Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

So...the question of the divide a week's worth of activities into different posts....or do one megapost? I've finally got some free time...Seth is wide awake...AGAIN...due to a 25 minute nap this afternoon after having woken up for the day at 5! Plus...I'm feeling okay now is the time to get caught up! Hmmmm? I think I'll go w/ separate posts...just to separate it for the future when I look back....where did I leave off?

Oh yeah...Seth's preschool Thanksgiving feast...a week ago.

Well...compared to last year...he did participate a tad bit more. He still wasn't the superstar of the group...but there was a little movement. I asked him why he didn't sing....his response: "There were too many people I didn't know!" It was cute. He made me laugh...totally preoccupied with his buddy next to him...and his sleeves. (okay, I'm already fighting w/ blogger and can't get the video uploaded...sorry....just imagine a little guy...constantly looking at his buddy next to him while constantly pushing up his sleeves...with a really quirky grin.)

After the singing we all went to the gym for vegetable soup and pumpkin muffins...made by the preschoolers. Grandma came up for the was great to have her with us!

Doesn't he just look thrilled to be here? If I was either a very late night or a very early morning.