Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Help!

So we went shopping for Seth's Halloween Costume the other day. Prior to shopping, he was set on being a Hotdog. We're going to be at Disneyworld during thier Halloween we knew we needed a fun costume for him (and maybe us) while we were there. Well..once we got to the store...he saw the doctor's scrubs and wanted that instead. I thought it was kinda neat that he wanted to be a doctor...great tribute to the many great ones we've encountered the past 2 years.'re thinking that Andy, Grandma and I could be his patients (which beats us being ketsup, mustard & relish to go w/ the hotdog). And we think it would be really cute to throw on some hospital gowns over our shorts (and maybe a few bandaids & bandages). But...we need the if any of my wonderful readers have "access" to 3 hospital gowns we could borrow we would be much appreciative..but we don't want to get anyone in trouble! Just let me know...we leave next Thursday...woo hoo!!

I guess all you have to do is ask...we have had multiple people offer...thanks so much! Mission accomplished...we'll be sure to share pics!


Kathy said...

shoot Krista...go push that cart tomorrow...and get some gowns!!!

I wish I had some to share...but, I'm not going anywhere near a hospital when I don't have to!!!

I love that idea! (much better than the hot dog). That's funny! What happened to the trash man?? Is he over that??


Melissa said...

I will "borrow" 3 gowns and send them to you this weekend! Just make sure you send pictures!

The Portas said...

What a great idea! That will be sooo cute. Get lots of pics! oxoxx

Sonja said...

Hope you have a great time during your Disney trip. We went last year at this time and it was WONDERFUL!!! The weather, the crowds (0r lack of) and the halloween night was especially fun. ENJOY!! We will be thinking of you :)