Friday, June 6, 2008

Kate's Busy Day!

It looks as if Kate is busy tonight--according to Seth, Kate is in charge of the rainbows (remember this post!). What a beautiful sight tonight to see 3 amazing rainbows after the storm. I guess it was pretty bad in some fact, for the 1st time we even got the blankets and a stack of books and read bed-time stories in the bathroom. That prompted A LOT of questions from the little guy once we went back upstairs...and if you know Seth...he can ask the questions.

Kate's Kart rolled again today...thanks to Sherry and Gayle for manning the Kart. I talked with Sherry and she said it went really well...lots of smiles again and very appreciative parents.

Well...Miss've had a busy day bringing smiles to everyone--including me with the rainbow...the 1st one since Seth's little bit of insightfullness! We miss you sweetie!



It's beautiful!
Michelle - NC

Anonymous said...

See sure did a good job tonight. Not to shabby on the sky colors either. Nana

Anonymous said...

She not see

Kelly said...

Very sweet! She has a big job indeed! =) What a great way to remember her and to bring a smile to your face!