Monday, December 22, 2008

Jam-packed day

Wow...what a day!

--Drop Seth off at the cousins house 30 min away so he can play all day

--Andy and I drive 30 more min. to take a new Kate's Kart to a new hospital. Yep...we've added yet another Kart...this one out of the county. The hospital staff was just thrilled and couldn't stop commenting on how wonderful this all was. It was good to hear that Kate's Kart is so appreciated.

--Drive 40 min. home and grab a very very quick bite to eat

--Drive yet another 45 min. to go look a new van

--Spend 3 hours haggling with the salesman...but a new van. (It had just come in and still needed detailed we won't actually get it till Friday!) I'll have to tell you all about it then and show pictures!

--Drive the mail and then leave to go pick up my mom

--Check on friend's house who is gone to Florida...check for busted pipes in this freezing cold weather..all is good.

--Drive to a running of Kate's Kart

--Drive to Parkview a running of Kate's Kart

--Drop off mom

--Go to the store to buy supplies for 2 last minute basket orders I received.

--Come home and deal w/ my son who threw a complete fit for daddy when having to leave his cousins. Still dealing with him as he won't go to sleep!

YIKES...what a day...a very good...but just jam-packed day. I guess another storm is on it's way (yes...we still have tons of ice everywhere) so I HAVE to get to the bank, deliver the baskets and buy one more gift before noon...then...I am RELAXING my way through Christmas...I hope!
Here we are at Parkview Noble...with Greg the staff member who is spear heading us being there! He even put up that cute Christmas tree for people to put books under. It amazes me when strangers get's so humbling.'ve got a good thing here! (Yeah...I know the picture in the window isn't great...but you get the idea!)


Amber said...

You may not know this but....Kate's Kart meant A TON to us during out last stay. Seriously...I was a bit down in the dumps this go round and getting a new book to read to Gracie and the smile on the volunteers face. (not your mom ;^)
We were there long enough to get two go rounds! (I explained that we had already gotten one but they thought she surely needed another!) When my brain was too tired to pick one, the sweetest young girl picked out the perfect one! :0)
Your sweet girl is making a huge impact on these families...thank you!

Tina:0) said...

How wonderful!! That's so neat that Kate's Kart reaches soo many people! I'm sure they're are many more to come!

Hope you're getting some feet-up time during all the hustle & bustle! Hope you enjoy a relaxing Christmas!

The Portas said...

Kate is awesome! Look at all that she has done...through her amazing parents. You inspire me. Another hospital??? WOW!

I hope you are surviving all that ice. We're getting the snow like crazy over here.

Have a good week, and Merry Christmas! oxoxx

Melissa said...

Krista, you continue to amaze me! Kate's Kart is touching many lives wide and far! Parkview Noble will be blessed to have you be part of their lives too! Have a fabulous Christmas! I'll be thinking of you all!

Jennifer said...

Hey! I was in the hospital yesterday and today with my little guy Timmy at our new Hospital in Lafayette, Clarian Arnett and we had Respatory Therapisty for him and you will NOT believe this but we had Shawna...the one who take Kate from you at Peyton Manning! She was like you know about Kate and said she is our Baby! It was so neat to hear how you guys touched her life!
Have a great Christmas!
Jennifer Johnson

mina said...

What a proud moment, and a wonderful way to carry on Kate's legacy. Have a good Christmas!