Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just the Beginning Seth and I head to Kohl's to get him a new pair of tennis shoes. We try on some pairs...and soon realize my 3 year old has outgrown the toddler section and has now moved into the boys section. Yeah...that might be exciting...except for that the same pair of shoes is $10 more! What's up with that? I'm guessing this is just going to be the trend when it comes to new clothes for him. And...the boys clothes just don't seem to be as "cute" as the toddler or baby section. Oh...he's growing too fast.

Which reminds me that little guy went into a public men's restroom all by don't panic...I was "Right" one was around and I made him check and see if any other men (okay...crazy old guys) were in there. It really got me thinking about this whole "letting" go thing and when is he old enough to really do things on his own? Obviously, as he gets older...I won't be able to take him into the women's rest room with what do I do when it's just us in public? I know...I'm sure I can milk it at least another year...but also..his interest in being independent is really growing! Eyeyiyi...what to do...what to do?

But...for just a story to warm your heart. He is really getting interested in the Bible and loves his nightly devotional and bible stories. Well...we got a new book/CD set that goes through the alphabet about characteristics of God...and then has a song that goes with it! It's very cool. Well...tonight we were listening to it...and he just kept going on and on about the C song...the word was Created..and the chorus had "in the beginning" in this cute little rhythm. He kept wanting to hear it again and again...and then started singing it...and wanted it put on his own radio so when he is in the car he can listen to it! Then...he goes on to tell me about the creation story and how in the beginning there was just a hole...and then God spoke and there was heaven.... It was awesome!

What a complete joy that little guy is...each and every day! We love you Seth!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fill the Uhaul

So...I met with "our team" of wonderful women for the "Little Give!" The response continues to be awesome and these women have been fact...their goal: to fill a Uhaul...yeah, you read that right...a Uhaul. And...they already have storage figured out!

So...this Saturday they have planned an event from 11-2 where you can drop off books and donations...get a snack...see the Uhaul...and who knows what else will develop in the next week. These girls are big dreamers! There is a link on the website...check out the flyer here! (And...if you know of a great place to put the flyer...let me know!) And...all donations received by Monday, May 5 will go toward the "Little Give"

And...we are getting emails and calls from people all over the nation excited about Kate's Kart and wanting to make donations! And...we have heard from some hospitals outside Ft. Wayne interested in having a Kart. Wow! Things are going so well! I just feel like God is giving us a big ole' stamp of of approval and clearing the way!

One thing though...I volunteered to take care of some cookies/goodies for Saturday. If you're a local reader and would be willing to donate a couple dozen cookies/brownies/goodies...please leave a comment or send me an email ( I'll make arrangements to get them or have you drop them off on Friday or Saturday morning. My readers are the best...thanks so much!
The actual "Kart" is at the Bisque It Pottery Store...filling up with books as we speak!
It's going to be another exciting week...I can feel it already!
Love to all!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Kate's all her beauty!

Here she is...isn't she a beauty? Of will look so much better stocked full with books and decorated...and we are well on our way. We are still overwhelmed by the response...thank you...thank you...thank you!

And...the contestants in the "little give" are on the waji can check out our new wonderful friend Shannon and her mom Jenny! Don't forget...ALL donations received on/before May 5 will be credited toward the "Little Give!" Donations may be sent to Shannon...or the PO Box posted on the Kates Kart website (under Contact us on the left hand side). Also...Jenny is accepting book donations at her store....Bisqueit Pottery on Coldwater Road.

We love you all...and are so excited about everything God...and YOU are doing in honor of our sweet baby girl! Who would have thought?

Daddy's Turn....Father's Night!

The other was daddy's turn to join Seth at preschool for Father's Night! Their theme was the Olympics. The boys had a great time playing all sorts of games that revolved around a sports theme! A few pics from the night. (Andy told me he was the ONLY dad taking pictures....just to keep me happy...thanks Sweeetie!)

Eye Color: brown (
Hair Color: brown too ( YEAH Seth)
Favorite Color: blue (right on!)
Favorite Restaurant: Subway (again...Seth's favorite at the time...guess he thinks it's daddy's too)
Favorite Food: Everything (Right again)
My Favorite thing to do with my dad: lay down with him (they have a great time telling stories at night before bed)
What My Dad does at work: he teaches kid to make money for us (Yeah for daddy & Seth)

aren't they just so cute?

