Saturday, May 31, 2008

Soccer Star

Just a few shots of our soccer star! We're amazed at how much better he has become the past few weeks...he's really a good hustler and plays hard! Today...even a successful pass to his teammate. Way to go Seth!

he ended up on the ground...just a couple times!

wide open....shoot....and GOAL!

We are enjoying our weekend at home...just piddling and doing odd jobs...and of course lots of play on the swing set! 3 words I am already sick of: "Push me mommy!" I know....they'll be a day when I beg for those words. It's been a bittersweet weekend as we have swung, taken bike rides and eaten on the back porch....3 things Kate just loved doing....and last year at this time...she was in the best health of her life. Blessed memories!
I just finished my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow and Andy is on the back porch reading....a quiet spring night with the windows open....I just love those!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Here!

He waited...and waited...and waited all day! When is it coming? And finally...around 7:30...they came with....

The nice man we bought it Berne...came with his wife and 4 kids...and boy did they all work. We're guessing they were the fact that they drove...but those kids had a work ethic. The 6 of them had this monster assembled in just over an hour!

Had Andy and I attempted would have taken 6 days, 28 trips to the Hardware Store to replace parts and 4 counseling sessions! I am so grateful to just have it...have it set up...and know we are good to go! Andy will need to stain it...but that's a perfect summer project.

They left a little after 9...and Seth was so excited to play. I"m praying for lots of hours outside just playing and being a kid...and I can even swing...which is more than can be done on our old metal one!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amazing Volunteers

More excitement...look at the AMAZING turn-out we had for our volunteer training at Lutheran today...and this isn't even everybody who is there were several who couldn't make it today and will go through another training.

Yeah...that's like 27 of us....26 lovely ladies...and our token male--you can barely see Andy's black head of hair in the back middle-left. We had a great turn-out of high school young ladies too who are fired up to help and get involved.

This is what just completely amazes many people are jumping at the chance to get involved...share a little bit of Kate's legacy...and encourage a few hurting kids at the same time! It just gives me chills thinking about it. Andy and I are completely humbled by all of you willing to give of your precious time (and shed a few drops of blood) in honor of our little girl! THANK YOU!

So...we've all been TB tested (part 1 of 2 at least)...are taking our HIPPA (privacy act) test...completed our pictures taken for our badges...and we even have signed up for shifts in June and July! Wow! In just one week...Kate's Kart will have rolled down the halls of Lutheran! Now...I've got to get busy with the other hospitals as we definitely have the volunteers and books (not to say that we don't need more of both--especially books for little babies--cloth, plastic, touch and feel, good ones for parents to read to newborns). Plus...we will be getting a 2nd round of training together in the next couple weeks.
Again...thank you to everyone who is making Kate's Kart a reality...and to think all of this has come to together in less than 5 months. WOW!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's a beautiful thing!

So...are you ready for this?

What an exciting day in the life of Kate's Kart.

I picked up the Kart tonight from Jenny (you know...Shannon's mom from the Little Give who runs this totally cool pottery should check it out...and take your kids there to paint something for dad for Father's Day!) Anyway...she graciously agreed to paint it and did an amazing job...we couldn't be happier.

So I spent this afternoon and evening labeling and loading books onto the Kart...tomorrow, we will take it to Lutheran and re-load it there. It's so exciting.

And...I got an email from Samantha...another heart from Texas...who is doing our aprons for us. She sent me a picture...and the aprons will be in the mail soon. You should check out her online store, Bundles of Snuggles. for your embroidery needs.

I'm still seems at any given time I can go to different blogs and find entries or links to Kate's Kart....people just spreading the love...and the amazing thing is that we are getting donations from strangers who found out via this amazing world of "blogging"
Isaac in Las Vegas
Ramona in Chicago
Elijah in Minnesota
Aubrey, Drew & Casey in California
Arianna in Arizona
Michelle in North Carolina
Bilal in Alabama
Sara in Georgia
Anne & Samantha (private blog) in Texas
Melissa, Michelle, Jennifer, Shannon in Indiana
And even my 20 year high school reunion blog

(If you don't go to an entry...then there is a link on their sidebar)

It's becoming a national phenonomen.. In fact...Drew in California is getting a couple of Kate's Karts books via the mail as he just underwent his 3rd open heart surgery. A huge thanks to everyone who is helping us spread the word...and the love! It warms my heart.(And I am so sorry if I missed your link...please let me know...I want to know!)

