Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's a beautiful thing!

So...are you ready for this?

What an exciting day in the life of Kate's Kart.

I picked up the Kart tonight from Jenny (you know...Shannon's mom from the Little Give who runs this totally cool pottery store...you should check it out...and take your kids there to paint something for dad for Father's Day!) Anyway...she graciously agreed to paint it and did an amazing job...we couldn't be happier.

So I spent this afternoon and evening labeling and loading books onto the Kart...tomorrow, we will take it to Lutheran and re-load it there. It's so exciting.

And...I got an email from Samantha...another heart from Texas...who is doing our aprons for us. She sent me a picture...and the aprons will be in the mail soon. You should check out her online store, Bundles of Snuggles. for your embroidery needs.

I'm still amazed...it seems at any given time I can go to different blogs and find entries or links to Kate's Kart....people just spreading the love...and the amazing thing is that we are getting donations from strangers who found out via this amazing world of "blogging"
Isaac in Las Vegas
Ramona in Chicago
Elijah in Minnesota
Aubrey, Drew & Casey in California
Arianna in Arizona
Michelle in North Carolina
Bilal in Alabama
Sara in Georgia
Anne & Samantha (private blog) in Texas
Melissa, Michelle, Jennifer, Shannon in Indiana
And even my 20 year high school reunion blog

(If you don't go to an entry...then there is a link on their sidebar)

It's becoming a national phenonomen.. In fact...Drew in California is getting a couple of Kate's Karts books via the mail as he just underwent his 3rd open heart surgery. A huge thanks to everyone who is helping us spread the word...and the love! It warms my heart.(And I am so sorry if I missed your link...please let me know...I want to know!)

So...tomorrow is training day...then Andy and I will deliver for the first time next Wednesday (we're waiting because of the end of school for Andy).

Oh yeah...and another shout out to Laura our webgal...she is designing bookmarks that we will hand out with all the books...as well as helping us with labels, notecards, return labels and anything else we ask of her....I tell you...we've hit the big time! Laura does amazing work for us...we are so grateful!

God is bringing all the right people together...at just the right time...to orchestrate something amazing...He's just that full of grace!


Andrea said...

Wow, the Kart is beautiful! And so are the aprons! What a blessing to have everything come together so perfectly! Krista, you are doing a really amazing thing!

Melissa said...

It's beautiful and I'm so happy things are coming together for you. YOu will touch many lives and spread Kate's love of books!

The Portas said...

The cart looks great, and great job on the aprons, Samantha! Wow, it really is all coming together. Krista, we're so proud of you. You're amazing!!! xoxoxox

Anne said...

I have chills and tears in my eyes as I read this entry! I am so excited for you all and what this ministry will mean to SO many children and families! Keep up the great work!

Deanna said...

Krista, this is so, so awesome!!!! I'm so excited to think about the number of kids who will be excited to see you, the other volunteers, and Kate's Kart!!! You will be such a huge day brightener!!! :)

Kathy said...

You are SO awesome Krista!!! I love the kart and the aprons...you're going to be ONE BUSY mama! I'm so glad that you have this project to help spread Kate's love everyday.

Vanessa said...

What a beautiful kart and apron! I'm trying to get some embroidery done with Samantha as soon as I can get some funds. I should take a lesson from you and do some kind of event to raise awareness and funds for our support group. I'm so excited. We just got our care packets in this week to hand out to the NICU and PICU babies. I still have to put information packets together but I'm so excited about getting them into the hospital! I feel like we are both going on an adventure together!