Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not Me!

So there is this little circle of fun via blogworld started over at My Charming which she confesses...I mean tells about things that she "DID NOT" do that past week. It's kinda fun to read everyone else's and see that I am not the only crazy momma out there...and that we all have our "moments."

Well, today...I guess I am worthy of joining the "not me" circle. Usually, she posts on Mondays...but for me, it was a NOT ME Wednesday.

1. I definitely DID NOT wash my cell phone today with a load of jeans. That would be completely careless and point to all signs of stupidity. I did not have to fit a trip into the wireless store a day before vacation to replace my phone. Who would do such a thing? (according to the wireless store, like 4-5 people A DAY!)

So stay tuned...who knows what other crazy "not me" moments I'll share in the future!