So...tomorrow is training day...then Andy and I will deliver for the first time next Wednesday (we're waiting because of the end of school for Andy).

Oh yeah...and another shout out to Laura our webgal...she is designing bookmarks that we will hand out with all the well as helping us with labels, notecards, return labels and anything else we ask of her....I tell you...we've hit the big time! Laura does amazing work for us...we are so grateful!

God is bringing all the right people just the right orchestrate something amazing...He's just that full of grace!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Cookout

We were back in Portland today...for a cookout! It was just another beautiful and relaxing day. The boys had an amazing time playing in Cathy's "boy heaven" and played together wonderfully....they were 3 dirty boys by the time we left! Just the way boys should be!! Us adults...just a whole lot of good eatin'

We all walked--through the trail in the woods that Andy cut down--to the cemetery. It was so sweet...all 3 boys picked wild flowers along the way and placed them on Kate's grave. I so wish I had my camera.

I made an attempt at photographing the boys. Every year for Easter...Nana buys them matching outfits...and then for Mother's Day ( I know, I'm late) we get their picture taken. We tried today in Cathy's yard...we got a few good shots. I have learned to admire photographers...especially those who do children well!

Then...on the way home...we stopped and bought a swing set! Not just your ordinary swing set....but a SWING SET! We have been tossing all the options around for a couple months...and finally decided to bite the bullet and get a good one that we know will last many years and prayerfully...through many more children. We had stopped at an Amish owned place...just planning to look at them...and the owner shows up! So...we did it! The best part...they deliver and set up! Yeah...great news for Andy! for pics on Thursday...and all you locals come over for a's only $10 for 30 minutes --just kidding...but we've got to pay for this thing somehow!! Andy's opinion: Seth's b-day present until he's 18!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Final Step

We headed down to Portland Friday night. I knew it was going to be a bittersweet visit as it was Memorial Day Weekend...and the tombstones were supposed to be placed. As of Friday night...they weren't. Andy went on his yearly tradition of placing flags at veteran's grave sites around Jay County. I know it was hard for him...being that it was his first year without his dad/grandpa ever! He has down a tremendous job of carrying on that tradition. Click here for a newspaper article from last year.

Saturday morning...Andy did a lot of yardwork around his mom's 3 acre yard while Seth played. After lunch...we loaded into the car with our flowers to find the stones placed. We were all very happy with the way they turned out...and we have plenty of room for flowers/statues as the footer is plenty long. The stone is made of a pink granite. It is comforting to have her right next to Grandpa...I am glad we made that decision.

We placed the flowers for Kate and Grandpa and then headed to several other cemeteries in the area to honor Andy's grandparents and great-grandparents.

I guess it is all done now...not much more to do to "finalize" Kate's earthly passing. I am glad that her stone turned out so she is so much more deserving than a stick in the ground.'s hard to see your daughter's name carved in stone like that. I am so so grateful for "Kate's Kart" and the legacy she is leaving through means so much to me and makes this whole process so much easier....not easy...just easier. Praise God for the hope of heaven!!

We all (my parents and my brother's whole family) are headed back tomorrow for a cookout with Cathy...and an opportunity for the rest of the family to see the stones. Should be a wonderful day...provided it doesn't rain. The boys will have a blast in Cathy's yard.

BTW...thanks to Cathy's (and my) friend, Alice...I got my hands on Karen Kingsbury's "Someday"...and finished it Friday one sitting. Now...I guess I wait till the fall with the rest of the world to finish out the series.

3-2-1 BLAST OFF!

