Thursday, June 5, 2008

6 Seconds

6 seconds...the length of coverage we got only on the 5:00 news. It was a very brief clip...showing Andy pushing the looking for a book...and a darling little guy reading his new book. It was short...but VERY SWEET.

Guess it turned out to be a big news day...and there wasn't room. Sorry to all of you who anxiously waited by your tv set...I didn't mean to give false info...just told you what they told us.

If anyone knows how to get a video clip from VHS onto the computer...I'd love to share our 6 seconds with you.... but that is WAY beyond my technological knowledge. And...I can't find anything on the all you out-0f-towners are out of luck! Sorry. Wow...what a week! The Kart rolls again tomorrow!


Melissa said...

Keep rolling! You are making a difference in each and every life you touch. Who cares if all of Fort Wayne doesn't know, your blog family does and we're the ones that matter! Right?

Vanessa said...

Awww...wish I could see the clip. I'm just so happy that Kate's Kart is on the move!!!

Anonymous said...

I am hoping to get the video coverage from Derek. Then we can edit it and put in on the web.