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wow...all I can say is God is so good! I am just in complete amazement of what is happening with Kate's Kart...Thank you so much to everyone who has put links on their blogs...spreading the word all over is so awesome. (If anyone wants the link to the video behind Kate's Kart from One true media...I"ll be glad to send that to you!...just let me know!)

I feel like I check my email/blog all the time....and there is always more exciting news. People are just so excited about makes Andy and I feel so makes Kate's short little life so worthwhile...she is doing so much!

Well...I'm exhausted and promised Andy I would get a good night's sleep! I will definitely keep you all posted as to what is happening...if I can remember it all!

Love to all...and again...THANK YOU for sharing in our journey! What a ride!

Tomorrow....a picture of the imfamous Kart!!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

It's been such an exciting day with all the happenings of Kate's Kart I haven't had a chance...but it was Cathy's birthday on Wednesday! We love you bunches and bunches...hope your day was packed full of many many blessings! We'll celebrate up right on Sunday!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We're LIVE!

It's ready....check out

Can you believe our baby girl has her own website?
It is truly.....AMAZING!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Are you ready for this? you remember how yesterday I said...stay's going to be an exciting week! didn't even take a week for the excitement to happen...not even 12 hours! God is just that good!

So I get an email from Laura (my website-designing friend) about how her husband,Dalan, was talking to a friend at work. just so happens that this friend, Shannon...just signed up to be a part of our local radio stations (95.1) mini-version of "Oprah's Big Give!" And....She INSTANTLY fell in love with the tugged at her heart-strings having a 1 year old daughter herself...and she chose Kate's Kart as her charity! Can you believe it?

So...just since 8 this morning...emails have been flying through the entire community school system to all the teachers. I talked with Shannon tonight and she said already the response has been tremendous!

The contest officially starts on Thursday...she'll get $100 and until May 6th to see how big she can give Kate's Kart. She will be on the radio station Thursday morning talking about it...and mentioning her charity! HOW COOL IS THIS?

So...if you want to help Kate's Kart AND help Shannon win the contest she is accepting new books, gift cards to book stores and/or cash donations and any other leads you may have who may want to help in the cause. You can contact her through her email at Since she so graciously and willingly chose's the least we can do to help her win too! Everybody is a winner...especially the kids in the hospital.

For any new readers....Kate's Kart is a new charity we just started in honor of our daugther, Kate who passed away on January 15 due to a congenital heart defect at the age of 18 months. She spent many many weeks in the hospital...and one of her favorite things to do was look at books have others read to her. Volunteers will take around Kate's Kart to the pediatric floors and allow hospitalized children and their families to pick out brand new books for their own personal use and enjoyment. Our goal is to pass out books a couple times a week and really encourage the children and their families on an ongoing continual basis. We accept donations of new books, gift cards or cash to help supplement the purchase of books.

Today...I have just been on cloud nine...probably the first time in a long long time! I kept checking my email and there was always more good news. I realized...this project is helping to take away the sting of Kate's death.'s always going to be painful...but through Kate's Kart I am finding in honor of her! shows me what an impact she had on so many people in such a short time...encourages me to give back just a portion of that encouragement.

So...keep checking's exciting stuff around here! And...I know it won't be long before the website is up and running! I have a song running through my head...such an appropriate song for Kate's Kart! It's an oldie from Steven Curtis Chapman:

Saddle up your horses...we've got a trail to blaze
Through the wild blue yonder of God's amazing grace
Let's follow our leader into the glorious unknown
This is a life like no other - this is The Great Adventure

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun at the zoo...and Kart update

What a beautiful day here in northern Indiana. Days like this just make me stand in awe of God...only He could create such beautiful things.

My friend, Gina and I took the kids to the zoo today. It just opened this past weekend...and we had tons of fun. I just love zoo passes! The animals were in rare form...and we saw monkeys eating blueberries and kangaroos hopping over fences. Here are a few pics from the day.

Then...a quick trip to the grocery...Madyson (the girl I've been babysitting) and Seth were just too cute in the cart. They have really bonded and have become great friends. In fact...they held hands throughout most of the zoo.

Then...tonight we had my long lost friend, Laura her husband Dalan and 5 year old daughter, Sarah over for supper. Laura is designing our logo and doing our website! I'm getting excited people...Kate's Kart will be here before you know it. In fact...the "Kart" itself is sitting in my parents basement right now! The school they teach/work at graciously donated a hardly used practically brand new book cart! How cool is that?