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon! We got out Seth's rocket that he got from his cousins at Christmas...put it together and headed to the local school grounds to set it off! It was pretty exciting....that thing really shot up in the air.
a little nervous it would be "too loud"
rescuing the rocket after lift-off!
Otherwise...a beautiful day to go to church... play a little baseball in the on the back porch...take a long bike ride...and put together a new grill.
Unfortunately...not a good day for schoolwork. Andy assigned a 3-D map of Australia projects with his kids and he has some 160+ huge posters to grade. So...he left after dinner and went into work to spend the night grading. UGGHHG! Only 5 more days!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Closing Ceremonies

We attended Seth's closing preschool ceremonies on Thursday night. He did so well...sang all the songs and was exceptionally cute! We kept asking him if he would sing...or just stand there like at the Thanksgiving Feast. His reply: "I was little then!" My photography and movie making skills are lacking...guess I was relying too heavily on my zoom! The video clips are fuzzy...but you get the idea. Glad daddy got decent video clip with the regular video camera.

Crossing over....waving and getting his gift

The turtle song

Singing with his class

What makes me happy: my swingset

Cookies and Punch with new buddy Daniel

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mommy and Me day was really nice...the two of us had a great day. I even got to run a couple errands...thanks goodness there is a carousel at the mall...where I had to pick up my ring. He is such a super little guy...especially when he is getting one-on-one attention...and getting to do what HE wants. Some of the highlights:

Other highlights that didn't get photographed:
swimming at the Y
making cookies for his preschool program
playing cards
jumping on the bed
picking out new books at the library

I am blessed with an amazing little guy! Love you Seth!

Bye Bye Dragonflies!

Wow....where did the year go? I remember that first day of school....leaving Kate in the hospital in come home and be with Seth on his first day. He was so apprehensive...and's old hat. Overall...Seth had a great first year of school. He's learning to write...draws pictures...and has become a little "worldly". I think it was great for him socially...he has definitely come out of his shell this year.'s obvious from the pics...he's grown physically. He looks so much more mature in the face...and needless to say...smiles better for the camera!

It's been a great year as a green dragonfly!

Need book and swing set advice

My faithful readers know about the Christian fiction book series I've been reading. I can't believe I've read 12 books in little over a month....that's more than I've read in the past 4 years. I finished "Summer" last night...crying all the way through the end (you'll know why if you've read it). I had reserved the next one at the library....and checked the status....I'm number 68 in line! I can't wait that I was wondering if any local Karen Kingsbury fan has "Someday" sitting on their shelf for me to borrow...I only need it like 2 days. I know...I"ll still have to wait after the final book in the series hasn't even been released yet. What will I do after that?....I'll gladly take suggestions of great authors or books to read for the summer.

Oh...and while I'm soliciting advice...curious if anyone has purchased a wooden Toys R US swing set...and what their thoughts were. We are looking for a new wooden swing set for Seth...and the online comments about Toys R Us were terrible. I know the Rainbow sets are awesome...but very pricey...and we don't (can't) spend that much money. Just curious as what you experienced mommies (and daddies) thoughts are about wooden swing sets. case you were looking...we evidently got bumped from the paper last night. I guess there was some confusion with the photographer and he was waiting for our "shipment' of books. Well...we have that "shipment" in the storage shed. I'll definitely let you know...and post a link when it does get published.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We're just keeping busy busy...May is just always such a busy busy month.

Seth...gee...where to start? His newest thing...he wants to save his piggy bank money. Not for a new truck...not for a new bike...but for a "slippery when wet" sign. He evidently thinks those are really neat...and is insistent that we get one for our house...for when I clean the floors...or when he gets out of the shower. The boy is a 75 year old man at times!
Thursday marks his last day of school and his final program. We are anxious to see if he actually sings this time.

Andy has been working hard getting the association pool ready for Memorial Day Opening. The inspector got us for not having screws in the main yesterday...Andy had to do some deep sea diving in the non-heated swimming pool. It was wicked cold...but he did it...and we passed our re-inspection today with flying colors! He definitely went way beyond the call of duty. He's down to 8 days...until we can all just enjoy our summer together.

Me...staying crazy busy of course. My big accomplishment today...actually having all the laundry (every towel, sweater, delicate) washed and the laundry baskets empty....until Andy changed after work. I can't even imagine how big families even begin to keep up.

