Thursday, October 23, 2008

Headed out!

The bags are packed...everything is done and we are just waiting on grandma to arrive so we can go pick up Andy early from work and head to Indy. Seth is so excited...even though he has been fighting a fever and nasty cold the past couple days. We took the day off yesterday and rested and he is doing much much better now...thanks goodness!

It's this trip was always Pampa's dream to take the kids to Disneyworld. And we go...without 2 major players. But...I think they would be happy for us, aren't they celebrating in a Disneyworld type place everyday! But...still...we will miss them greatly and will think of Pampa and Kate each day that we are there. Thanks Grandma for fulfilling Pampa's dream. If only....

Not sure what kind of internet is there (as well as cost) but hopefully we can update at least a couple times. It's obviously Seth's 1st time...I have been twice...but only for a day while on high school Campus Life trips. Andy and Cathy are pros at Disney and the resort...I am super excited about seeing it all and experiencing it all with Andy, Grandma and Seth!

See ya on the flip side...blesssings!


Tina:0) said...

Yaaay!! I can't wait to read the updates! Plenty of pictures, please!! Hope you have a safe trip there & back, & a wonderful time while your there!

Vanessa said...

Have fun!

LeAnne said...

Have a great, safe trip! You're going to love it...especially staying at a resort! =)
LeAnne Stahl