Monday, June 30, 2008

More and more books on shelves!

So here it is... a picture of the storage unit...that is finally taking shape! I am so close to having it organized...and a total number of the books that we currently have. It has taken a lot of lots of people getting them all labeled, sorted and on the shelves. It felt good to spend 4 hours there today...just getting them sorted and organized! (The boys were in Portland working real hard at Grandma's yard). I'm sure lots of people would help...but since it is only 5x15...there isn't much room for more than one person.

The books are arranged by category (board, picture, 1st readers) on the shelves...then on each shelf the books are by type....all Clifford...all touch and feel...all dinosaurs...all princess etc. This way we know what we have...can easily replace the Karts...and make efficient use of our inventory and know specifically what we need to replace (ie, Captain Underpants books or cloth books!)

A sweet girl from church has sorted all the young adult girl/boy/classics...and those are now on the extra we still need another shelf. Plus...I'm taking her the last 4 tubs to sort this week! She's been a Godsend...Thanks Taylor.

Just two more tubs to label...then some counting and we'll be caught up from our onslaught of books from the Little (BIG) Give.

All the boxes in the back...used books! But Linda is being a saint and helping us get those to other charities than can use them...we'll save some for the ER's and waiting rooms.

It's all just amazes me....we have another board meeting tonight...and we are well on our way of getting our 45 page 501c3 application to the IRS! Wow...what a team effort...thanks to everyone!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Karts dad and I picked up the 4 new book carts we had ordered for Kate's Kart. It was pretty exciting. Saturday...Andy and I unloaded 2 into the storage unit...and brought 2 home to prime and paint the sides. One is going down to Portland tomorrow with the boys for Grandma to paint...and then it will stay in Jay County. The other one is being painted by one of my mom's co-worker's daughter's who is in art school in Chicago...that one will go to Parkview beginning on July 8th.

The most exciting part...they are 4 bright different colors--blue, purple, yellow & green. I wish I had pictures of all of them together...I wasn't thinking...but will definitely post pictures after the sides are painted. Here is what the Parkview one looks like now...half way primed and in our garage!

It's been a busy weekend with Kate's Kart. The 3 of us spent all of Saturday afternoon in the storage unit. We bought some shelves so that we can better see our Andy and I had to set those up...then Seth and I stayed and started putting them on shelves! It still amazes me how many books we have...but I'm sure in a month...when Kate's Kart is rolling in 3 hospitals..the books will start flying off the shelves. It all still amazes me...and I can't wait to see what the new Karts look like painted!

Boys Boys Boys

Friday afternoon, the cousins...Elijah and Lucas, came over for a couple hours while their mom had an appointment. After playing nicely in the starts to rain so the 3 of them head upstairs. I check on them a couple times...break up a few arguments...and then sit down and read the paper! I'm not worried...they are 4, 5 & 7! Well...a few minutes later...this is what I find:

Evidently...the two youngest decide to give themselves tattoos...My sneaky little one tried to wash it off when he heard me coming upstairs! I'm laughing at this point...just grateful it isn't permanent or poop! Well...a few minutes later I discovered the marker also had ended up on the bedspread...and every marker we own (there are A TON, as Seth got lots of markers/coloring books while Kate was hospitalized) is thrown all over the playroom...with the lids off...which mean there were marker dots all over the carpet!

I was still laughing looking at the boys...and still found it hard to get really mad. I guess that is why we have a playroom...and one quick load of laundry and a bucket of soapy water...and a good bath...all was fixed!

It just makes me a little scared what these two little ones are going to get themselves into in the future...all while their older cousin sits quietly coloring a beautiful picture!

Then later that night...Seth wanted a phonebook...I'm wasn't sure why...but he was pretty insistent. Well...a few minutes later we find him in his treehouse...with his power ranger phone doing important business! How cute is that. He was just flipping pages...dialing random phone numbers and carrying on conversations.
From crazy, silly grown-up business man....all in a couple hours!

Friday, June 27, 2008

How Sweet It Is!

Again...a huge thank you to everyone who sent us pictures of your families eating ice cream...and if you still have some...please send them as I can easily update the slideshow!

