Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Disney Day 6--The End

Woke up this morning to find a little bit of a chill in the Florida air...in fact...too much chill to even take a swim. But...we did go exploring and found all sorts of bigger than life fun stuff around the resort. We finished packing...and since we had to be at the Magical Express bus at 11:30...it was a very quick morning (considering we forced ourselves to finish our meal plans and ate breakfast and lunch within a 2 hour period!)

Our resort was just perfect for kids...with playgrounds...pools...giant climb on toys...so much color...fun pictures...fun wallpaper. It was perfect. But...I can't even begin to imagine what some of the upscale (adult) type resorts are like...considering this was a value resort...I'm sure some of the others are just out of this world! (The staircase was inside the bucket of soldiers...how cute is that)

The plane flight went smooth...we really ran into no problems at all. Seth even made sure his new friend, Slinky, was safe on the trip home.

We got back home around 8:30 this evening...and the boys are already both tucked in bed in our FREEZING house. So...what's up with this...it is absolutely freezing here...I can't believe 24 hours ago I was basking in the warm beautiful sun...and now...the heat won't kick on fast enough.
I did get all sentimental today...as we were walking around the resorts...we see a WDW balloon...just hovering over us. I chased it down a little...and the thought came out that it was just a little present from Kate. How sweet is that...I know there is probably some kid crying his eyes out...but for me...it was just a very simple reminder that our sweet little girl was still with us. Unfortunately...we had to deflate it for the plane ride home...so if anyone has a helium tank sitting around their house?

Well...I guess it's back at it...back at the real world. In fact...I am even subbing at Seth's preschool tomorrow morning...that should be fun. Plus...with laundry, no food in the house and tons of catching up to do w/ Kate's Kart...I think we'll stay pretty busy.

But needless to say...I'm just a little sad tonight...sad that the trip has to end....but there will be more...and that's what makes any trip so much fun...the anticipation of what's next? And I thought it was so cute...we weren't in our van in Indy for 2 minutes before Seth was saying...when are we going to go again? I think I will hear that a lot the next few days.

But most importantly...I have to say THANK YOU to Grandma...thanks for giving us all a magical trip that we definitely won't forget. We love you!


Melissa said...

It's always sad to see those trips end, but it will live on in your memories and your scrapbook! I'm sure Kate and Pampaw were there with you. They were watching you all make memories and touched your heart in just the right way at just the right time.

Tina:0) said...

That balloon is wonderful! I'll bet if you took it to a florist they might re-inflate it for you?! Hope you get some well deserved rest after your vacation!

Mina said...

Sounds like you had an awesome trip, and really deserved! Sadly it's back to reality now. Maybe you should start making plans for your next trip!

The Portas said...

Coming home from a memorable trip is always a bit sad. But you're right...it makes you anticipate the next one, and that's always fun.

I'm so glad you guys had such a fun time. Thank you so much for blogging everything out so we could feel like we were experiencing it with you! You did a great job.

Good luck getting back into a routine! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you guys had such a wonderful time. Now you can plan for your next big trip. Take your baloon to any dollar store and they should be willing to blow it up for you. We have tons of them around here in Grand Rapids. You guys look great.

Mel said...

Stuart's response to your pictures: "I REALLY want to go to Disney World! That is so cool! I can't wait to go there. That looks like fun. Am I going to go there sometime?".

What a wonderful gift for you to enjoy and I am so happy that you have such precious memories and great pictures!!

Kelly said...

I'm glad that the trip went well and you arrived home safely.

The balloon story made me smile. =) I'm sure it was Kate letting you know that she's in her own Disneyworld right now, with all those that we love dearly and miss. =)

Kathy said...

I could just live at Disney. Maybe we should all move to FLorida and get jobs there!
Ask Seth...I'm sure he'll agree that it's a great idea!

I AM SO glad that you had a blast...a great family vacation...
I'm sure Kate was with you...she always is! She was licking her popsicle just watching all the fun!!!

Glad you're back!!!

Laura said...

I have a helium tank in my garage if you still want the balloon re-inflated.