Monday, December 1, 2008

Lighting of the Santa

Moving on to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Of was the day we saw the doctor and saw the encouraging ultrasound. Andy and I were able to celebrate by going out to a nice dinner...just the two of us. It's always a treat to have a special dinner...especially when you have something to celebrate.

We then met Seth downtown for the Lighting of the Santa. Art and Reen were back in town for Thanksgiving...and Gayle joined them and brought Seth after watching him while we were at the docs. We didn't quite meet up until after the lighting of the giant Santa display...but soon after found them and continued on our journey downtown to the lighting of the tree and wreath. We enjoyed some hot chocolate along the way.

Then...Nana and Oompa sang in a holiday concert with their choir. It was great to hear some great holiday music. We made our "expecting" news public that night...and so many were so happy for us.
It was a fun night...great weather...great music and great friends.