Thursday, May 15, 2008

Filling The Void

For the past 2 weeks...I've had one thing on my calendar for today: Jury Duty! UGHGH! What a relief last night when I called and the trials had been what to do with my day?

--Wake up, breakfast, get ready
--Take Seth to playdate (I had arranged childcare with one of Seth's buddies from school...they would have been distraught if we cancelled! )
--Run errands...pass a couple garage sales...find this for $30

and it even came with 3 brand new ink cartridges. It's a scanner, copier, fax and color printer. I feel so professional now...who knows what I'll find to scan now! What a blessing since our printer was on the brink of a home in the dumpster...and every single page you put in it needed inserted 3-4 times. I'm pretty excited about it...what a thrill to find such a bargain at a garage sale!
--Pick up Seth
--Make lunch...make 4 phone calls...prepare invoice for my basket business...write a complaint letter about an unpaid medical claim for Kate...FROM JULY!!!
--Take Seth to school
--Head to Kohl''s a major sale and I finally got the extra 30% coupon in the mail! Find some bargains.
--Head to the mall to get my wedding ring fixed for the 2nd time in a month. The smaller outside diamonds keep coming off....luckily this time I found it! They said the tines were really worn down...I asked if this was normal after 6 years...they said "yes!" UGHGH...another $100! They said you should get them fixed every couple years...who knew? So...again I'm without my just feels so weird!
--Run home...fold and put away laundry
--Talk with Parkview Volunteer Coordinator about getting trained for Kate's Kart
--Pick Up Seth
--Run to my parents to pick up some things!
--Go pick up the mail for Kate's Kart at the PO Box
--Set up new printer...and more laundry!
--Start Dinner
--Run to neighbors to drop something for 15 minutes
--Take Seth to swim lessons
--Eat dinner
--More laundry....UGHGH... I ruined a shirt! I am now officially boy-cotting this stain-remover...if you leave it on for more than 5 ruins your clothes....and I'm always forgetting that I pre-treated NO DEAL!
--Do Dishes...and make cookies with Seth--I finally got them made for Gina who won our "name the Kart" contest over a month ago!
--Work on handwriting with Seth....yep...he's a lefty!
--Play Computer Games with Seth
--Put Seth to bed
--Return emails for Kate's Kart
--Watch "The Office" with Andy--work on Kate's Kart stuff
--Head to bed...and read a couple chapters of the book series I'm hooked on. (Stayed up till 2 last night reading....I don't have time for least I have only 2 more books to go (I've read 10) until I'm caught up...then I have to wait for her to release more!)
--And here I am!!!

Wow....I guess I had no problems filling up the day! I'm trying my best to keep up with Kathy! was good to be busy today marked 4 months. Andy and I talked a bit about it tonight...It has been a long 4 months.'s becoming our new "normal" and we're slowly defining what that means for us....whether we like it or not! We often just find ourselves saying how much we miss her and her smiling face.

Well...I have a little more work to do...and some catching up on some other blogs...I'm reading, but am so behind on leaving comments!


Vanessa said...

Your one busy woman. I am so jealous of the printer, faxer, scanner deal. My printer just took a crap and absolutely won't print right. I'm so upset because I'm in the middle of starting this support group and I need to put information packets together for our care packets we are getting together for the hospital. UGH!! So maybe I just need to go to some garage sales this weekend and hopefully stumble across something like this. As it was I just bought a 65 gallon aquarium tank, stand, filter system, and tons more for only $50. Actually my brother-in-law found it but it was a banging deal. Anyways, I'm just rambling here. Sorry about that.

I'm glad things are going well for you all. I know the 15th is always a hard day for you guys. I try to think of it as being the day all the pain stopped and Kate went into the arms of Jesus. I keep hearing Arianna run around the house with the book you gave us and everytime I stop, shed a tear, and think of Kate. She sure has impacted so many lives. We all miss you baby girl.



Melissa said...

Whew! You made me tired just reading your post! Sounds like a productive day, all in all.

I'm sure the 15th of each month causes you pain. I think of you everyday, but especially on the 15th.

The Portas said...

Seth is a lefty, huh? I'm wondering if Elijah might be, too.

Well you sure filled up your free day easily!

It's funny...the 15th is now our good day (surgery day). And it was also baby Vaeh's good day yesterday. I think Kate made sure good heart things started happening on the 15th!

Take care! MMmmmm, those cookies look scrumptious!

LeeAnne said...

Hugs on the empty feeling!

WOW! Just think of how behind you would be if you DID have Jury Duty!?!?!?!?!

Let's make a scrap date!

Love and miss ya!

Kathy said...

YOU, my dear...are FAR busier than I COULD EVER BE!!! WOW!!! You made me lose 5 pounds just reading about all the events!!!
i LOVE the logo...soo cute!
OH...and I went to the Kohl's sale too..but, I only had 20% off...30%...JACKPOT!
TAke it easy!