So...keep checking's going to be an exciting week.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scrapbook Central

LeeAnne and I are having a great time...we have totally set up scrapbook central...and we're both just scrapping away. We take a few breaks to eat and sleep...but otherwise we just scrap. The sad thing...I need like 6 more of these weekends to even begin to get caughtup.

LeeAnne is the scrapbook queen and has all kinds of cool tools and equipment. I definitley have scrappers envy. I am amazed at what they have even come out in the past 2 years since I really was scrapping.

Well...gotta get back at it...Just wanted to say hi and share a few quick pics of our progress.

LeeAnne in scrapbook central--and it even spreads out past the picture!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

And now for the boys!

I guess it would only be fair to give equal space to the boys too!

Seth has had a pretty fun week. I am babysitting a 5 year old girl for 10 days. I pick her up from kindergarten around 10:45 and then she gets picked up at 4:30. She and Seth have totally hit if off and they are having a great time together. It is so fun to just hear him laughing while he eats lunch...or riding in the car. It does make me sad for Seth...wishing he had a sibling...a playmate to help entertain I am so boring! He really is quite the social little guy.

But...we are just enjoying the beautiful weather and have spent several afternoons at the park.

He started a new session of swim lessons tonight...he is a FISH...and honestly, it's kinda fun to be the parents of the star that was definitely not the case last summer with soccer lessons.

As far as Andy...I can't believe I forgot to post that we was honored a couple weeks ago. One of the high school honor students chose him (Andy) as the most influential person in his academic career. How cool is that! He really is an awesome teacher who the kids just love. He is always telling me about highschoolers that pop back into the middle school and come visit! We're proud of you.

He is anxious to get working on the yard...he loves working outside and is pretty excited about having some time this summer to get our yard in tip-top shape. The mowers have been out this I'm sure he'll be mowing by early next week. It's hard to believe he only has like 32 days of school left. pictures...I'll have to post some soon!
Sending lots of love!

Scrapping Again!

Kate's Kart paperwork is to the lawyer and we should be "officially" incorporated in the state very soon! I even went and got a PO Box a couple days it won't be long before we'll be "open for business!" And...we are meeting with Laura...the very generous long lost high school friend on Monday. She is designing our website for us! I tell you...God is going to do big things with this Kart.'s good to be busy with this stuff. I have my list of things to do...more than I thought...but that is good. We hit the big 3 month mark 2 days ago. I hate that I am now focused on the 15th (date of death) of the month...rather than the 26th (date of birth). I don't's still fresh, and I'm sure it will be this way through the year...getting through all those "firsts" without her. And in some ways...I guess it's hard to think..."Kate would have been X months/years old today". Maybe if I just force my thinking to "she's been with Jesus and healed for X months" it would be easier...all in time I guess all in time.

I suspect I will be thinking about my angel a BUNCH this weekend. It's a very mixed blessing. I just have to say I am so excited because I have the ENTIRE weekend to scrapbook! Yep...the boys are leaving town and a girlfriend is coming and we are going to scrap our little hearts out! I am kinda worried...I haven't scrapped since before Kate was I can't even remember the tools/stuff I have. And...I am SO behind. Let's see...the last page in our book is when my almost 4 year old turned 1. YIKES!

But...I think I am going to dedicate this weekend to doing an album for Kate. I definitely want to remember all the details of her life...and want something that will help Seth remember his sister. There are just so many cute pictures of that totally cute girl. I really pray that the whole weekend will be a time to celebrate Kate...and remember the totally wonderful times we had with her. friend is coming...we'll go out for dinner, hit the scrapbook store and then get to it! ALL WEEKEND! WOO HOO! LeeAnne is actually married to one of Andy's best friends from college I am looking forward to getting to know her a little I have only really spent time with her and Gene...and my focus then has been beating Gene at the given game we are playing!

My only crisis: I have am ready for the 5th and final book in the Redemption Series books I am reading. I can't believe I'll have to wait to find out what happens as there will be no time for sleeping...let alone reading this weekend. I scrapbook or read...I have it tough! I guess I am just enjoying indulging in some of those hobbies that got put on hold the past 2 years.

