Saturday, May 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

Our garage sale was a that we got rid of the big things....were left with only "junk" that I already took to the Salvation Army...and we now have some extra money...most likely to buy a new grill now that spring seems to finally be here.

We're off in just a few minutes to Portland. We're spending Mother's Day with grandma...and tonight we have to proof Kate's Tombstone. UGHGH...I'm not really looking forward to that...but since we want it up for Memorial Day has to be done now.

Still have lots of money and books coming our way for Kate's Kart. It's just crazy...people are so generous...and it's just such a great thing. I know...I still owe you lots more pictures...maybe I'll get a chance tomorrow. It's been really crazy the past 2 weeks.

Well...gotta go pack...and we're on our way.


Kathy said...

Happy Mother's Day Krista!!!
Enjoy your special day...Let Seth spoil you!!!
Lots of love,

Vanessa said...

Happy Mothers Day!