Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grow baby Grow!!

We had great news at the doctor yesterday. He said we had a "great lookin" 11 week old baby. I was totally amazed at the changes that have occured in just the past 3 weeks. Last time...I could barely make out the can definitely see the head/nasal bone...even some arms and legs wiggling. I guess that explains why I've been so tired...I've been doing some serious baby-making the past couple weeks. He was able to rule out Downs...based on the formation of the nasal bone and saw no signs of extra fluid on the brain/spine. That was a relief to hear. far so good!

Although it's scary having an ultrasound every visit...I also think it might be really cool to see how much the baby is developing every 3-4 weeks. I will definitely have to scrapbook all the ultrasounds.

And...the official due date from the doctor.....July 8! Which is VERY cool, because then this little peanut's birthday would be 07-08-09! However...he was quick to say that if he could get the "fish in the boat early" he we'll see! Maybe come late June I'll be ready...especially if it's hot...but still...isn't that a super cool due date/birthday?
It's not the greatest pic...not sure how to get a good quality copy of the ultrasounds...anyone have any advice, let me know...but still you get the picture.

One thing that brings me peace...I know this is one prayed for baby!!! Thank you for that!


Anne said...

What a beautiful baby!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas, even knowing things are so different than last year! Merry Christmas my blog world friend!

Our Family said...

That is so great!!! After having Casey, my heart baby, I was terrified for every ultrasound! Even at 36 weeks, when they said I was measuring small, I was scared that something would "happen". Try to enjoy it, while still staying on top of it!

The Baileys said...

Thanks for sharing the ultrasound pic! Glad everything is going well. July 8th is the day before my b-day. I'm quite sure you won't want to be a day overdue when July comes around! Funny if it would happen though, since Zachary and Andy share the same b-day. :-)

mina said...

So exciting! I hope each visit brings you more and more encouraging news about your little peanut.

Deanna said...

So, so thrilled for you guys! What a beautiful baby, who will fill your home with JOY! :)

Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas! I love you, my friend!

LeeAnne said...

YAY! All sounds good! Your due date is 4 days after mine...and if you read my blog, they will do a csection 10 days prior...being late June. We might have twins! HA! Again, congrats. We are praying for your peanut!

Samantha said...

What a great looking peanut! Grow baby grow! Great news on baby's health! Now...enjoy your holiday break!!!

Much love,

Anonymous said...


Vanessa said...

I absolutely love sonogram pictures. I did a scrapbook for all 30 of Arianna's sonograms. I know your one talented scrapbooker so that will be nice for your little one to see one day.

Keep on growing little peanut!

The Portas said...

Yes, your little peanut IS definitely prayed for. Isn't it so fun to see progress? It still amazes me that we are able to create people...and grow them in our bellies..what?? I don't understand how people can believe God doesn't exist when we are obviously all miracles.

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing the sweet pic of Baby. The due date is a cool one! I'm so happy for you. I hope you start feeling more energetic soon! oxoxox