I think one of the biggest fears of Kate's passing is that she would be forgotten...she had so much joy and Andy and I hated that she could no longer share it with others here on Earth. Well...she is proving us wrong...between smiles on kids (and adults) eating ice the smiles from her book Kart...she is still spreading that joy. And...that is what I want most from her short little life. Thank you for sharing with us in remembering our little girl! We appreciate it more than you know. was so much fun putting this together!

One year ago!

Our magic day on the beach at South Haven, Michigan. We took a little mini-vacation and spent 3 days up there. Looking back....that day was truly a gift from the water is NEVER warm enough for a little one to sit and play in...and that day it was. We could not have asked for a better day...and better memories with Kate. Her beach picture has become her "famous" picture...and as you can see...I worked really hard to get that shot...and I am so thankful I did! Thank you Jesus for days like that!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthday Blessings has come and is nearly gone. Overall...a good day, but Andy and I just feel like we've had the "sucker punch" in the know the feeling that things are just not right. was still filled with blessings.

We had a slow morning...Seth and I ran some errands, finished some know all the "normal" stuff. cream at The Scoop...there were 13 of us there...what a nice treat!

Then...Grandma, Seth, Andy and I headed out to Lutheran for an extra rolling of Kate's Kart. We even had a bunch of beanie babies and stuffed animals that we passed out with the books. Of course...many many smiles and happy happy kids! Seth has always been so anxious to go...and he was so excited that he got to go...but he just didn't why he couldn't go in every room and why he couldn't get books and stuffed animals. Plus...there were just a lot of kids with contact precautions...and we couldn't let him in those rooms. He did a couple rooms...and that was fun for him. Plus...great to have Grandma along this time.

Back home...for a little break and labeling of more books. They just keep coming as Grandma brought some from Anita brought bags and bags as her "birthday delivery".

Grandma treated us to Chinese buffet (and they even had an ice cream machine...which of course we had to indulge in)

Tonight...I've been doing lots of work with Kate's Kart...just trying to get organized and update lists and stuff.

But...the coolest part of the whole day has been getting emails of people all over the US eating ice cream in honor of Kate. I can't wait to get them all together in a slideshow. It has just totally warmed my heart THANK YOU to everyone...WHAT A BLESSING! I hope to have that posted tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who sent up an extra prayer for us today...and I even got word from several people that they saw rainbows today! What an extra special treat back from our little Kate! We love you sweetie...and miss you like crazy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We had a great little get-a-way the past few days. We took my parents RV on a training weekend to a state park (Chain O' Lakes) not too far away. (We want to take their RV to Lake Michigan later in the summer...but had to learn how to set-up/tear-down a little closer to home. My parents...generously drove up with us set up and then came back today to review tear down!

We got there about 3:00 on all set-up and Seth headed straight for the playground. After dinner cooked over a fire...we all took a bike-ride. It was our first bike-ride with all 3 of us on our own bikes...Seth did really really well. More playing on the playground...and cooking of S'mores before getting setlled into the nice, warm, soft RV!

Tuesday was absolutely beautiful...we couldn't have asked for a better day. We took about a 2 1/2 mile hike down to the lake and all around it...Seth's little legs did really well...his favorite was anytime we came to a bridge...thank goodness there were several of those at the end.

After lunch...we rode our bikes back to the lake and rented a canoe...and took a couple hour canoe ride through the channels connecting the lakes. We saw lots of neat water plants and flowers...a turtle and a SNAKE! I HATE SNAKES...and just seeing it sunbathing in the water gave me the creeps for hours.

Seth found a couple playmates on the he spent most of his time over there! We took lots more bike-rides...went to the camp store for ice cream...and just enjoyed sitting by the fire.

Today...we woke up to rain! So...after a phonecall to Nana and Oompa telling them we were ready to come home...we loaded up! It was a yucky day...and the area outside our campsite turned to mud. Fortunately...the sun came out a while after we got home so we could dry everything out!

It was a fun couple days....Seth loved it. He had been looking forward to it for so long...and even had himself buckled in his seat about 20 minutes before we left.

Thanks Nana and Oompa for letting us borrow it...what a treat and we were SO thankful...especially this morning with the rain.

Enjoy the slide show of some of the pics....and don't forget to get your ice cream tomorrow (see last post) I can't wait to get tons of pictures...I think it's a great way to celebrate Kate! And...see you at "THE SCOOP" at 1:30!


