Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 2

We celebrated Thanksgiving Day w/ my parents...and a host of other friends and family. The day started out great...getting to watch the Macy's Day Parade. That is my dream make it to NY for the parade...and somehow get really good seats.

We headed over to my parent's to pig out on some appetizers around noon. Almost everything that people brought revolved around cheese (it was like scrapbook night re-visited) Still it was all very yummy. My dad was busy outside frying turkeys...he's started a little business where he deepfries turkeys for friends...I think he did like 5 or 6 turkeys.
The rest of us just relaxed...played games. Of course Art and Reen spoiled the boys w/ new presents.

Then...the was all very yummy...especially since I did NOTHING to prepare any of it. And even better...the grandparent's took the kids at their table in the dining room which meant all the mom's and dad's got to enjoy a kid free/whine free dinner. How sweet!
We also had a special treat in that Kate's Med-buddy Megan came down from Michigan for the day. Her family lives in it was great that she chose to spend the day with us.

We did go do a running of Kate's Kart after dinner...and then played some cards. Whereupon...Seth has a major melt-down. I don't remember a day he played so hard w/ his cousins...and wrestled w/ Joey (Art and Reen's freshman grandson who wrestles for his school) The 3 little guys thought they were pretty cool and pretty tough. So...Andy took Seth home and I got to stay and play cards...luckily I was feeling pretty good that night.

It was a great relaxing day...unfortunately...not many pictures to show for the day...just lots of great memories...and I'm sure a few extra pounds.

Oompa carving one of the yummy turkeys!