Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Recap...w/ pics!

So Friday...after school...Seth & I headed to the zoo to meet up w/ our neighbors. We had a great time...enjoying the fabulous weather....riding the train...playing in the Australian exhibit....until it was time for a snack!

That's when....Seth literally freaks out...throws himself on the floor and has a down right fit because...."my ice cream is TOO small" He continues to throw a fit...and says in midst of his anger: " I want to go home!" I say: fine! So...that little stubborn stinker followed me all the way out of the zoo w/out saying one single word. Then...just sat and looked out the window all the way home! Once home...we had a nice little chat about "thankful hearts" and how to better handle this situation and he was sent to his room! Well...he was fast asleep in no time flat...and we had to wake him 1.5 hours later! So is it Fabulous Fours???

Well...his spirits and attitude perked up and we were able to go celebrate Marybeth's (our neighbor) 3rd birthday by sharing in her birthday cake. Several new neighbors were there and we just stood around and chatted while the kids all played! I even got to hold the cutest little 6 month old baby...who just snuggled down on my chest and fell asleep...precious!
Saturday morning Seth had his soccer game...after sleeping for only 7 hours since he was up till 1am since he napped that afternoon! Some of the game looked like this...doesn't it look like the gray team is attacking Seth! Hey...NO HANDS!

but this pic is a better representation of the spirit of the game...they just weren't into it today!

Then...we WORKED...Andy mowed the grass, stained the swingset, fixed the chimney and cleaned the garage. I cleaned the house, helped a friend put some items on Ebay and went to the My Menu grand opening. I bought several of their onsale items...and am anxious to try it out! Plus....we put up the fall/Halloween decorations.

Then...out to a quick dinner at Culver's and some Putt Putt! It was a good, fun, productive day! and then steaks on the grill for lunch (they were the MyMenu ones...terayaki...VERY GOOD!). Lots of playing outside...working on Kate's Kart stuff and blueberry waffles for dinner (YUM!) top off the weekend...we all went swimming for the last time at the pool Andy manages throughout the summer. It closes for the season on we took advantage of a beautiful evening and all went for a little dip!

Then...of course I had to indulge myself in Desperate Housewives...not quite sure to think of the new season...year leap...we'll see!

So...really a pretty good'm off to make the grocery/shopping list! UGHGH...if that just didn't mean having to plan a menu too! You know I'll be resorting to my MyMenu buys this week! Blessings for a great week!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Someone I can trust!

So...after watching the debate (sort of...while sorting 100's of Kate's Kart books that came in this week and pacifying a 4 year old who took a nap today) I decided I might vote for THIS GUY! Maybe someone I can actually trust! What do you think?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Live!

The basket business website is "LIVE" I can't thank EVERYONE enough who has helped me in some way in getting this going...I appreciate everyone who has shared ideas, designs, names & did most of the work--- esp.. Jenny, Shannon, Megan & Laura! can check it out at If you are local...and know of anyone or have a personal need for gifts...I would be thrilled to help you out.

Perhaps you have a group of employees you would like to show your appreciation to on a monthly basis w/ a seasonal fruit and goodie basket?

Perhaps you would like to give gifts to your child's teachers or coaches?

Perhaps you are headed to a baby shower?

Perhaps you know someone who is in charge of corporate gift giving?

Perhaps you know of someone recovering in the hospital and would like to pamper them a little?

I am here...and able to help you! And the best part...I can make it really easy on you...and I deliver!

Plus...I have some baskets on display at Bisque It Pottery can go there and paint a piece of pottery and I can turn it into a complete gift by adding to it. a piece of raw pottery and a gift certificate for studio time and I can turn it into a complete gift basket.

Paint a mug and I can add coffees, teas, biscotti, or chocolates
Paint a popcorn bowl and I can add popcorn, pop, candy & a movie or gift certificate
Give a handprint tile or picture frame for the new parents or grandparents in your lives
The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for checking it out...and if your not local and are in need of a basket...I can ship...some limitations apply...but it's possible!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nothing to Say

Okay....since I'm getting emails and comments concerning my lack of posts...I guess I should say something...but the truth being...I don't have much to say! I husband would find that not the case...but I just can't think of anything blog-worthy...or at least anything that would be of interest to you!