So...Thursday will be Kate's 2nd birthday! And...we've wondered how we could remember her on her special day...well, we don't think there would be any better way than eating ice cream...Why? Watch this!

(September 2007)

Yep...Kate LOVED ice in honor and memory of Kate...we do declare Thursday, June 26 as "GO EAT ICE CREAM DAY!" If you can go there is nothing better than going out for ice cream...If you can't...then dip up yourself a bowl in your own house.

And....better yet...send me a picture of you and your family eating the ice cream ( and I'll put together a slide show (if enough people do it). If you can't send a least leave a comment or send us an email and let us know!

And...if you're local...why don't you join us at THE SCOOP, on Dupont Road at 1:30 on Thursday...for a little ice cream treat and we'll all just celebrate a sweet sweet little girl!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Frenzy

Another weekend gone! They just go too quick!

Yesterday I got a day of scrapbooking with my friend Laura...we had all day at her scrap our little hearts out. I got 13 more pages done on Kate's Book. The excitement was that I got a CriCut machine as an early birthday present from my mom and Andy's mom! It is the coolest letter/shape cutter EVER! I always dreaded lettering in scrapbooks...especially cutting out all the this makes it so much fun! Thanks mom and Cathy! Now to find time to catch up on 3 years!!

We were supposed to attend on Saturday afternoon an end-of-season carnival for an Upward Flag Football League that had been doing Kate's Kart as a mission project this spring ...but it got cancelled due to the weather..which just meant more time for scrapping. Then...Andy and Seth and I met Laura and her husband and daughter for dinner at Mexican! YUM YUM!

The boys were busy while I was scrapping...they tore out an ugly tree in our front flower bed...and took all the books back to the storage Seth says: Guy Stuff we went to the carnival that was rescheduled from was the whole gang: Grandma, Nana, Oompa and the 3 of us...we held off because it was storming again...but by 3 it had cleared up. We got there...realized I had left the memory card in the computer for my my dad and Andy went home. Grandma, Nana, Seth and I were walking around looking for the lady in charge...the wind was picking was beginning to lightening again...and they told everyone to go to their cars.

Well...all of a sudden this huge gigantic inflatable moonwalk/bungee run type thing gets caught in the wind and starts flipping over and over across the entire field filled with school-age football players and cheerleaders heading for their cars. It was one of the scariest things I've ever seen...everyone landing on top of people...It was crazy. gets caught against a fence...when the other one starts to go...and does the same thing.

We quickly take Seth to the school for cover from yet another impending storm (we had no car) and wait....meanwhile here comes like 4 ambulances. I guess one boy was on the inflatable when it started tumbling and hurt is head. I don't' know all the details...just that it was really scary and I am so thankful that we were not in it's path. I know several others were hurt too..and one little boy was caught under this gigantic mound of hearts just breaks for the entire situation and all those directly involved. God's Blessings!

Please send up a prayer for those kids/adults hurt by this freak accident...and for those in charge as they deal with this day. They had put so much work into this...and it just got destroyed.
We were excited about meeting some of the people who have so graciously collected books for us...but obviously....that will wait for another day.

Otherwise...a wonderful sermon at church today...supper with cream with the whole flowers in the area where the tree came out...and funny home videos. Can't complain too much!

UPDATE: Just got an email from one of the organizers...all injuries are minor! Praise God!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Books+ Books = Blessings

So this is what our couch looks like tonight...after our onslaught of books today...and after Seth unloaded them all for me to label. He loves loading and counting the books. It's amazing the books we are receiving...a bunch of books from Kelly in California (more on that below), I had some building up upstairs, we picked some up from the pottery store where people had been dropping them off...and we stopped by Barnes and Noble today and took advantage of their clearance sale since we have gift cards from the Little Give to use. I got some great books...hardback board books for like $2-3 (hint hint if anyone is a Barnes & Nobles this weekend!)

I wanted to tell you all about the special load of books we got this week....well they are all special...but this is REALLY SPECIAL! Andy and Kelly live in California and had twin daughters in October. Brooklyn was born with the same heart defect as Kate, and went to be with Jesus at the age of 6 weeks. Aubrey is doing great...and is the cutest little thing ever...with the cutest wardrobe ever!