What a wonderful husband I have to take Seth for the weekend. They are actually having dinner with LeeAnne's husband and their daughter and then the boys will head to Portland to spend the weekend with Andy's mom...helping her get all her mowers and yard ready for spring. Thanks Andy...for letting me scrap...I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This marks my 500th post...and even in less than a year. I had no idea that this "blogging" thing would turn out the way it did. About a year ago my friend Deanna said..."you should give it a try!" I am so glad I did...cause I have met some amazing people and read about some incredible journeys. It's a crazy "blogging" world out there. It's amazing how "connected" you can feel to complete strangers. But...amazingly enough...those strangers become your friends!'s just fun to see pics and stay in touch with all my old friends too! My husband says I'm addicted...well...yeah, maybe I am.

But...this blog has reached out more than I could have ever imagined. I really thought only Nana and Grandma would read it originally. Specifically with Kate...and our journey those last few month...this blog is what kept everyone "in the know!" So many people became so attached to "Baby Kate" and her journey. I am still amazed at the number of hits and the number of strangers who "come across" our story and encourage us...or just lift us up in prayer. Yeah...I wish I had "better" things to blog about...but still...even in the midst of sadness...this blog, specifically Kate's life...touched people and made a difference. And for that...I am truly grateful. Hopefully...others will see that the only hope is in Jesus Christ...and that He is so worth living for.

So...again I say thanks...thanks for sharing in our journey. Thanks for encouraging us along our path. Thanks for making us laugh! Thanks for assuring us that we are loved! Thanks for getting excited with me about new carpet...and the other "normal" everyday stuff.

Let's see where the next 500 posts take us. I know it will be okay...cause I have God on my side!


Monday, April 14, 2008

It's so soft and cushiony on my feet! we went from this: Yeah....that's my kitchen!


Ah....the feel of brand new carpet! I'm so excited....we got new carpet our living/dining room, den, stairs, upstairs hallway and master bedroom! I really really like it! It's a lot darker than the almost white carpet we had...but I love it. is so soft...I just want to walk around in bare feet! Plus...carpet lines when you vacuum...that is so exciting to me!

We were in pretty desperate need of new carpet...especially in our bedroom as about a year ago I spilt some toilet bowl cleaner and it completely ATE a hole in our carpet! I mean...TOTALLY GONE...not 1 fiber left! Kinda scary...lesson learned! And the den and stairs were nasty! It's just so clean! Speaking cleaning projects are all almost getting new carpet pretty much forces you to clean everything out! Plus..the fact we are having a garage sale in a couple weeks...makes me all the more in the "get rid of mood!" Andy and I totally purged our bookshelf the other day...sometimes it just feels so good to de-clutter!

And....we only lived in chaos for about 24 hours. We all worked pretty hard moving and removing the furniture. My husband is so strong...such the burly man lifting heavy furniture throughout the house! Seth was so into helping and bossing us around. He was in charge of bringing the hang-up clothes back to me in the closet...ONE AT A TIME! Ah...patience we must have. He has learned to be a hard worker from his daddy!
Now...I'm hot to trot to get the rest of the bedrooms well as our family room! All in good time...all in good time!

Keep those prayers going!

This totally adorable little chubby monkey is going into heart surgery tomorrow (Tuesday) in Minnesota. He has the same heart defect as Kate...but has been amazingly you can tell from his weight going into surgery. His parents...Dan & Megan... have been a tremendous support to us through our journey with Kate...and now it's our turn to load them up with prayer and support! If you have a minute...leave them a comment of prayer and encouragement...because there isn't much else to do than sit and worry...and check your blog for comments during the hours of waiting during surgery! Let's overwhelm them with amazing love and support from all of you who have fallen in love with these little heart babies. Elijah's story can be found HERE!
Thanks! Love to all!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

For all my prayer warriors!

We've got a special prayer request...almost 5 years ago...Andy's mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She underwent an extensively long surgery and they removed a tumor the size of a tennis ball! Her recovery has been amazing...and she is none the worse from the surgery. However...due to the placement of the tumor on an major artery...the surgeon was unable to remove all of it.

Over the past few years...Cathy has had tests and MRIs...the tumor is growing, but at a very slow rate. Yesterday...she went and met with the surgeon to discuss treatment options. The result...cyberknife therapy. I don't know all the details...all I know it is some high-tech laser/radiation machine that gets to the tumor without having to go in surgically. is outpatient procedure.

The plan is 6 courses of cyberknife therapy...approximately every 4 weeks. She will also have to take steroids to help reduce the swelling...and those may cause headaches and nausea.

It's a we thought it might just be a one-time treatment...but studies have shown it is more effective with smaller doses of radiation over a period of time. And...obviously a summer full of headaches is overwhelming too!