And...I am pretty excited (and nervous) about my newest venture. I am going to be teaching the 10th grade Sunday School class at church. I was honored when they asked me...and it's definitely time for me to start giving back to our amazing church that has given us so much support.
I've sat in 2 times in the past month...but this Sunday marks my 1st day on my own. Yeah....I have many years of experience teaching...but it feels like an eternity since I've done youth work. I am anxious to see how God uses me...and what He has to teach me through all of this.

Kate's Kart continues to make great strides. Today...I got the bank account opened and all the checks deposited. Wow...what an amazing, generous start we have to our little ministry. Also...I primed and painted the sides of the kart and took it to Jenny from the pottery store to paint the designs. She graciously volunteered to paint our first kart. And my heart friend Samantha is making the aprons...all across America in Texas...amidst her crazy week with her 3 little ones. I just continue to be in awe of how easily everything is coming together. God is so good.

Tomorrow...I have nothing on my calendar...yeah! I hope to just do some serious play time and swimming with Seth. He has been such a trooper while we have had all the Kate's Kart stuff and pool opening duties to do. He enjoys most of it...but tomorrow is "Seth and mommy day." No distractions...I hope!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Laboring and Labeling

It turned out being a pretty beautiful day here in these parts. It started out a little windy and rainy this morning at soccer...but before soccer was over...the sun was shining. Exciting day for Seth...he scored 2 goals today ! Woo Hoo! (Evidently the weather scared some away it was just 2 on was good cause it gave the kids a chance to really play and kick the ball...especially since the "scoring machine" wasn't there today)
The boys labored in the fields today...planting our garden. Last fall, when I was in the hospital with Kate...the two of them built up a little garden it was pretty exciting for them to finally plant it today. We're really looking forward to fresh veges later on this summer!

Taking out the weeds!
Working hard!

As for me...3 friends came over today (thanks Shirlie, Laura and Melanee) and we labeled...and labeled...and labeled about 1/3 of the books for Kate's Kart. I am still amazed at the number of awesome books we have...I'm so ready to get them passed out. Here's the label that we are putting on the back of each book. Again...we can thank Laura for her awesome designing.

Andy and Seth helped finish our 1st load of tubs tonight after supper...and they are even back in the storage shed.

We just keep getting closer and closer to getting the Kart rolling. We're still looking for some local people to help with the painting and sewing so let me know if you're able to help with that.

So...overall a pretty productive Saturday.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Filling The Void

For the past 2 weeks...I've had one thing on my calendar for today: Jury Duty! UGHGH! What a relief last night when I called and the trials had been what to do with my day?

--Wake up, breakfast, get ready
--Take Seth to playdate (I had arranged childcare with one of Seth's buddies from school...they would have been distraught if we cancelled! )
--Run errands...pass a couple garage sales...find this for $30

and it even came with 3 brand new ink cartridges. It's a scanner, copier, fax and color printer. I feel so professional now...who knows what I'll find to scan now! What a blessing since our printer was on the brink of a home in the dumpster...and every single page you put in it needed inserted 3-4 times. I'm pretty excited about it...what a thrill to find such a bargain at a garage sale!
--Pick up Seth
--Make lunch...make 4 phone calls...prepare invoice for my basket business...write a complaint letter about an unpaid medical claim for Kate...FROM JULY!!!
--Take Seth to school
--Head to Kohl''s a major sale and I finally got the extra 30% coupon in the mail! Find some bargains.
--Head to the mall to get my wedding ring fixed for the 2nd time in a month. The smaller outside diamonds keep coming off....luckily this time I found it! They said the tines were really worn down...I asked if this was normal after 6 years...they said "yes!" UGHGH...another $100! They said you should get them fixed every couple years...who knew? So...again I'm without my just feels so weird!
--Run home...fold and put away laundry
--Talk with Parkview Volunteer Coordinator about getting trained for Kate's Kart
--Pick Up Seth
--Run to my parents to pick up some things!
--Go pick up the mail for Kate's Kart at the PO Box
--Set up new printer...and more laundry!
--Start Dinner
--Run to neighbors to drop something for 15 minutes
--Take Seth to swim lessons
--Eat dinner
--More laundry....UGHGH... I ruined a shirt! I am now officially boy-cotting this stain-remover...if you leave it on for more than 5 ruins your clothes....and I'm always forgetting that I pre-treated NO DEAL!
--Do Dishes...and make cookies with Seth--I finally got them made for Gina who won our "name the Kart" contest over a month ago!
--Work on handwriting with Seth....yep...he's a lefty!
--Play Computer Games with Seth
--Put Seth to bed
--Return emails for Kate's Kart
--Watch "The Office" with Andy--work on Kate's Kart stuff
--Head to bed...and read a couple chapters of the book series I'm hooked on. (Stayed up till 2 last night reading....I don't have time for least I have only 2 more books to go (I've read 10) until I'm caught up...then I have to wait for her to release more!)
--And here I am!!!

