Saturday, October 25, 2008

Disney Day 2

We woke up bright and early and grabbed breakfast at the food court and grabbed the shuttle bus for the Animal Kingdom. It was raining off and on for most of the day...but we still had a great time.
We started off w/ the Bug's Life 3D movie. It was a little overwhelming for Seth..I think he had a hard time figuring out if it was real or not. (We've had the problem a bunch) We rode the Safari...absolutely incredible. The animals were very very close.

The attractions are amazing...including the hand carved tree of life as well as Mount Everest. We saw a live musical show of the Lion King (awesome) and rode some Dinosaur Rides as well.

A stroller pass...the BEST investment of the trip!
And...we even got our first picture taken with...

It's now official...we are in Disney!

Around 3 we headed back to the resort for a "rest". Cathy and I realized we needed to be a little more organized and make reservations for then sit down restaurants...we had a really hard time finding any even open...evidently people are now making them months and months in advance (due to the new meal plan option)

Around 5 we caught another shuttle to EPCOT. We rode the ride inside the giant ball...and then headed to find dinner. It is the International Food and Wine Festival right every "country" has booths set up w/ authentic food from that country. It all looked and smelled great...but...we were very hard pressed to find food for a picky 4 year old...but after fighting the crowds we finally found him a hotdog in the American section and the rest of us "enjoyed" our very cold fish and chips that we had settled on 30 minutes prior.

We watched the fireworks display...and then it was Magic Evening Hours for the resort guests, so we were able to take advantage of several rides including Soaring, The Land & Nemo. They were all very good. However...waiting in line for an hour for a ride takes on a whole new dimension w/ a very tired 4 year old at 10:00 at night.
It was a very late first night...and one little boy was asleep within minutes of laying down.
It was an amazing first day...and already I am convinced that it would take weeks to see and experience everything to offer here. I know...we don't have to do it all...but I want to!


Kelly said...

Wow! What a great day! Sorry it rained.. but maybe that helped keep crowds away. What an awesome vacation... much deserved!

Melissa said...

Aw Animal Kingdom, I love that place! The animal safari and Lion King show are my favorites of all Disney. And you're right, it could take a few weeks to see and do it all at Disney!

Deanna said...

Did you guys do the Nemo show at Animal Kingdom?! That was our favorite part of Disney our last trip! Lovin' your pics.... so glad that you had a good time!