The highligths of our past week:

1. Scrapbooking: My monthly scrapmeet was on Friday night. I started Seth's 4 year old album and got caught up through the beginning of school. Then...since Andy & Seth were gone at Grandma's on Saturday...I (along with my friend Laura) was able to get some more time in and started back on his 1 year album and got a few months done of that. It's fun to go back and see him as a baby...but's hard to remember all the details. It was tons of fun as always...and I deeply admire the skills of my co-scrapbookers. In fact...I down right stole Jenny's 4th of July page and copied the whole idea! Who needs idea books when you've got 5 creative scrapppers right next to you! Thanks girls for a great time....and Andy for the girl-time.

2. Seth and Andy had "daddy-Seth" night on Friday. They always have a great time swimming, ordering pizza and watching movies...but the two of them are coughing and Seth has the cutest little raw voice...I really hope he's not getting something serious. He's still going strong...but he rarely stops anyway.

3. Seth had a soccer game...and it at times almost looked like a real soccer opposed to "mob ball" I'm amazed at the progress he's made in the past month.

4. We went to the zoo with his new soccer buddy Brandon (and his mom and brother!) It was a beautiful day and so much fun to see the boys running around together.

And...that's about great stories...just life!

I am speaking to a group of teachers tomorrow for Kate's Kart...that will be fun! And besides that...just enjoying the incredibly nice fall weather we have been having. It's these kind of days I just love being outside!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bike Day

So what do you get when 21 4 year olds get to bring their bikes to school....

It was pretty cute...all the kids riding all around the parking lot. It was bikes going in every direction...and luckily just a few crashes. They are studying "B" this all the Boys were in Blue with their Bikes. I got to come early and help "supervise" It was way cute! I can I just brag on my little guy...probably one of the youngest in the class...1 of only 2 without training wheels...and he can even start and stop now!

But even better...before I came back for the biking riding in mass...I went back to the Aveda salon I went to in May. Yeah...I went extra long between hair that I could justify going and getting pampered a little at a real salon. It was always feels to go to get a "real haircut and style" We are continuing to let it grow...I got through the humid maybe I'll be able to make it through the winter.

Just makes my blood boil!

Okay...bare with me while I vent a moment! This little news clip in the paper tonight just gets my blood boiling.

Mom asks police to take her kids
A mother of three young children living in squalid conditions at 958 Oaklawn Court called police at 7:51 p.m. Monday and asked them to take her children, Fort Wayne Police Officer Susan K. Ulrich wrote in her incident report.“I called because I can't take it anymore. I don't want these kids anymore,” the mother said. “I always call someone when I feel this way so that I don't hurt my children.” Ulrich wrote that the mother, whose name was censored from the report, said the fathers of her 2-year-old and 4-year-old children are imprisoned and she has a 2-month-old baby born prematurely who is in Parkview Hospital.

It's things like this when I scream: "It's not fair!" I get really I am more than anything WANTING to be a mother...and I read this....and then I get really sad. I just get sad for these kids. Where are they...I'll take them! My heart just aches for the little one in intensive care...with probably no one holding her hand or singing him to sleep at night! Oh I wish Kate's Kart was in the NICU at Parkview....I'm calling tomorrow to talk about getting in there!

Don't get me wrong...I am very grateful that this mother had enough courage to call and attempt to keep her children safe...but still...where do they go now? I know it's been said before...but I just don't understand why there are so many families wanting children so badly...and yet so many who could just say: "I don't want these kids anymore" I's a God timing thing...and in HIS time...all things are beautiful...but for just pushes my buttons. Guess it's just another one of those ways HE calls us to trust him!

Send up your prayers....for 3 little children that are who knows where...for 1 mom who I guess is trying to do the best for her children (I hope!)....and for another mom (me) who is just waiting!!! Maybe someday...somehow...we can make a difference in the lives of one of these little ones.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

UPS Delivery

It came in the mail Friday night...the "storybook" I did online of Kate's hospital stays. It includes all the pics we took while she was at St. Vincent, Lutheran and Michigan. I can't figure out how to share it online...I guess you'll just need to come and visit if you want to see it.

It's a hard book to look at...knowing what comes at the end...seeing her looking weaker and more swollen the further you go. But...there are precious memories in that book. Precious memories of staff members who loved on Kate day in and day out. Precious memories of her trying to eat a whole strand of spaghetti. Precious memories of me holding her for the 1st time in weeks after surgery. Precious memories of her trying her best to get something cold and wet out of empty stacking cups while waiting for yet another procedure. Precious memories of that last night we took pictures...of Andy and I each holding our little girl.

I wondered for a while if I even wanted these pictures...but yet they are her story...the story we have to preserve for Seth...the story he will tell his kids someday of his little sister.