Wow....I guess I had no problems filling up the day! I'm trying my best to keep up with Kathy! was good to be busy today marked 4 months. Andy and I talked a bit about it tonight...It has been a long 4 months.'s becoming our new "normal" and we're slowly defining what that means for us....whether we like it or not! We often just find ourselves saying how much we miss her and her smiling face.

Well...I have a little more work to do...and some catching up on some other blogs...I'm reading, but am so behind on leaving comments!

Props and a Slideshow!

Finally...some pics from our Fill the Uhaul Day...obviously an amazing amazing day!

And...I just have to give some "Props" to our webdesigner Laura. She is amazing...and is constantly updating and changing the webpage. need to check it out often...cause who know what cools things she is adding on a daily basis.

Laura and I grew up together...our families attended the same church. We became better friends in high school (we went to different elementaries and junior highs) and I have many fond memories of church camp, going to Georgia with her family on spring break, high school band and getting my first kiss in her basement from my first "boyfriend."

We lost touch after high reunited for a year or two in the 90's and went country line dancing...but again lost touch.

But now...I am so glad we are back in touch....our kids have become quick friends and am I looking forward to working with her in many aspects of Kate's Kart...and renewing our friendship...this time for keeps!

Thanks have been a huge blessing to us (Dalen too...he's the connection to Shannon and Jenny). We are very grateful to have you both on our team!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Calling all Artistic Folks!

Hey all...just a quick post asking for help. We have 2 "artsy" type projects in which we need help!

1. Painting the "Kart!" We would love to paint "Kate's Kart" on the side of the well as possibly replicate the tree logo. We'll supply the paint...just need someone artsy to paint it! We need to liven it up a bit!

2. Aprons...we got approval today from the hospital to wear our own "uniform"...instead of their maroon vests. So...we are planning on having aprons that we can just wear over our clothes...and then leave with the Kart for the volunteers to wear. We would love to have 2-4 aprons embroidered with Kate's Kart...and whatever else of the logo is possible. (I don't know a bunch about how those fancy embroidery machines work!) Again..we'll supply the aprons and thread...just need someone artsy to do it.

So...if you feel lead to help in either of these ways...let me know...via a comment or shoot me an email ( Our goal is to start passing out books the 1st week of that is our tentative deadline.

Thanks're all a blessing to us!

Monday, May 12, 2008

In Case You Missed It mom just discovered that you can go on the WAJI on the Listen Now link...and hear Shannon and Jenny's report about the Little well as an email I sent the station.

Kinda fun...and a great way for you out-of-towners to hear it first hand.
It still blows me away!

Mother's Day Memories

I had a nice Mother's Day...I was a little on the weepy side all day long. Throughout the day...there were just certain things that got to me

A's always those songs that get me all joked up. Sunday morning at was the hymn...In His Time.

In His time, in His time,
He makes all things beautiful In His time.
Lord please show me every day
As You’re teaching me Your way,
That You do just what You say
In Your time.

In Your time In Your time
You make all things beautiful in Your time.
Lord, my life to you I bring;
May each song I have to sing
Be to you a lovely thing
In Your time.

I know...part of it might just be the pretty sappy melody...but it also got me thinking. I just kept thinking about God's timing...and how He took Kate back in His time...definitely not in mine. doing that...she became beautiful. Yeah...she was always beautiful...but I related it to her heart and her health. Then...I started thinking about Kate's Kart...and how beautiful that is...and how God's perfect timing is stamped all over it. His timing is perfect....most the time we don't get it here on Earth...but it is. And I just have to keep remembering...that the 50 +/- years I have to wait to see Kate...are just a blink of an his time!