Cathy is a strong strong woman...but prayers for peace about the next few well as guidance and wisdom for the docs would be greatly appreciated. It's been a tough winter and we were all looking forward to a stress-free summer. Prayers that this radiation therapy is a stress-free and pain free as possible would be greatly appreciated.

We love you grandma!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tennessee Spring Break to capture our wonderful trip in just a few words...I was hoping to do a daily blog so that you could get the full blow-by-blow...but since we were roughin''re stuck with one biggie! So...the top 10 no particular order!

1. WAKE UP CALL! So...Seth woke up at 2am...YES 2...on Saturday morning ready to go. He just layed in bed yelling every 10 minutes: "Is it time to go yet?" As exhausted as we couldn't help but laugh and smile about that one! At least we got an early start!

2. HIKING IN THE SMOKIES We enjoyed a nice leisurely hike through the woods to a beautiful waterfall....and then took the 20 mile drive up the winding roads and the 1/2 mile HIKE UPHILL to the highest overlook in the Smokies! It was beautiful....well worth the sore muscles the next day. And...we even ran in to the Millers...some friends from church on a trail in the freaky is that?

3. DOLLYWOOD! Probably the highlight of the trip. We all had a great time...especially Seth who is not afraid of any ride...well maybe the one that drops a little! He has little to no fear. It was great that Grandma was along to do the whirly-twirly neither mom or dad can stomach those! We highly recommend the park! And the best wasn't crowded and we could basically just walk on the rides.

4. DIXIE STAMPEDE! Another great night as we feasted on southern cooking (with just our fingers) and watched horses, wagons and longhorn cattle put on a show. It was quite impressive what they could do with horses...and racing pigs and ostriches! Plus...we were entertained by a rockabilly band before the show...with a 3 time national banjo playing champion! Jealous Doug?

5. OBER GATLINBURG! We also took the tram ride up a mountain to an "amusement" type park at the top. Seth particularly loved the alpine slide ride down the mountain. It was a spectacular view...and even took advantage of unlimited rides...and rode to the top again in the evening to see the lights. Breathtaking!

6. OUR CABIN! We had a quaint little cabin way up a winding twisting road. We all place to be driving in the winter. We relaxed in the hot tub every night...played pool, foosball and air hockey...and did our good deed of picking up the trash thrown over the balcony by prior tenants...any guesses whose idea that was?

7. PUTT PUTT! We took Seth on his first adventure miniature golfing. Once he figured out you can't keep picking up the ball...he got the hang of it quickly! In fact...he even got 2 hole in 1's. He loved it and kept asking to do it again and again. And wouldn't you know...there are putt-putt courses on every block...but at 10 bucks a person...we told him he could wait till we got home.

8. ICE CREAM! Is there anything better than icecream on vacation? I think not! Grandma treated us not once...not twice...but 3 times to ice cream. YUM YUM!

9. SPRINGTIME & FLOWERS! We couldn't have asked for better weather! It was absolutely beautiful the whole time we were there...highs in the 70's. In fact..I have a killer of a sunburn on my neck from Dollywood! The tulips were in full bloom...and the redbuds blossomed while we were there! Just beautiful!

10. TOGETHERNESS! It was so nice to just be together...and to watch Seth experience so many things for the first time! He is an excellent traveler...and did super most of the trip...considering the amount of walking we did! We loved having grandma along...especially Seth as she endured endless hours of dot-to-dots, Shrek and chipmunks during the carride.

But of course...we missed Kate. I kept thinking of how much she would have enjoyed watching the people...what would it have been like if she was along? But...we can't go there...we just have to enjoy the time we had...and we did! But...I did see a Christmas ornament at one of the shops: "We prayed for a daughter...God gave us an angel!" How true!

It was a much needed break...a get-away...a time together. for your viewing pleasure...a few pics from our trip! Seth wanted it as a enjoy. And..since we saw so much of Dolly...a little imitation Dolly music for your listening pleasure!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Back!!

We're back...after a wonderful trip to Tennessee. I thought for sure that the whole world was equipped with internet service these days...but not in "them those hills of Tennessee." I can't believe I went 6 whole days without my computer! But...I did get 2 books read...and now I"m hooked on the Karen Kingsbury series and can't wait to get to the library to get the next one. So now...I have a whole bunch of catching up to do with my blogging friends and heart buddies...and a whole bunch of cute pictures and stories to share. Check in to all!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bitten Again!

