies

We attended Seth's closing preschool ceremonies on Thursday night. He did so well...sang all the songs and was exceptionally cute! We kept asking him if he would sing...or just stand there like at the Thanksgiving Feast. His reply: "I was little then!" My photography and movie making skills are lacking...guess I was relying too heavily on my zoom! The video clips are fuzzy...but you get the idea. Glad daddy got decent video clip with the regular video camera.

Crossing over....waving and getting his gift

The turtle song

Singing with his class

What makes me happy: my swingset

Cookies and Punch with new buddy Daniel


Kathy said...

Mr. Seth has grown a lot this year....looks like you guys had fun!
Are you ready for this summer break??
Smoochy moochy on him!!
Here's a hug for you too Krista!