Aubrey...hamming it for the camera
Precious Brooklyn
Andy and Kelly used some of Brooklyn's memorial money to purchase 175 books for Kate's Kart.
Kelly put the cutest little sticker on them...honoring Brooklyn...and now they will be passed out here in Indiana. I'm just amazed at how everyone is getting onboard...and helping us out! Have you looked at the website lately on "Kate's Kommunity" to see all the states from where we've received donations! It's incredible.

Anyway...thanks Kelly, Andy and Aubrey for sharing a bit of Brooklyn with us...and with the kids here in Indiana! We truly all are in this together!! You can check out their blog...and adorable pictures of Aubrey here!
And...I did another rolling of Kate's Kart today...and yet another very rewarding day. Lots of kids were so excited about the books...and the smiles just warmed your heart! One little 5 year old even said: "This is very kind of you!" How sweet is that. The demand of the day....Princess books! It just always amazes me how the dynamics of the kids in the hospital changes so often.
Well...I'm off to label books...blessing!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Front Page

We made the news again. It's crazy! We were interviewed (well...actually it was just me) when Seth and I were in Portland for VBS. And... the sweetest little intern wrote an article about Kate's Kart for the Portland Paper. Thanks to a letter from Grandma...they found out that Kate's Kart will be coming to Jay County Hospital in late July/Early August and wanted to do a story about it.

She asked lots of questions...and it made the front page of the paper yesterday. You can find a link to the article HERE!

I'm still amazed at how much this is growing and spreading...and how fast! What a ride! I go back tomorrow for another rolling of Kate's taking a huge tub of books to re-stock the Kart. Andy labeled his little heart out tonight...and sorted some books! We have quickly learned that we need to be a little more organized in how we arrange the Kart. We're figuring it all out...slowly but surely (well...actually it doesn't feel very slow!)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Brass Band Marches....4 part harmony to hits of the century....bluegrass, banjos and fiddles!
Yep...that's my family!

So we've been making the tour of my family's concerts. A week or so ago we went to my dad's brass band concert. I think I mentioned how good it was and how impressive they sounded for being less than a year old! My dad plays the tuba....that's how he got the name "Oompa"

Last night we went to my mom's choir concert. She started and is the director of a community wide choir...which my musical dad also sings in. They did hits from the last century...and it was fun to sing along with a lot of the songs. Plus it was in the new library downtown...which I hadn't been in....very cool! We need to go down there just to spend a few hours.

Then...tonight we hit my brother's band a park across town. It was a little chilly...but it was a lot of fun...just sitting on the green...listening to the music. Plus...the cousins were there (since their daddy was singing) and all 3 boys had a blast chasing each other...playing in the stream and the nearby playground. Lucas and Seth came back completely covered in mud with dirty wet shoes (well, Lucas has taken his off!) What fun the boys had!

Nana and Oompa...if you want Seth to stay for your whole concert (he didn't make it through those) you need to have it outside at a park...with streams and dirt nearby...and room to yell!

So...we are now cultured..and won't be able to hear about my upcoming concert. I GOT NONE of the family musical talent. I am very proud of my mom, dad and brother for their dedication to music...and the joy they bring others.

In fact...both my mom and brother were in the newspaper this last week. I know...3 King articles in the paper within 2 weeks. You can find a link to my mom's choir HERE...and to my brother's HERE.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Andy had a nice Father's Day today. We knew it was going to be a hard one...with Andy missing his father and his daughter...and the fact that it's 5 months today since Kate passed. But, amidst glimpses of sadness and going some a few memory lanes....we had a good day.

Church was encouraging as always...the kids choir did the neatest pantomime to blacklight...WAY COOL! Then...time in the afternoon for slip and sliding and Andy got time to read the paper and take a nap while Seth and I headed to the grocery. My parents came over for a yummy bbq tonight.

Seth painted some pottery (a pencil holder) from the pottery store...and it turned out really cute. Andy also got his own MP3 now we are both in the 21st century.

I am so honored to be married to Andy...and am humbled by the way he has handled the past year. He has been an incredible role model for Seth. Happy Father's Day Andy...we love you!

And...Happy Father's Day to my dad...another great influence in my life! I'll always be your little girl! Love you!

