Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Calling all Artistic Folks!

Hey all...just a quick post asking for help. We have 2 "artsy" type projects in which we need help!

1. Painting the "Kart!" We would love to paint "Kate's Kart" on the side of the kart...as well as possibly replicate the tree logo. We'll supply the paint...just need someone artsy to paint it! We need to liven it up a bit!

2. Aprons...we got approval today from the hospital to wear our own "uniform"...instead of their maroon vests. So...we are planning on having aprons that we can just wear over our clothes...and then leave with the Kart for the volunteers to wear. We would love to have 2-4 aprons embroidered with Kate's Kart...and whatever else of the logo is possible. (I don't know a bunch about how those fancy embroidery machines work!) Again..we'll supply the aprons and thread...just need someone artsy to do it.

So...if you feel lead to help in either of these ways...let me know...via a comment or shoot me an email (kateskart@verizon.net). Our goal is to start passing out books the 1st week of June...so that is our tentative deadline.

Thanks everyone....you're all a blessing to us!


Samantha said...

Depending on how fancy you want the aprons, I would be more than happy to embroider the aprons for you! I have my fancy machine, but sometimes the fancy designs get all messed up...I can definitely do the Kate's Kart in pretty print, but the design part may be difficult..let me know...I would LOVE to help you out!


Kathy said...

and then Samantha can send them to me...and I'll sew tutu's around them!!!
(wouldn't that be a site!!!)

I'm so excited for you Krista!!!
You're an inspiration...as always!!!

Love you,

Melissa said...

Sorry, not an artsy type of person, but hoping someone can help you!

Deanna said...

Did you get my email about the embroidery place in Warsaw? If not, let me know.... it definitely would be worth a call as she does a fantastic job.