Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Musings

So after a day of press releases and signing autographs...okay not really...BUT still..this is the most publicity I've ever had. I am just so glad that they were able to include part of our faith in the story....cause really...without our faith and hope in Christ and heaven...there would be no story. I still never imagined it would all become what it is. In all honesty...I really thought that we would have to beg for books...and ask for books instead of holiday presents...and that this might last a year. I guess we have something good here...and it's being blessed by God...and his little angel, Kate!

It was a little bit of a hectic day...I took Seth to the splash park at the Y. I've never been...Seth went last year with Oompa. It was a lot of fun for him...and very relaxing for me to sit in the sun and watch him.
Then...Andy and his students were in town for their last day of school celebration at Crazy Seth and I stopped in for a quick visit.
Then...Seth and I went out to Canterbury High School...and a wonderful bunch of high school girls helped me sort and label a ton of our used books. Now...they are ready to be placed in doctors ER's and passed out to other community organizations. It was a huge relief to get that done.Seth was an amazing helper...once again...and just worked and worked moving books and of course...being our trash man! I guess he was just a little worn out today as this is how I found him after our trip home from the school. ( He just discovered he loves he was pretty excited about getting his first can of pop out of a machine!)

Then...after supper...back to the storage unit to take back the books...and now Andy is at the pool closing it down. He has just one more teacher day and then he is home for the summer! YEAH!

And...Cathy (grandma) had her 2nd of 5 cyberknife radiation treatments for her brain tumor. It is going remarkably well...she is just really really tired. Please keep her in your prayers this she has one on Wednesday and Friday...then again on Monday.


Melanee said...

That is one full day! What a wonderful article - and a beautiful tribute to Kate. I will be thinking & praying for you on Wednesday as the Kart makes her first rounds. What a blessing you have been to many already and many hurting children and parents will be touched starting this week by Kate!

Anonymous said...

I just read the on line story. (Too bad we only get the Ft. Wayne paper on the weekend.) However, I wanted to ask you to please let me know when you get ready to lauch Kate's Kart in Auburn, as I would love to vol. I don't know if you have anyone in Auburn who is going to be your "go to" person, but if not please keep me in mind! Also, I had a bag of books I meant to give Andy yesterday at school, but got caught up in all of the socializing at breakfast and forgot to go back to the car and get them. Maybe sometime this summer when I am in Ft. W (which is often) I can drop them off to you?

Mandy Kling