VBS Report

What a way to serve in "God's Big Backyard!"
Grandma called this afternoon...and the VBS kids...with a little help from the adults...raised $800 and 50 books for Kate's Kart. Amazing. I am still amazed at the support this "little" project is getting...from all over. We have our 1st board meeting tomorrow evening...and I am looking forward to getting some other input into our project. We are already tweaking some things (the organization of the Kart) and trying to get really organized with our tubs. People are still stepping up to volunteer. It's so awesome. What I love that Kate's Kart rolls and Andy and I aren't there each time...we've got such a wonderful volunteer team! Thanks to EVERYONE who is working so hard to make this possible.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Story to Melt Your Heart know that Grandma's Church was doing Kate's Kart as their mission project for
VBS. On Monday...they showed the "story of Kate's Kart" video and I talked a little about it and about our 1st experience. Each night..the kids were to bring in their "spare change" for Kate's Kart. Zeth...a 10 year old who attended VBS all week. On Tuesday...he was so excited and told me in the parking lot that he had $58 for Kate's Kart. I asked his mom later...and she said..."'s all his birthday money." Here is this little kid...who gave all he had to help out some other kids he doesn't even know. Does that just melt your heart? I guess he was quick to learn about serving others...the theme of the week! Thanks Zeth...YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE in lots of kids lives! WAY TO GO! We are all so proud of you!

Grandma is going to call tomorrow with the grand total of the week tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Week In Review

Seth and I had a nice time this week at Grandma's with VBS. Seth was so cute...singing the songs and having fun with his new friends. He was so excited about his memory verse each night...that's so exciting to see.

Other highlights of the week:

--Seth and I picking up sticks, limbs and small trees for 3 hours at Grandma's house after the storm--okay not really a highlight!
--Daddy coming down for birthday party #4
--Spending an afternoon playing with new friends Izzy & Cooper! Amy (their mom) is a great friend who I just never get to fact she was the one who introduced Andy and me!
--Disney Channel---a luxury only at Grandma's
--Playing games and going to the park with Grandma
--Getting interviewed for the Portland Newspaper about Kate's Kart
--Coming home to a brand new, now even patio--Andy worked so hard while we were gone.

Seth was one pooped little guy...and slept until after 10:30 this morning! Fun days for little boys! Now he has just the weekend to recover before heading to Kiddi Kamp at his preschool!
Thanks Grandma for a fun week! So glad you are feeling better!

Celebration #4

While down in Portland with Grandma...we celebrated with party #4! Yeah...Seth was pretty excited about 4 parties for his 4th birthday! It was actually kinda nice in that his presents were spread out over a week...and he was able to enjoy them as they came. Grandma got him soccer goals, a slip-n-slide, pj's and and outfit! What a lucky boy. Plus...more cake! YUM YUM!

I think now the festivities are officially over.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

VBS at Grandmas

So this week...Seth and I are hanging out at Grandmas. Seth is going to her church's VBS. They are doing Kate's Kart as their mission fundraiser during at our Church you have to have finished it worked out well. Since Cathy just finished her last treatment...she's still a little weak, so that's why I'm staying too! I helped with VBS last night...and that was really it's all working out.

Andy is home...replacing our stone patio and taking care of his pool responsibilities. I'm anxious to see how it turns out when we get home on Thursday night.

Unless I figure out Grandma's may be pictureless this week...but I'll be sure and fill you all in at the end of the week.

Andy and I did another rolling of Kate's Kart yesterday. There weren't too many kids on the floor...but there were tons in the clinics...especially the cancer clinic. That was rewarding...everyone we run into just loves the Kart...and we're getting so many positive comments! And...we continue to get books and checks in the mail from cool is that! Kate's Kart is contagious. (BTW...we got a package from Children's Book of the Month Club...with no name attached! I'm curious as to who blessed us with that package!)

Well...gotta go...fill you in tomorrow!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Celebrations was a pretty great day for a brand new 4 year old. We went to church this morning...Seth took cookies for all his friends in his Sunday School Class.

Then...lunch with Nana and Oompa at Bandidos--yeah, we're so cheap we couldn't even pass up a free meal for Seth. Plus...if he picked we would have ended up at McD, Burger King or Subway! Nana and Oompa came back to our house for presents, cake and icecream. I'm sure you won't be surprised as to what he chose for his cake this year (see slide show!) He's one loved little guy...and got baseball bases, Cars DVD, Cars pjs, Cars paint book, a swimsuit, an activity book, a new shirt, a new game and squirt guns...and oh yeah...a killer swing set! afternoon filled with playing new games...squirt gun fight with daddy (mommy stayed out of this one)...a rousing game of T-Ball complete with bases and a watching of his new movie! Yep...didn't take much to get him down this evening.