As today marked yet another time marker of her's getting harder in many aspects. The hard part...being that at times she appears to be fading. Another heart mom just wrote on her blog tonight too...about how over time you find yourself realizing you went x hours without thinking of her. But comes again...that overwhelming wave of grief that knocks you back down.'s so unpredictable...I never know what's going to set me times it's just crazy.

For now...I am just so grateful for Kate's Kart...for her little legacy she is leaving in this world. I can't imagine not being able to share her with the world...yeah, it's not exactly how I planned...but God is faithful and in His time...He is making everything good. But how I wish I understood His timing. the book sits on the shelf. I'm not sure how often we'll glance through it. But I know I did my helping to preserve her story...her amazing story that ended way too soon!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Update

And yet another weekend has passed...and here I sit to sum it all up! It's pretty much been raining all weekend...but I think we've managed to avoid cabin fever.

Friday night we went swimming at the Y...ordered a pizza and watched a movie! That's becoming our standard Friday night plans. It's a great way to spend time together as a family. And...I also tackled organizing and sorting 4 years worth of pictures...mostly of Seth. Now that Kate's album is done...I'm getting ready for my monthly scrapbook night next Friday. I have a lot of catching up to do. It was fun going back to the pics of Seth when he was 1...what a cutie!

Saturday....Seth's soccer game was cancelled due to the after a breakfast of homemade blueberry waffles (YUM), we just hung out...ran a few errands and then Seth went to Nana & Oompa's around 3. Then...Andy and I had our big night out on the town. We went to the REMC free concert. Every year....our electric company hosts a free concert along with their annual meeting and election of officers. This year it was the Oak Ridge we sent in for our free tickets. The concert was really nice...especially for FREE! They sang a few of their classics...ELVIRA...ooom pa pa mow mow...but our favorite was the selection of southern gospel. I did take a video of Elvira...but it was way too big of a file to upload...I must have my camera on a super high quality setting it's been raining all day! We watched the Colts (yeah!) and just relaxed....if only I
were able to sneak in my rainy Sunday afternoon nap! Seth and I made blue jello jigglers for his snack tomorrow for "B" week...but so far they aren't turning out! UGHGHGH....I hope a few more hours and we'll be able to cut them into "B's". I always seem to have great plans that seldom turn out.

So...not much...just a fun, relaxing weekend with the family! I know I desperately owe you all some pics...but there just doesn't seem to be much blog worthy lately. Blessing to everyone for a great week!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

He's got it!

Yep...I think the little guy has got it! Andy was working with him 2 nights ago...and he said he got it...we've been practicing and practicing on his little bike for the past 2 days...and tonight he did it on his bigger bike! Over bumps...over curbs...around corners. We even went down around the lake tonight....amazing! He still has a hard time getting started...and he crashes to the grass most of the time when he stops...but he's got it!

I tried taping him while I was on my bike...but he was too fast for me riding one handed...looking sideways...holding a video this quick glimpse is all you get.

It's pretty exciting stuff...I can't believe he can do it...he seems so little! But I guess the fact that I had him try on all his jeans today and they come to his pure evidence that my little guy is growing up!. I guess we're headed to the store to buy some more pants!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Conversation w/ a 4 year old

Scenario: It's about 4:45...I've made homemade meatballs that are baking in the oven and Seth and I are outside...playing and waiting for daddy to get home.

Seth: Can we go play with Chas?
Mommy: No...cause daddy will be home soon and dinner is cooking in the oven. We shouldn't leave the house when the oven is on.
Seth: Why?
Mommy: Cause it might catch on fire and then it would burn everything up if we aren't here to stop it.
Seth: Then we can just buy new stuff
Mommy: But that costs lots of money and we have special things in our house
Seth: We can still just haul it all away and buy new stuff
Mommy: But...still that costs lots of money that we don't have
Seth: You can go get some from the bank
Mommy: You have to have money in the bank in order to get it out of the bank
Seth: Well...just have all your friends put some in there...and then you'll have bunches of money!

So...out of the mouths of babes...our account number is:

I just had to laugh. We're working really hard with the concept of money...that things cost money and we don't have tons of it...and he can't get whatever or go wherever he wants. But I just don't think he gets it...even though I think his idea is ingenious!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blogging Slacker

I know...I've been a total blogging slacker the past few weekends. I guess you could blame it on us just living life...being busy...and STILL recovering from our never-ending runny noses/colds!

