Sunday, May 4, 2008

Task Accomplished!

Hey all...well, I'm back from a most exhausting and refreshing weekend.

First of all...the "event" went really well. We couldn't be happier with the day. First of all it was sunny...a little windy...but sunny. We had a great turn-out and from our preliminary calculations...we got over 4500 books. We sorted and categorized all the books...and ended up with over 2400 usable new books! Plus...over 1000 used books that we are looking into getting into doctor's offices and to other charities. IT FILLED THE UHAUL! Woo Hoo! Plus...a ton of money too! We are meeting on Wednesday to go over the grand totals of everything. Shannon goes on the radio Tuesday morning to find out the results of the big contest.
And...the local tv station came and we got a 40 second bit on the evening news.

But...overall...we're thrilled! We're set for a while...and the donations keep coming in. We'll really be able to spread out and do lots of hospitals in the area.

I was too busy to even think about taking pictures...but they had a professional photographer taking pictures...and lots of others promised to get me their you'll just have to wait for pictures.

Thanks to everyone who made Saturday possible...I'll definitely give more details after the contest is over and when we have pictures. We're amazed.

More about the the refreshing half of the weekend later!


Melissa said...

What a great turnout! Sounds like you are well stocked to get Kate's Kart going. Can't wait to hear how the contest goes!

Anne said...

I am SO thrilled for you and the great start you guys have now. I'm so excited to see where this ministry will take you. God is using you and your family and I'm praying that bigger and better things comes! Great work!

Samantha said...

YAY!!! I am so proud of you Layman family! Kate is looking down and smiling with all you are doing! You are an amazing family!!!

Lots of love!

P.S. Did you say a tv station was there? Which one so I can go to their website and watch the segment.

The Portas said...

WOOHooooo!!! That is AWESOME, you guys! You are all amazing for making such an important thing happen. Can't wait to see pics!

Kathy said... glad that it went so well!!!
(Oh..Krista...I'm so glad that you updated us...)
You sound exhausted though...hope you can squeeze a nap in today!!!
Kiss Seth for us...and tell him to hug you for us!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated and sharing the great news! You know you are doing what God is blessing when you continue to marvel at how well things are going!! YEAH!! What else could be ahead????:)
Donna D