Well...Seth and I got home this afternoon to find Andy in bed! Yep...this flu bug that hit Seth, then grandma has now taken residence in Andy! YUCK! Poor guy...just feels miserable. All I know...that bug better stay far far away from me...especially since we leave in a couple days. And...that bug better just stick around in Andy for 24 hours like he did for Seth....cause we have majorly needed plans on the horizon! Man...these bugs have been nasty this year...and are hitting everyone I know...and hitting hard!

I've really been missing Kate the past few days. There just seem to be babies everywhere. Each week...right before Seth's swim's "mommy and me" class. That always gets me thinking about how much Kate would have loved that. Then...tonight after swim lessons, Seth and I went to McDonalds for dinner and evidently every family from Michigan with toddlers stopped there on their way to Florida for spring break. It's funny...I find myself going places in my mind with if she was completely healthy. In all reality...the Kate I knew...we wouldn't have taken her to any of those places...for fear of getting sick. I don't know...maybe I've even gone back and am again mourning the loss of even a healthy child. But taking away all of Kate's health issues...would most likely take away everything about that little girl that I love...she wouldn't have been "our baby Kate."

But...just because I miss her...and seeing other babies at times gets to me....PLEASE don't be afraid to talk to me about Kate...or mention her name....or bring your child around me. I want to talk about her. Not talking about her makes me feel as if she is forgotten. It's better for me to talk about her...or answer questions...or whatever. Not all the time...not in every conversation...I don't want Kate to be the only thing I talk about....but still...right times I do want to talk. It day I might cry...the next no...but regardless, it's just good to talk. I think that is one reason I am so excited about her "Kart"'s just a way to keep her "alive." I guess it's all just a process...and most likely missing Kate will be a life-long process.

Thanks for listening. I'm off to bed I think...actually the couch since I want NOTHING to do with those nasty bugs! I've been fighting with my MP3 player...trying to upload to new songs and so far it is winning.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Boy's First Purchase

Last night...the 3 of us splurged and went to the Dollar Movie Theatre...but BONUS...on Tuesday night it was only 50 cents...woo hoo...but $8 for popcorn and 1 drink put a damper on our cheap night out! We took Seth to see Alvin and The Chipmunks. Friends...I have a feeling we are getting into a new obsession!

Monday Seth and I were at the mall and there were huge banners everywhere advertising the release of Alvin on DVD. Seth was mesmerized by them. So...Andy suggested the movie! He absolutely loved it. The first words out of his mouth once we left the theatre..."Let's go to the store and buy it!"

So...I think this is a good opportunity to teach our little guy that we can't just buy anything he wants...and I tell him maybe he could save up his "store" piggy bank money and buy it. he was on a mission! He got all his money from his bank...even remembered his Easter money that was still w/ all his candy...and even scavenged around for all of the loose coins in the house. He doesn't quite got the whole money thing down...but I tell him we'll go to the bank and see if he had enough to get it!

He was so cute...carrying his money in his new Tootsie Roll Bank. We took it to the bank...and what a surprise when the man came back with a 5 & and 10! All he kept saying was..."is that enough? is that enough?"

So...we head to Kroger to get stamps...and there it is for sale right by Customer Service. It's a little pricey (we NEVER buy new release DVDs...but then again..I'm not buying, right?) Well... with purchase, there is a coupon for $10 off next grocery I strike him a deal...and now he is a VERY proud owner of Alvin and the Chipmunks....which ended up on top of the fridge within minutes of coming home due to a major fit about wanting to watch it "RIGHT NOW!"

So...his first purchase with his very own money. He must have really wanted it...cause I had mentioned using his piggy bank money at other times to buy toys he wanted and he always decided he could wait....but not with dancing singing Chipmunks! Watch out Grandma...he can't wait to show it to you....ALL THE WAY TO TENNESSEE!

But...can I just say that there is nothing better than a little boy...cuddled on your lap at the movie theatre (cause he's too little to keep the seat down!) just giggling his little heart out! I think genuine kid giggles is the best medicine in the world! What a treat for me!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And the winner is... many great choices. Thank you to EVERYONE who spent time thinking of such clever ideas for our book cart. It was tough....but we decided on:

Kate's Kart....books from the heart.

Gina (one of my great friends, who just happens to be a librarian) turned in the winning tagline.

Again...thanks to everyone who participated! We appreciate you all!