Wednesday, November 5, 2008

News and Stuff

We're here...just staying super busy, as usual. I feel so bad...I don't think I've left a comment on anyone else's blog in over a week! It seems like I just grab a few minutes here and there and catch up through google/reader (love it!) all my dear blogging friends...I am in the loop...and will be back to commenting soon...cause I love my comments!

So...getting Kate's Kart going at a new hospital is taking some time. We have at least 7 new volunteers getting trained for that, so that is super cool. Plus I 've been doing a lot of computer/inventory work and have a ton of thank yous to write. Everyday I am amazed. Little Miss Kate is still keeping her mommy busy!

I started babysitting 2 more little girls on Tues and Thursdays. So it's Seth and a 2 year old, 18 month and 7 month's been so much fun...I really enjoy those days when I just get to play...but goodness...that's a lot of diapers, especially when I've been out of the diapering thing for 10 months.

We've been doing all the fall clean-up stuff...storing away stuff in the attic. We're now officially set for winter...seems strange since it's been like 70ish for the past 4 days. Crazy...but I think reality sets in this weekend.

Last night...I made some yummy chicken enchiladas for dinner. After they were all made and in the oven, I was cleaning the cans and noticed the evaporated milk expired in January 08! I had just bought it at Kroger last week. YUCK! I called Nestle and they highly recommended not eating my beautiful pan of enchiladas hit the garbage and we hit Bob Evans. But...I do have to give props to Kroger...I called them and they told me if I came back in today...they would replace all the ingredients of the ruined dinner. I thought that was very cool of them...I know all of like $12 but still...very cool, even without a receipt.

So that's our scoop the past few days...I know SO SO exciting.
Have a blessed week!


Mina said...

Pretty busy Krista! I'm so excited you're soon going to have another cart up! Pity about the enchiladas, I bet they would have been yummy. And that's 3 kids in diapers? Wow!

Vanessa said...

You sure are one busy woman. I know sometimes I get really busy and don't get to comment on everyones blog. I do the same thing, get a minute here and there and try to catch up on my reading.

I can't believe you watch 3 little ones on top of Seth. Your amazing. I haven't watched another child younger than Arianna and I'm not sure she would even let me. We've had a playdate before and she gets kind of jealous if I hold another baby.

That is such a drag about your enchiladas. :( Pretty cool of Krogers though.

Much love,


Kathy said...

What made you think to look at the expiration date on the can of milk??
I would only have if lumps came out!!!

You're supermom...I don't know how you stay SO busy!
and...all those diapers!'s time to teach Seth!

I'm glad that you're "good" busy. Nothing better than that!!!

Have a fun week..and hope the cold comes in SLOWLY!!!

love to you always,

Melissa said...

Probably a good thing you didn't eat those enchiladas, food poisioning stinks! ;o)

You are keeping very busy. Changing the diapers of 3 kids would be crazy! I can't wait til our one kiddos is potty trained!

The Portas said...

Oh that just stinks about having to toss yummy enchiladas, but how awesome that they are reimbursing for all ingredients!

Maybe you could watch Elijah, too? :)

I'm so proud of you guys for getting KK into another hospital. How awesome! I soooo wish I was closer to volunteer. I would just love to do that.

We're starting to see the cold slowly come in, too. It is kinda weird since the past week has been like the most gorgeous week of the year.