Monday, November 17, 2008

A quick summary

So...what's been going on the past week...besides me laying on the couch, feeling awful from this terrible cold?

1. All day scrap-a-thon...I did buck up for our monthly scrap. This was planned for a whole day and I was able to get almost ALL of our Disney trip done. I was very excited about that. It was a good day...and I hustled my ways through the pics...they aren't nearly to the quality of my scrap mates or Kelly's beautiful pages...but they are done and Seth loves looking at the that's good.

2. Kate's Kart...Andy and I did the first running of the Kart at a local NICU tonight. I missed interacting with the kids...but it was still very rewarding. We were able to catch a couple parent's in their rooms...and went downstairs to the rooms of those who had just had their babies. The other babies...we left a book and bookmark in the room. I hope the parents return to the room to be encouraged.
3. Decorating...okay...maybe not yet for Christmas...but Seth is into a new craft! He loves cutting apart paper (or ribbon) and then attaching them to tape and placing them ALL over the house. He calls it his decorating....very cute....very messy...but very cute!

4. Cousins...We got together with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews yesterday for lunch at my parents. I hadn't seen them in months...and not since they announced they are unexpectedly expecting in April. She is finally feeling better and has officially stepped into maternity clothes. We're so excited for them. Of course...Seth LOVED seeing his cousins and they spent HOURS playing.

5. Subbing...I did promise you I'd fill you in on my subbing. It went very well...but 11 boys...can be....well...11 boys. It was a good quick morning...and Seth loved every minute of it. It must have gone okay...cause she asked me to sub again in December.

6. Goodness still out there....So I have to share this story about a new "Bargain Book" store that opened up in town. I went there about a week ago and bought like $400 in books. Well...once we got them home and labeled them, we found 4 that were dirty and torn. I took them back hoping they would let me replace them. They said..."No Problem" I was looking at the books to replace...I of course found like 20 other books we needed (Cars, pop-ups). So I take them up...and the guy tells me that I can just have them all! I thought that was very nice...and every unexpected in today's economic market! But...he did a good thing...cause of course, now I will be back!

So...add in just livin' life and the days just fly by. It has been snowing on and off all day long...this morning they were the most beautiful huge snowflakes. It's really hard to believe that Christmas is's a good thing we made our lists yesterday at my parent's!

Blessings to all


Melissa said...

Hey there! Sounds like you've been busy. Wanted to let you know, your copy of the Indy Moms Magazine is on it's way to your house. There is an article about how people will be giving back this season and my comment about Kate's Kart was in it. Hoping maybe it will spur some trips to your website and lots of donations.

Kathy said...


You have been busy mama!

Seth just cracks me up with the silly things he gets into. (Does he still like trash??)

You're SUPERMOM!!!

Tina:0) said...

Hope you're feeling better! Even when you're down, you're still a busy Momma! Hope you aren't burried by snow yet?! They said on the radio yesterday that northern Indiana was gonna get hit with the white stuff! My husband was headed for Cleveland where they were calling for up to 10 inches! This is only November, what's the rest of the actual winter going to bring?!

Sounds like the book store was a wonderful find!

Hope you have a good week!

LeeAnne said...

Great Autograph pages! I haven't even started on our Disney Vacation and that was over a year ago! UGH! I need to get a move on! I LOVE Seth's decorating. It is COLORFUL! Great deal on books! You are blessed!

Love ya!

The Portas said...

Wow, what a generous business owner! That is definitely the way to do it. He locked you in as a return customer.

I love Seth's decorative art! Very creative. :)

It sounds like you all are keeping busy. Sorry to hear you have been sick. I am just so tired of sickness. I wish we could get immunity for a few months every fall/winter. It's a constant worry/struggle.

Anyway, have a good day! xxoxo

Anonymous said...

So where's this bookstore? Good place for us all to go and get books for the Kart.


Our Family said...

Good to see you are busy in a good way. I should have a box of books coming to you from sunny California in the next week or two.

Kelly said...

Oh wow! You've been VERY busy! Sorry you're not feeling well. That's never fun.

Your Disney book is CUTE! I love the autographs... that must have been fun to collect. I can totally picture Seth loving your scrapbooks. What are you talking about!? You do a great job!

How rewarding is Kate's Kart! I'm glad it fills your heart. I'm looking forward to our blood drive. It's just what I need.

=) Have a good week!