Saturday, May 17, 2008

Laboring and Labeling

It turned out being a pretty beautiful day here in these parts. It started out a little windy and rainy this morning at soccer...but before soccer was over...the sun was shining. Exciting day for Seth...he scored 2 goals today ! Woo Hoo! (Evidently the weather scared some away it was just 2 on was good cause it gave the kids a chance to really play and kick the ball...especially since the "scoring machine" wasn't there today)
The boys labored in the fields today...planting our garden. Last fall, when I was in the hospital with Kate...the two of them built up a little garden it was pretty exciting for them to finally plant it today. We're really looking forward to fresh veges later on this summer!

Taking out the weeds!
Working hard!

As for me...3 friends came over today (thanks Shirlie, Laura and Melanee) and we labeled...and labeled...and labeled about 1/3 of the books for Kate's Kart. I am still amazed at the number of awesome books we have...I'm so ready to get them passed out. Here's the label that we are putting on the back of each book. Again...we can thank Laura for her awesome designing.

Andy and Seth helped finish our 1st load of tubs tonight after supper...and they are even back in the storage shed.

We just keep getting closer and closer to getting the Kart rolling. We're still looking for some local people to help with the painting and sewing so let me know if you're able to help with that.

So...overall a pretty productive Saturday.


Vanessa said...

Krista - I so wish I lived there cause I would help any way I could. I am so excited to see Kate's Kart become a reality. I wasn't too long ago you were just thinking of the look!!!

What beautiful grass you have...SO jealous. All you see here are rocks, cactus, and more rocks. :(

Can't wait to see the kart in it's beauty!

Love to you all,


The Portas said...

YAY for progress all around this weekend! Kate's Kart is so close to happening! I love the stickers.

The garden looks so nice! I'm so glad your boys are such good helpers.

Take care! xoxo