Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We're just keeping busy busy...May is just always such a busy busy month.

Seth...gee...where to start? His newest thing...he wants to save his piggy bank money. Not for a new truck...not for a new bike...but for a "slippery when wet" sign. He evidently thinks those are really neat...and is insistent that we get one for our house...for when I clean the floors...or when he gets out of the shower. The boy is a 75 year old man at times!
Thursday marks his last day of school and his final program. We are anxious to see if he actually sings this time.

Andy has been working hard getting the association pool ready for Memorial Day Opening. The inspector got us for not having screws in the main drain...so yesterday...Andy had to do some deep sea diving in the non-heated swimming pool. It was wicked cold...but he did it...and we passed our re-inspection today with flying colors! He definitely went way beyond the call of duty. He's down to 8 days...until we can all just enjoy our summer together.

Me...staying crazy busy of course. My big accomplishment today...actually having all the laundry (every towel, sweater, delicate) washed and the laundry baskets empty....until Andy changed after work. I can't even imagine how big families even begin to keep up.

And...I am pretty excited (and nervous) about my newest venture. I am going to be teaching the 10th grade Sunday School class at church. I was honored when they asked me...and it's definitely time for me to start giving back to our amazing church that has given us so much support.
I've sat in 2 times in the past month...but this Sunday marks my 1st day on my own. Yeah....I have many years of experience teaching...but it feels like an eternity since I've done youth work. I am anxious to see how God uses me...and what He has to teach me through all of this.

Kate's Kart continues to make great strides. Today...I got the bank account opened and all the checks deposited. Wow...what an amazing, generous start we have to our little ministry. Also...I primed and painted the sides of the kart and took it to Jenny from the pottery store to paint the designs. She graciously volunteered to paint our first kart. And my heart friend Samantha is making the aprons...all across America in Texas...amidst her crazy week with her 3 little ones. I just continue to be in awe of how easily everything is coming together. God is so good.

Tomorrow...I have nothing on my calendar...yeah! I hope to just do some serious play time and swimming with Seth. He has been such a trooper while we have had all the Kate's Kart stuff and pool opening duties to do. He enjoys most of it...but tomorrow is "Seth and mommy day." No distractions...I hope!


Anonymous said...

Praise God for your willingness to step up and teach the tenth graders! I've wondered several times about how God might use your youth ministry experience at Grace Point. I'm sure you will be a blessing to those young people, and when you serve, a personal blessing will follow. Those teens will be privileged to have you as a spiritual teacher and mentor. You will be in my prayers as you begin this new ministry.

Anonymous said...

Amazing what our little guy can latch on to. Nana

The Portas said...

YAY for Seth-Mommy day! I hope you two have a great day together.

Slippery when wet sign? Wow! He's a very mature little man...just looking out for the well being of you all! How funny.

The 10th grade teaching is exciting! You will do great. You guys are all amazing people...

Kathy said...

That sign is FUNNY!
Seth just cracks me up!
Glad you get some bonding time tomorrow...I need to do that with Eli.
and the sunday school class...you'll do awesome!!!