We'll celebrate more this week at Grandma's (after her final treatment tomorrow) and then...the festivities will come to a close. He's pretty excited about being 4 and we've been talking about new responsibilities that come with being self-sufficient in the bathroom (he did it today!) and leaving his blankie in his bed (we'll see how that one goes).


1 23's still so hard to believe--4 years old already!

more party pictures later!


Soccer & Salons

This morning was Seth's last day of soccer. We were we all were really enjoying his little mini-season. He has shown so much improvement just over the past 5 weeks. Today...a trophy, pictures, a medal & popsickles! He was so proud of his little was so cute. Receiving his trophy
He's so excited about his trophy
Seth and friends!
Seth's first coach....our friend Ken (Mya's dad!)

I never have been one to spend bunches of money on my hair. In fact...I have been going to the closest hair place for the past 4 years...and they don't even wash or dry your hair. Well... a couple weeks friend gave me a gift-certificate to one of those AVEDA salons! Wow...did I feel pampered. I gave the stylist the go-ahead to try something new...and she suggested I grow my sides out a little. This scared me as I have really curly hair...and with summer here...the humidity makes it OUT OF CONTROL! But...she showed me some new we'll see! I know I won't even be close to getting it to look like she did today. But wow...what a treat to get a scalp massage...and my hair styled.

Otherwise...ran a few errands and we all enjoyed a nice evening at home. Tomorrow is the big day for Seth...he is so excited as we bought cookies to take to Sunday School tomorrow as a treat! I can't believe he's 4!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kate's Busy Day!

It looks as if Kate is busy tonight--according to Seth, Kate is in charge of the rainbows (remember this post!). What a beautiful sight tonight to see 3 amazing rainbows after the storm. I guess it was pretty bad in some fact, for the 1st time we even got the blankets and a stack of books and read bed-time stories in the bathroom. That prompted A LOT of questions from the little guy once we went back upstairs...and if you know Seth...he can ask the questions.

Kate's Kart rolled again today...thanks to Sherry and Gayle for manning the Kart. I talked with Sherry and she said it went really well...lots of smiles again and very appreciative parents.

Well...Miss've had a busy day bringing smiles to everyone--including me with the rainbow...the 1st one since Seth's little bit of insightfullness! We miss you sweetie!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Today we celebrated Seth's upcoming birthday with his cousins. Seth picked what special things he wanted to do today...and they included:
--lunch at Subway (as he says...let's "Eat Fresh")
--Putt Putt and Arcade Games at Crazy Pinz--too hot for outside Putt Putt
--playtime on the swing set
--Fun at the Splash Park
It was a fun afternoon and the boys had a great time! Seth got a new Scooter for his present. He was out there giving it his best shot with his older cousins. I'm really proud of him. I have a feeling...he needs to master the whole bike riding without training wheels first...but he's trying hard.

We'll celebrate with cake and more presents (not he has a VERY NICE ONE already in the backyard!) on Sunday..his actual birthday.

Tonight we also went to see my dad's concert. He plays in a Brass Band and they had a concert at the outdoor auditorium. They sounded really was the first time I got to a concert (the band is less than a year old). Sorry we had to leave at intermission...that was about all one worn out 3 year old could handle.

6 Seconds

6 seconds...the length of coverage we got only on the 5:00 news. It was a very brief clip...showing Andy pushing the looking for a book...and a darling little guy reading his new book. It was short...but VERY SWEET.

Guess it turned out to be a big news day...and there wasn't room. Sorry to all of you who anxiously waited by your tv set...I didn't mean to give false info...just told you what they told us.

If anyone knows how to get a video clip from VHS onto the computer...I'd love to share our 6 seconds with you.... but that is WAY beyond my technological knowledge. And...I can't find anything on the all you out-0f-towners are out of luck! Sorry. Wow...what a week! The Kart rolls again tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kart and TV Footage Rolling

Andy and I just got back from the inaugural rolling of Kate's Kart...complete with tv news coverage (watch Channel 15 at 5, 6 or 11).