Then...later on in the day...Seth gave me my Mother's Day gift. He and Andy went shopping and evidently he picked it out and was pretty insistent on getting it. It's a beautiful music box. I started crying...and Seth just kept saying...why are you crying? I tried to tell him they were happy tears...but he didn't seem to grasp that. Oh...I wish I could get a Mother's Day gift from that she picked out herself.

The rest of the day was nice...spent time just snuggling with Seth on the couch while he looked at EVERY single page of the Sunday paper. The boys did the dishes and cleaned up...and I just had some quality time with the boys...all I could ask for.

We did see Kate's tombstone proof on Saturday night. It was definitely harder to see than when we went and ordered it. It's going to be really nice...plain and simple. It will be up on Memorial Day...I am expecting that my journey with the whole tombstone process will just continue to get harder...with seeing it set by her grave as the hardest.'s definitely a needed step in the whole closure aspect of all of this.

It's been another busy day with Kate's Kart....I talked with the other local hospital today...and will be meeting with them next week to make plans to get Kate's Kart rolling at Parkview too! And...a reporter came from the newspaper and interviewed was really nice as we just talked and had conversation. The best's going to be in the faith and values section...which means she can talk about our faith and how it is what pulled us through all of this. I'll definitely post something when it goes to print (May 21.)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

Our garage sale was a that we got rid of the big things....were left with only "junk" that I already took to the Salvation Army...and we now have some extra money...most likely to buy a new grill now that spring seems to finally be here.

We're off in just a few minutes to Portland. We're spending Mother's Day with grandma...and tonight we have to proof Kate's Tombstone. UGHGH...I'm not really looking forward to that...but since we want it up for Memorial Day has to be done now.

Still have lots of money and books coming our way for Kate's Kart. It's just crazy...people are so generous...and it's just such a great thing. I know...I still owe you lots more pictures...maybe I'll get a chance tomorrow. It's been really crazy the past 2 weeks.

Well...gotta go pack...and we're on our way.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I know...I promised you all pictures...and totals. It's just been crazy around here. The Little Give is "over"...but things just keep's totally amazing.

We got the Uhaul unloaded...and our storage unit is filled to the brim! We are SO ready to start passing out books. (Our training session at the hospital is May the first week of June...Kate's Kart will be rolling!) case you didn't check the WAJI's pretty obvious that Shannon and Jenny were the a land slide! Of this type of "competition"...everyone is a winner...but we definitely came out on ALL aspects of everything.

But...Jenny and Shannon totaled it like this:
5,517 books....$27, 585
gift cards...$210
other donations...$817
that's a total of over $31,300 from just $100 start!

Plus...climate controlled storage as long as we need it....PRICELESS!
AND...the donations keep coming...I'm sure we loaded well over 400 more books today. AMAZING...and checks from complete strangers keep coming in the mail!

As far as pics...I'm giving you a few as a teaser...but the slideshow should be ready tomorrow (I still have to get copies from Jenny).'s garage sale weekend...and I have a garage full of junk...I mean treasures... to price.
We have had approx. 1500 used books donated to us. We are very grateful...however we are only passing out new books to the hospitalized kids. We will be placing some of them in doctor and hospital waiting rooms...but still have lots more. If anyone knows of some charities or organizations that are in need of some books...let me know. Most of them are very gently used and still in great shape.

Thanks again to everyone who made the past few weeks's been a life-changing couple of weeks. I never ever imagined that this is what Kate's Kart would less than 4 months after her passing. It amazes me how a little girl in heaven...with a broken heart...but a contagious spirit...can still change this world...for the better!

Okay...I'm off to bed...but just noticed our totally awesome web pro has already got more pics on the Kates Kart website....check out more pics here!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tune In

I know...I'm on a little posting frenzy...but I couldn't sign off without a quick reminder to listen to 95.1 between 7:15 and 8:00 Tuesday morning. Shannon and Jenny (as well as the other participants in the Little Give) will be sharing their results. It should be exciting to hear what everyone did...and especially the totals for Shannon and Jenny!

It's still continuing to grow...we just got word that Canterbury School collected another 1100+ books and more money just today. WOW. We'll definitely post the grand totals and put links and thank yous on the website.

