Saturday, May 31, 2008

Soccer Star

Just a few shots of our soccer star! We're amazed at how much better he has become the past few weeks...he's really a good hustler and plays hard! Today...even a successful pass to his teammate. Way to go Seth!

he ended up on the ground...just a couple times!

wide open....shoot....and GOAL!

We are enjoying our weekend at home...just piddling and doing odd jobs...and of course lots of play on the swing set! 3 words I am already sick of: "Push me mommy!" I know....they'll be a day when I beg for those words. It's been a bittersweet weekend as we have swung, taken bike rides and eaten on the back porch....3 things Kate just loved doing....and last year at this time...she was in the best health of her life. Blessed memories!
I just finished my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow and Andy is on the back porch reading....a quiet spring night with the windows open....I just love those!


Vaeh's Blog said...

I just love watching little guys & gals play 'magnet ball' aka soccer!

Reading about your "bittersweet memories" makes me admire you. To be able to go on every day as you do makes you an absolutely wonderful testament to God & His faithfullness to us! You mentioned that she loved to do those things & all I could think was that she is right there with you enjoying every minute with all of you!

Have a great weekend! God Bless!

Tina Walp:0)

Kathy said...

WOW...Seth will be the next soccer superstar! At that age...Eli was just standing around...not interested AT ALL in running after a ball...
Hire a teenager in the neighborhood to stand at the swing set and be the "pusher"!
We love you Krista,

rachel said...

wow, i just realized that i met kate for the first time (in-person) one year ago, when i came to visit y'all at home. she was so happy that day! i think she was in her bouncy walker seat thing. you probably know what it's called better than i do :D

way to go seth!! he's already got more goals in soccer that i've ever had! (foot-eye coordination is not my strength.)

Vanessa said...

He looks so adorable playing soccer. He might go pro so watch out mom!

I didn't even know you this time last year but from your pictures it looks like Kate was doing well. Keep those memories alive and remember them cause she is still with you in spirit.