Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I know...I promised you all pictures...and totals. It's just been crazy around here. The Little Give is "over"...but things just keep's totally amazing.

We got the Uhaul unloaded...and our storage unit is filled to the brim! We are SO ready to start passing out books. (Our training session at the hospital is May the first week of June...Kate's Kart will be rolling!) case you didn't check the WAJI's pretty obvious that Shannon and Jenny were the a land slide! Of this type of "competition"...everyone is a winner...but we definitely came out on ALL aspects of everything.

But...Jenny and Shannon totaled it like this:
5,517 books....$27, 585
gift cards...$210
other donations...$817
that's a total of over $31,300 from just $100 start!

Plus...climate controlled storage as long as we need it....PRICELESS!
AND...the donations keep coming...I'm sure we loaded well over 400 more books today. AMAZING...and checks from complete strangers keep coming in the mail!

As far as pics...I'm giving you a few as a teaser...but the slideshow should be ready tomorrow (I still have to get copies from Jenny).'s garage sale weekend...and I have a garage full of junk...I mean treasures... to price.
We have had approx. 1500 used books donated to us. We are very grateful...however we are only passing out new books to the hospitalized kids. We will be placing some of them in doctor and hospital waiting rooms...but still have lots more. If anyone knows of some charities or organizations that are in need of some books...let me know. Most of them are very gently used and still in great shape.

Thanks again to everyone who made the past few weeks's been a life-changing couple of weeks. I never ever imagined that this is what Kate's Kart would less than 4 months after her passing. It amazes me how a little girl in heaven...with a broken heart...but a contagious spirit...can still change this world...for the better!

Okay...I'm off to bed...but just noticed our totally awesome web pro has already got more pics on the Kates Kart website....check out more pics here!


LeeAnne said...

That is so great! I am so happy things turned out so well. It is amazing how many books were donated! Have a restful evening! Love to you!

Kathy said...

How wonderful this all are doing such a great job Krista!
And..about your used books. I was talking to our Early intervention girls today...and I was just asking if she had any clients that could use our baby swing...and she said that alot of their clients needed ALOT of things. SO..check with your early intervention (or whatever you call it there...whoever gave Kate PT, OT, Speech)...and maybe they could give them to their needy families!
You are SO SPECIAL Krista!!!
We just love you!

Samantha said...

I have tears of joy reading this!!! How wonderful!!! My goodness...what an impact that beautiful girl has made on the world! You truly are an inspiration to me Krista!!!!

Lots of love,

The Portas said...

All I can say is that you guys are AWESOME. Wow! This is so touching. I'm so proud of you guys. And I agree with Kathy, you are such a special person.

We still have not sent our shipment of books your way, so you will have even more very soon (as soon as I find a speck of motivation in me to do more than the bare minimum)!!

Melissa said...

God is great and he works miracles through a little girl who touched many lives. I am so happy for you all and that so many wonderful things are happening to get Kate's Kart rolling.

You might check with local elementary teachers to see if there are any needy families who children need a few books to read. Joshua's teachers always told me that there were families who couldn't afford books for their kids to practice reading at home. Just a thought.

Anne said...

I'm just so amazed at what you guys are doing! It's just such a blessing to keep up with. I hope this just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Deanna said...

So, so awesome! And.... I LOVE the logo, by the way. Way to go, Seth!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Kate is probably so happy that other children will get to enjoy books as much as she did. I'll bet she has one of those big beautiful smiles on her face right now.

I would suggest the Ft. Wayne Literacy Alliance, or the Salvation Army who I am sure help many of the refugee families here with learning English as a second language. Getting parents to read to their children is a good way to practice English.

Thank you for being open to the miracle that God is working through you. So many children and their families are going to be blessed.

Debbie Smith