And...just another added blessing! Today we found out that we had climate controlled storage donated! WOW. God is so good...and just continues to bless Kate's Kart...and all of us!

Soccer Moms

So I told you all that 5 of us bestest friends from high school got together this weekend for a little 24 hour get-away. Sharyn came up from Indy...met Gina, Melanee and I and we headed up north an hour to Mel's families lake cottage on the Michigan border. We were laughing on the way up...cause all 4 of us had attended our child's soccer game that morning...which made us a carload of "soccer moms!" Wow!

Then...Karla came down from Michigan and met us at the cottage. It was totally awesome. Just 5 girls...chatting away like we'd since each other everyday in the past 20 years. We're just that kind of group that it doesn't matter how long it's been...we can pick up right where we left off. We hit everything from our current struggles with kids to trying to remember who we had for junior year English class.

We went into "town" twice to eat...but otherwise...just hung out at the cottage and talked. We watched a "chick flick"--27 dresses-- and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.

It was definitely too short...but definitely totally worth it! They are friends that I will cherish forever! Love ya girls!

Soccer Boy

Seth started a 5 week soccer league last Saturday. It was totally adorable...30 4-5 year olds (he just made the cut-off) running around in their WAY TO BIG soccer jerseys. We were quite excited because this round of soccer went WAY better than last summer...and he was having a great time.

His group of kids is being coached by our good friend, Ken who just happens to also be a women's college soccer coach. His daughter Mya (Seth's friend) is also I'm sure our kids will be the BEST...and be well on their way to being professional players some day!

Here's a few pics from the first day...and the first game of soccer Seth has ever played. He even scored a goal! WOO HOO!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Task Accomplished!

Hey all...well, I'm back from a most exhausting and refreshing weekend.

First of all...the "event" went really well. We couldn't be happier with the day. First of all it was sunny...a little windy...but sunny. We had a great turn-out and from our preliminary calculations...we got over 4500 books. We sorted and categorized all the books...and ended up with over 2400 usable new books! Plus...over 1000 used books that we are looking into getting into doctor's offices and to other charities. IT FILLED THE UHAUL! Woo Hoo! Plus...a ton of money too! We are meeting on Wednesday to go over the grand totals of everything. Shannon goes on the radio Tuesday morning to find out the results of the big contest.
And...the local tv station came and we got a 40 second bit on the evening news.

But...overall...we're thrilled! We're set for a while...and the donations keep coming in. We'll really be able to spread out and do lots of hospitals in the area.

I was too busy to even think about taking pictures...but they had a professional photographer taking pictures...and lots of others promised to get me their you'll just have to wait for pictures.

Thanks to everyone who made Saturday possible...I'll definitely give more details after the contest is over and when we have pictures. We're amazed.

More about the the refreshing half of the weekend later!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tomorrow's the Day!

Well...tomorrow is the big day...I'm pretty excited about our "fill the Uhaul" event. The girls have done a great job...they have a tent (cause it's most likely gonna rain), food, a banner...and of course the Uhaul. I can't wait to see if we get it filled...based on what I know so far...I'm guessing it will be. We're getting checks and books in the's so exciting! The word is spreading. In fact...we've even had people volunteer to help from Indy, Michigan and Minnesota....who knows how far this might grow.

I'll be sure and post some pictures soon...probably won't be until Sunday night cause....

The whole day is going to be a whirlwind. Seth has his first soccer game of the season at 9...then hustle to set-up at 10...then the "EVENT" from 11-2...then I'm heading out as soon as possible to an overnight get-away with my 4 best friends from high-school. Gina and Melanee are still here in town...but Sharyn is in Indy and Karla is in Ann Arbor. It'll be great to see the girls and catch up. It's been over 2 years since the 5 of us have been together...barring about 20 minutes at Kate's Funeral...and a quick reception dinner for Karla's wedding. We probably won't do a thing...but sit on the couch and chat...but that's just fine with me.

Thanks again to my wonderful husband for letting me have another "girls" weekend. It's been awesome to catch up...and as you girls know...just chat!

Love to all...if you're around tomorrow...stop by! I have a van load of drinks and cookies!