Thursday, May 22, 2008

Need book and swing set advice

My faithful readers know about the Christian fiction book series I've been reading. I can't believe I've read 12 books in little over a month....that's more than I've read in the past 4 years. I finished "Summer" last night...crying all the way through the end (you'll know why if you've read it). I had reserved the next one at the library....and checked the status....I'm number 68 in line! I can't wait that I was wondering if any local Karen Kingsbury fan has "Someday" sitting on their shelf for me to borrow...I only need it like 2 days. I know...I"ll still have to wait after the final book in the series hasn't even been released yet. What will I do after that?....I'll gladly take suggestions of great authors or books to read for the summer.

Oh...and while I'm soliciting advice...curious if anyone has purchased a wooden Toys R US swing set...and what their thoughts were. We are looking for a new wooden swing set for Seth...and the online comments about Toys R Us were terrible. I know the Rainbow sets are awesome...but very pricey...and we don't (can't) spend that much money. Just curious as what you experienced mommies (and daddies) thoughts are about wooden swing sets. case you were looking...we evidently got bumped from the paper last night. I guess there was some confusion with the photographer and he was waiting for our "shipment' of books. Well...we have that "shipment" in the storage shed. I'll definitely let you know...and post a link when it does get published.


Anonymous said...

I highly reccomend Jodi Piccoult's books. She is great!!!!

Vaeh's Blog said...

Krista -
Thank you so much for "stalking" Vaeh's blog. I've stopped by your's (via Arianna & Vanessa) several times. I, too, had read your posts from when Kate was at Mott & thought the same thing about knowing exactly where you were. We greatly appreciate the prayers, & know that we keep your family in our prayers!

I thought of you & "Kate's Kart" on Wednesday as the library cart went around the halls of Mott & brought Vaeh a book - she LOVES books! I think Kate's Kart is absolutely wonderful!

As for the wooden swing set, we purchased ours from the Anderson's. Not sure if they're in Ft. Wayne area (we're about 20 minutes south of Lima,OH) but we were very happy with it. We also checked out a couple at Lowe's, Menards & Home Depot. They all had a nice selection, fairly resonably priced! Whatever choice you make, I'm sure Seth will love it.

Again, thank you for your prayers & words of encouragement. We truly appreciate all of the blessings that God has bestowed on us, including the many 'heart friends' we've made! Feel free to email me anytime!

Tina, Vaeh, & family:0)

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about crying all the way through...and if it helps any, I'm already waiting for the next release :)

About the swing set, have you asked anyone who might have one that their children have outgrown. Usually they are just wanting it out of their yard because it isn't being used and they are tired of mowing around it. :) This is how we got ours. It wasn't brand new, but we bought new swings and you could only tell because the wood was "seasoned". It was also much cheaper and we got a bigger one than we would have been able to if it were new. My brother and his family got a great deal on one through Craig's list. It might be worth a try.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...


We've bought 2 now from Home Depot/Lowes and put it together ourselves and it's been pretty inexpensive and met our needs nicely. We even have one now that has a waterslide attachment to it and the kids and their friends love it.