It went really well...was very rewarding and we put smiles on lots of kids faces. We passed out 36 books today....from babies in the kids getting cancer treatment... to newborns on little boys who grabbed at the books and just started turning older siblings in the waiting moms who just needed some smile and after smile.

It's a good thing and we made kids smile...just like Kate did for us each and every day. It was very rewarding...can't wait for more to experience some of the fun. Can you believe it...Kate's Kart is rolling! Praise God!

Monday, June 2, 2008

TAGGED the blogging world there is a little game of "tag" where occasionally you get "tagged" to answer questions. I've been tagged a few times...but have never played.'s almost almost 4 year old is up watching a movie...I always cave in after 3 hours of him laying in bed quietly. So...since I have some extra time...I thought I might as well give it a shot as I was tagged by Kelly.

What was I doing 10 years ago today?.
Since I wasn't blogging...I'm not totally sure. I'm pretty sure I had just moved or was getting ready to move into my 1st house. I had it built brand-new...and it was pretty big step for me. I was 0 for 100 on dates and had resigned myself to being single forever.
I was probably frantically planning summer camps and mission I was in youth ministry at the time...and that was pretty much all-consuming of my life.

Five things on my to-do list today?
1. Drop off books at library
2. Go to grocery
3. Sort and label books at the school
4. Splash park with Seth
5. Contact Parkview to set up training time

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. Popcorn and M&M's...something about sweet & salty
2. Animal crackers
3. Grapes
4. Fiber One chocolate bars
5. milk and cookies
hmm....maybe I should find some healthier snacks!

Five things I'd do if I was a millionaire
(after tithing, of course)
1. Fly all my new heart mom friends to a beach for a weekend together

2. Adopt several kids
3. Set up awesome education plan for Seth and future children
4. Hire a personal shopper to buy me a new wardrobe
5. Start a "Kate's Kart in every state"

5 places I've lived...I'm boring I only have 3!
1. Ft. Wayne, Indiana (6 different houses/apartments)
2. Muncie, Indiana
3. Charlotte, North Carolina

Five people I tag:
1. Melissa
2. Shannon
3. Megan
4. LeeAnne
5. Vanessa

Monday Musings

So after a day of press releases and signing autographs...okay not really...BUT still..this is the most publicity I've ever had. I am just so glad that they were able to include part of our faith in the story....cause really...without our faith and hope in Christ and heaven...there would be no story. I still never imagined it would all become what it is. In all honesty...I really thought that we would have to beg for books...and ask for books instead of holiday presents...and that this might last a year. I guess we have something good here...and it's being blessed by God...and his little angel, Kate!

It was a little bit of a hectic day...I took Seth to the splash park at the Y. I've never been...Seth went last year with Oompa. It was a lot of fun for him...and very relaxing for me to sit in the sun and watch him.
Then...Andy and his students were in town for their last day of school celebration at Crazy Seth and I stopped in for a quick visit.
Then...Seth and I went out to Canterbury High School...and a wonderful bunch of high school girls helped me sort and label a ton of our used books. Now...they are ready to be placed in doctors ER's and passed out to other community organizations. It was a huge relief to get that done.Seth was an amazing helper...once again...and just worked and worked moving books and of course...being our trash man! I guess he was just a little worn out today as this is how I found him after our trip home from the school. ( He just discovered he loves he was pretty excited about getting his first can of pop out of a machine!)

Then...after supper...back to the storage unit to take back the books...and now Andy is at the pool closing it down. He has just one more teacher day and then he is home for the summer! YEAH!

And...Cathy (grandma) had her 2nd of 5 cyberknife radiation treatments for her brain tumor. It is going remarkably well...she is just really really tired. Please keep her in your prayers this she has one on Wednesday and Friday...then again on Monday.

Shocking's always a little shocking to open the paper and see your family's picture...including baby Kate on the front page of the Features section. printed! You can check out the article online or read it in today's (Monday, 6-2) News Sentinel...evening paper. I'm really happy with the article...considering some of it was cut in the cutting room.

Thanks Deb...the writer for an awesome article. We appreciate your willingness to help spread the news of Kate's Kart.

And...of course...if you're local and have some extra copies...please save them for us. Who'd ever have a legacy! You're one little amazing girl!