Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Memories

I had a nice Mother's Day...I was a little on the weepy side all day long. Throughout the day...there were just certain things that got to me

A's always those songs that get me all joked up. Sunday morning at was the hymn...In His Time.

In His time, in His time,
He makes all things beautiful In His time.
Lord please show me every day
As You’re teaching me Your way,
That You do just what You say
In Your time.

In Your time In Your time
You make all things beautiful in Your time.
Lord, my life to you I bring;
May each song I have to sing
Be to you a lovely thing
In Your time.

I know...part of it might just be the pretty sappy melody...but it also got me thinking. I just kept thinking about God's timing...and how He took Kate back in His time...definitely not in mine. doing that...she became beautiful. Yeah...she was always beautiful...but I related it to her heart and her health. Then...I started thinking about Kate's Kart...and how beautiful that is...and how God's perfect timing is stamped all over it. His timing is perfect....most the time we don't get it here on Earth...but it is. And I just have to keep remembering...that the 50 +/- years I have to wait to see Kate...are just a blink of an his time!

Then...later on in the day...Seth gave me my Mother's Day gift. He and Andy went shopping and evidently he picked it out and was pretty insistent on getting it. It's a beautiful music box. I started crying...and Seth just kept saying...why are you crying? I tried to tell him they were happy tears...but he didn't seem to grasp that. Oh...I wish I could get a Mother's Day gift from that she picked out herself.

The rest of the day was nice...spent time just snuggling with Seth on the couch while he looked at EVERY single page of the Sunday paper. The boys did the dishes and cleaned up...and I just had some quality time with the boys...all I could ask for.

We did see Kate's tombstone proof on Saturday night. It was definitely harder to see than when we went and ordered it. It's going to be really nice...plain and simple. It will be up on Memorial Day...I am expecting that my journey with the whole tombstone process will just continue to get harder...with seeing it set by her grave as the hardest.'s definitely a needed step in the whole closure aspect of all of this.

It's been another busy day with Kate's Kart....I talked with the other local hospital today...and will be meeting with them next week to make plans to get Kate's Kart rolling at Parkview too! And...a reporter came from the newspaper and interviewed was really nice as we just talked and had conversation. The best's going to be in the faith and values section...which means she can talk about our faith and how it is what pulled us through all of this. I'll definitely post something when it goes to print (May 21.)


Vanessa said...

I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day with your boys. Krista my heart aches for you and I wish I could help take away some of your pain. Kate has always been beautiful but it's nice to think that her heart is now beautiful too.

Love you,

Melissa said...

I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day, but my heart breaks that you didn't have Kate with you.

I'm so glad that things are moving forward for Kate's kart and the fact that Parkview wants one too is wonderful!

The Portas said...

I'm so happy that you had a nice Mother's Day with your boys and that they were so good to you (a music box, oh how very sweet).

It is so hard to comprehend that 50 years IS the blink of an eye when thinking about God's timing and eternity, but someday, when you are spending eternity with your little girl, you will look back and see the beauty of it all.

That certainly doesn't take away your pain now, though, and my heart aches for you that you have to experience that. We love you!!!!