Since I haven't said...Seth is loving school and his 1st 2 days went well. He is easily back in the swing of things...actually tells me about his day this year (woo hoo) and is making new friends quickly. It was funny...he was telling us about the little kids that cry...and how he doesn't do that that he is a "big kid!" He is growing up.

Friday night...we headed back to the $1 movie (actually had to pay $1.50) to see Space Chimps! It was cute...Seth didn't like it until we assured him that the "good guys" always win. Then...he relaxed and enjoyed it...daddy really enjoyed it, especially the David Bowie reference...which I didn't get!

Saturday morning...we were up bright and early for soccer and pictures. Again...he did really well and even pulled out an impressive run down 1/2 the field and a goal! It made his day. Nana and Oompa came to the game and took him home so that Andy and I could make a running of Kate's Kart at Parkview after the game. Saturday night...dinner on the grill...playing outside...and catching up of paperwork on the backporch! and then Grandma came up and we all went to the zoo! What a beautiful beautiful day to be outside! Now...Andy is totally content watching the Colts (even though they are losing at the moment).

And pictures..what a slacker! I did try to load a video, but it Blogger was having issues...again! I'll try harder this week...really, I'll try! Blessings for a great week!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

He's a Monkey Now!

Well...he's off again...without even a look back! We were up early this morning...and I even made him a hot breakfast on his 1st day of school. I're thinking big deal...but for is! Honestly...neither Seth nor I are morning people. In fact...he will easily sleep in until 8:30 most mornings (Kate was that way too!) Plus...usually having no place to go...we're pretty lazy in the mornings....and take our time eating and getting ready. But...times are a changing...and both of us are adjusting to getting up...and getting going!

Cinnamon Toast & Eggs....YUM YUM! I have 3 plan is to go to the Y...but today I still feel terrible. I had another awful night of sleep...and my head is I think I'll just relax this morning and get caught up w/ some stuff on the computer and around the house.

Wow...what a difference a year makes...Last year I could barely get him to smile...or hold the sign! Obviously...this year he is READY! It's just going TOO fast!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day...Top 1 downer!

1. Bargain Book Shopping
Saturday afternoon I went to Borders looking for some "boy books" for Kate's Kart---those sport books just fly off the kart. I talked w/ the manager in hopes of working out some sort of discount deal...we have to go through corporate offices for that...but she offered me 20% off any sales that day. Well...there just happened to be TONS of bargain kids I had fun! The books were so cute...lots of princess books (another hugely popular item). So...if you're looking to donate to Kate's Kart...Borders is a great spot right now (HINT HINT)

2. Naps
Yep...that's plural. Since Seth went to Grandma's I snuck in a nap on Saturday afternoon AND Sunday afternoon! Pure heaven...I just love naps!

3. Soccer Star
Saturday morning, Seth had his 2nd soccer was still pretty darn cute...and Seth even scored a goal which he was pretty excited we all were! I'm just glad our game was at 9 before it got too hot.

4. Dinner Party
Friday night we had Dalen, Laura and Sarah over for an attempt to thank them for the time he spent putting in our laminate flooring. It was a great night to just sit on the porch and chat...and go through some old photo albums.

5. Scrapbooking....check!
Since Seth was a Grandma's...I pulled out all my scrapbooking stuff and scrapped all night Saturday night. Kate's album is now done! I hate that...that it has an ending...but I am excited about starting one of Kate's Kart....her legacy that doesn't end. I just have a few journaling blocks to finish in her albums...and now...3 years of Seth catching up!

6. New Furniture
We went to Portland on Sunday night to pick up Seth...and a futon that Cathy is getting rid of...we put it up in the playroom...and now have an extra bed upstairs. Thanks Grandma!

7. No Cooking
After the dinner on Friday...I haven't cooked all weekend...thanks to lots of leftovers...dinner at Grandmas and free's been an easy weekend in the kitchen.

8. Clean Out
In attempts to make room for the new futon...we cleaned out the playroom, including the closet which holds my basket stuff, scrapbooking stuff and all of Seth's crafts & games. It was well due for a cleansing...and it feels good to have everything in it's place.

But the overriding bummer of our weekend...all 3 of us are SICK with head colds/sinus infections! Seth started first...then Andy and now me! UGHGHGHG (hence the naps & no cooking). It has just taken it all out of us, especially today. I really feel like my head is going to explode...and there is not 1 kleenix in this house! I want my PUFFS!

And with all that...not one picture! Shame on me!