Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Cookout

We were back in Portland today...for a cookout! It was just another beautiful and relaxing day. The boys had an amazing time playing in Cathy's "boy heaven" and played together wonderfully....they were 3 dirty boys by the time we left! Just the way boys should be!! Us adults...just a whole lot of good eatin'

We all walked--through the trail in the woods that Andy cut down--to the cemetery. It was so sweet...all 3 boys picked wild flowers along the way and placed them on Kate's grave. I so wish I had my camera.

I made an attempt at photographing the boys. Every year for Easter...Nana buys them matching outfits...and then for Mother's Day ( I know, I'm late) we get their picture taken. We tried today in Cathy's yard...we got a few good shots. I have learned to admire photographers...especially those who do children well!

Then...on the way home...we stopped and bought a swing set! Not just your ordinary swing set....but a SWING SET! We have been tossing all the options around for a couple months...and finally decided to bite the bullet and get a good one that we know will last many years and prayerfully...through many more children. We had stopped at an Amish owned place...just planning to look at them...and the owner shows up! So...we did it! The best part...they deliver and set up! Yeah...great news for Andy! for pics on Thursday...and all you locals come over for a's only $10 for 30 minutes --just kidding...but we've got to pay for this thing somehow!! Andy's opinion: Seth's b-day present until he's 18!!


Vanessa said...

Love the pics of the boys! They are so handsome. That was so sweet that they picked flowers for Kate. I'll be looking forward to seeing the pictures of the swing set. I can't wait to buy one for Arianna. Well it's late and I better get to bed.



Melissa said...

A swingset is something that will be used for years to come by Seth, his future siblings (God willing) and all the neighborhood children. Enjoy!

The Portas said...

A nice swingset is a good investment. You will most definitely get your money's worth over the years. Can't wait to see pics!

I loved the pics of the three boys. They all look so sweet. I could hug them!!


LeeAnne said...

I new Swing Set?? YAY! We will have to bring Lynzi over to play! Can't wait to see pictures of this thing! Let me know if the $10 for 30minutes works out!! LOL